Mona's journey home

return to New York

Listening in horror and feared the worst as they heard bishop’s evil laugh mocking them and daring the terrapins to rescue the prisoners from a fate that is waiting for them.

“Come and rescue them if you dare reptile. Ha-ha.” Bishop mocked

“I swear bishop, you harm one hair of their heads. You will never see the light of day again, MONSTER.” Mona bellowed

“Come and save them Mona-lisa. Your dear sick mother does not have much time to live. If you want to see her again, I suggest you to come and rescue her if only you are brave to see her face again. If you want to see your family again; alive? Come to the east side docks by midnight tonight. Ha-ha.” Bishop told her as he mocked, threatened and demanded for her appearance then cut the connection.


The sound of the dead dial tone was terrifying for the mutant lizard woman to fear more for her family and fear even more also didn’t want to think about what bishop would or may do to her family.

“That son of a bitch.” Mona angrily bellowed

“Don’t worry lisa we will get them back.” raph assured her

“Give the cell phone raph.” Mona asked

Raph gave mona the phone and she sped-dialled donatello’s number. As she waited for the phone to dial out and waited to be answered. The dreading feeling made her feel so scarce, she didn’t want to think what could happen to her mother and sister also the innocent nursemaid caught in the middle.

A few seconds later the phone dialled out only to receive an no signal coverage and the phone cut out after displaying low battery on the screen.

“Shit.” Mona snapped

“What?” raph asked, speeding along the highway as he tried to not to crash or cause a crash with other vehicles around them

“The phone is dead.” Mona told him

“Shit! Hold on tight and buckle up; it is gonna be a bumping ride.” Raph said

To be continued in chapter six....

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