Mona's journey home

time is running out

Raph drove along the highway with hasty anticipation to return back to New York as fast he could and do what he does best. Stopping evil a good hard kick in the shell. It was at least around 2pm when they get through the highway traffic jam after getting out the traffic jam as they tried to leave Philadelphia.

Back at the lair.....

Donny was doing his usual thing in the lab while Leo meditating in the dojo and Mikey watching a horror movie ‘Dracula’ and stuffing his face with popcorn and chilly scramble eggs and bacon sandwiches.

Their father and sensei; master Splinter was in his room meditating and enjoying the soft, gentle sounds of Japanese music. The lair was quiet for a change since Raph and Mona were out on their trip.

Unaware that a feeling of dreadful sorrow, anguish and pain will hover over him. Splinter visits his late master Yoshi as he holds the orb with his memories within it. Sitting on the other side of the table, enjoying a cup of saki tea when master Yoshi’s happy expression begins to change.

Looking up and gazing at his master when he noticed his facial expression had instantly changed from been having a warm smile to a weary frown.

“What is the matter Master Yoshi?” splinter asked, concerned

“Trouble is coming. Must prepare.” Master Yoshi answered, trembling with worry and fear for his students and children.

“Prepare? Prepare for what, master?” splinter cried, as he tried to remain calm.

“Evil is coming...Time is running out.” Yoshi replied, as he began to disappear.

Splinter reached out for his master that began to disappear before him as he pleaded to know exactly how Evil is coming and why time seems to be running out before it has even begun. “Master, master....what do you mean Evil is coming and how much time is left?”

“Three innocent souls are in danger. One is terribly ill, one is blind and the other just happens to be caught in the cross fire and was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Master Yoshi explained with tense fear and worry as he disappeared, leaving a broken frame.

Splinter returned to his body as he left the orb, opened his eyes and saw a broken frame with a scratched photo within it. Placing the orb upon it sitting holder; grabbed the frame and slowly turning it around to see what it contained.

As he gazed the picture, confused what this family photo of a loving mother and two young daughters was sitting before him so suddenly. Raising his brow as he tried to figure how it got there in his possession then it hit him instantly when he learned its purpose.

“Miss Mona Lisa?” he murmured softly

Immediately realizing who was in danger and the evil coming. Lowly growling and angrily grunted as his hands began to tremble while holding the picture. Splinter rosed to his feet and walked out of his private quarters as he ordered his sons to assemble and prepare for battle against evil that wishes to capture them.

BOYS!” splintershouted, standing at the top of the staircase outside his bedroom door

Michelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello heard their master calling for them; they immediately ran to stand before him as they answered.

“Yes father. What is the matter?” Leo cried, as he never heard his sensei shout out with such distress

“Evil is coming...we are in danger.” Splinter answered, grasping the picture frame within his trembling hand

Both mikey and Don saw the frame in their masters hand and wondered what or who it contained within.

“Evil? Who is in danger Master splinter?” Mikey asked, wondering who was in danger from who or what?

“I’m not sure who it is....but dearest miss mona Lisa is in danger, my son.” Splinter replied, fearing for the kind lizard lady.

“Mona Lisa?” all replied in shocked and disbelief

“I’ll contact Raphael.” Mikey cried, grabbing his cell phone to contact raph and mona, in hope they are not the ones in danger or captured.

“I’ll prepare the van.” Don said, running to the garage and start the engine.

“Come along sensei.” Leo told him, leading to the battle shell.

Splinter nodded placing the picture frame down on the table as he walked by and joined his sons for the battle against an old foe. A foe stalking from the shadows and waited to expose their existence to the world and gain funding for his EPF mission to protect the earth against alien invasion and other mutant enemies.

To be continued in chapter seven....

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