Mona's journey home

Bishpo's waiting plan & the escapee lizard

The heroic terrapins drove fast to the New York City east side docks without thinking the dangerous consequences that await for them when they will arrive. Bishop stood alone on the dock platform; his soldiers hid in the armoured vehicles and waited for orders.

In one armour car, three female prisoners were held gagged and tied up. As the evil misguided government agent awaited for the terrapins to come like a moth to a flame. Bishop also ordered three snipers to hide from sight near by and tranquilize the terrapins as they show themselves.

Meanwhile back at April’s apartment...

April and Mona walked upstairs to the apartment above the shop and wait for the boys to return. April inserted her keys in the key lock to open the apartment door and walked inside. Mona feeling irritated and worry for her family as she felt excluded from the rescue mission. It was bad enough that her mother had freaked out when she saw her appearance, now been captured by the one man that would do anything to get his hands on mutants and other beings; use them as lab experiments for his absurd delusional mission of protecting the earth from extra-terrestrial beings that may not be threatening even though most are dangerous.

Mona sat down tried to be calm, control her trembling hands as she stared the floor while April walked to the kitchen and made a cup of tea for herself and Mona.

“Mona.” April called

“Hmm...”mona humed

“Would you like a cup of tea?” April asked, kindly

“Yes please, thanks April.” Mona answered grateful, but she had other plans and this was her chance to stealth her way out of the apartment while April was busy with making tea and maybe something to eat.

“Would you also like to have a piece of choc chip cake that I made earlier today?” April offered

Silence filled the room with a cool breeze blew through the window, lifting the curtains. April placed the knife down and quickly walked to the doorway of the kitchen and peeked round the door frame.

April started to panicked when she couldn’t find Mona; noticing that not one door was opened only a window to the fire escape. Rushing to the window with uncontrollable adreline running through her veins as she ran to the open window and peeked her head out and couldn’t find or see where mona had gone. April completely understood if bishop had kidnapped her family; she’d do the very same thing. She’d go try to rescue her family too.

‘Go get them girl. Be safe.’ April prayed, pulling herself inside the window and closing it. As she stood by the window leaning on the inside frame after closing it; a strong dread feeling drifted over April. Understood but could never know how Mona possibly feels; April debated whether to remain where she was asked to be or go and help her friends.

On the roof tops...

Mona leaped the roof tops as fast she could. The fear over whelmed her so much, she couldn’t think straight instead getting to the docks before it is too late. Mona hadn’t forgotten the recent reaction she received from her poor sickly mother earlier that day, she put it in the back of head and kept trying to think and pray positive.

‘Hold on I am coming.’ She thought to herself, praying they are still alive and unharmed. Mona didn’t want to think if bishop did harmed one single hair on either her sister or mother; she wouldn’t be able to control herself from killing bishop.

‘You will die if you harm them. Bishop!’ mona angrily thought, leaping the roofs one by one.

To be continued in chapter nine....

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