Mona's journey home

Mona left behind & going into the devil's den

Mona was getting more frustrated as she waited for the phone to charge and feared for her dear beloved sister and mother, unaware her mother is dying. She schemed a rescue plan and also realised if that her lover will allow her go along with him. Finally the cell phone showed it was fully charged and immediately tried called for the cavalry again.

The second she turned the phone on, it rang. Mona answered the call.


“Mona, where are you?” don answered, concerned

“We are on the m3 just a few minutes out of New York.” Mona replied

“We are on our way to get ya. April agreed to drive the jeep back so we can begin the search for your family.” Don told her

“Wha? How did you know that my family is in danger?” Mona exclaimed, surprised

“Master Splinter!” Raph assured her with gratitude

“Meet us at April’s place!” Leo ordered, calling the background

Raph drove to April’s apartment to meet his brothers and begin their search for his lover’s family and request April take the jeep back to the lair but also another passenger. Mona.

“Finally, you arrived.” Mikey said, anxious and tapping his shoulder with his nunchucks.

“Anxious are we?” Mona said, extremely peeved off

“So are you ready Raphael?” Master Splinter asked

“Yes sensei.” Raph replied bowing and turned to Mona giving her a quick kiss on her cheek before taking off with his family for the search.

“Hey! You ain’t leaving without me.” Mona snapped, reaching out as she tried to stop raph in his tracks.

“Mona Lisa please. Stay here where it is safe please. I don’t want you hurt, please stay here with April.” Raph pleaded, holding his lover with trembling grasp.

“Raph I can handle myself. This is my family, we are talking about here. I’m coming and you ain’t going to stop me.” Mona scolded in anger with tears streaming down her cheeks

Raph immediately embraced Mona, holding her close and tried to comfort her as she was getting hysterical and emotional since this is something was too personal for a trained warrior. Too close for one that has only one thing on the mind; Vendetta.

“I’m sorry miss Mona; not this time. There is no room for any mistakes or a personal vendetta. It is wiser if you remained here with Miss April o’ Neil.” Splinter told her, concerned for her well being.

Mona always respected master splinter’s advice and wisdom. She learned over time while living with her lover and his family when he says something is too dangerous not to ignore what you are told but this time she may follow her own instincts and heart to rescue her dear family before something evil happens to them.

She nodded and gave raph one last hug before letting him go as she watched him jump into the van then drove off. Feeling a warm soft hand sit onto her shoulder as she turns and faces to her right. April stood behind assuring and comforting the lizard woman that everything will alright but she felt something deep inside.

Mona feared the worst for her family and prayed that her lover will get there in time to rescue them.

“Mona everything will be ok. You will see.” April assured her, softly

“I hope so, April. I truly hope so.” Mona replied tearfully and fearfully

April draped one arm around Mona’s shoulders in an assuring manner and led her upstairs where it was safe instead taking the jeep back to the lair as she was instructed to. She too feared the worst when April saw the fearful glare in Mona’s eyes.

Don drove the van as they thought a rescue plan. One that will involve suicide as they try to get in and out without getting themselves also the prisoners killed. Raph closes his trembling hands into fists as he threw a punch into the side of the van near the back doors.

Damn bishop!” raph roared angrily

Master splinter reached out and grasped his son’s fists sitting on the door. Raph pinched his eyes shut with tears streaming down his cheeks as he collapses on his knees and leaned his head onto his father’s abdomen. Splinter gently held his red clad son’s head onto his abdomen with his furry clawed hands, gently stroking his bald head assuring him.

“Raphael, my son. Must be strong as you always have been but this time you must become stronger than you ever have been not just for your brothers and me. Must be stronger for Miss Mona Lisa, my son as she needs you too.” Splinter told him with loving assuring words to strengthen his son.

Raph nodded and wiped the tears away as he faced his father with pride and strength that he realised that is inside. Raph stood up before his father and bowed before sitting in the chair behind Leonardo while Donatello drove and awaited for directions where to go.

“Where to, Raphael? Where did Bishop expects to meet?” Don asked, tighten his grip on the steering wheel; driving fast along Franklin St.

“Drive fast to East Docks. Time is running out for Mona’s family as he mother is terribly ill.” Raph told him, explaining the dilemma.

“East Docks it is.” Don replied, driving extremely fast through the streets of New York to get to the destination.

‘Hold on Mina, izzy. Hold on.’ Raph prayed.

To be continued in chapter eight....
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