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FFXIII episode 0 lost chapters

By kawaicha

Drama / Action

Chapter 01 Meeting

Lightning was on her way at work, walking over the beach toward the shopping mall, still upset after encounter with snow list night, she was early so decided to check area she'll be responsible for firework festival. Beach was ok as usual, locals, few tourists and few monsters, nothing she cant handle by herself, she liked walking at the beach it feel pleasant warm and calming, but the moment she come before shopping mail her face frowned as she stop for a second to think hesitant before entering, how long was it been since I was here? her hand move automatically folding her gun blade and setting it behind her back, moment she entered all her senses were overwhelmed by this deeply crowded area making her feel almost noxious, after fresh and silent beach and she needed few seconds to get used to this and noise, and decide where o start next? Observing

Hope was with his mother on a vacation, bit irritated, as he think about it his emotions mixed, happy n bit angry at his father, secretly enjoying maybe that’s those years are,,, like his mother just to say,,,  it should be family vacation he rolled recalling as his father was to join them, his face smirked but of course that was too much to expect, he sighted, remembering irony weary person that learn him how promises are important end up constantly forgetting his,,,, maybe that for the best, that way he would not had to confront him and could actually enjoy this journey with his mother, he smile looking at her, she was always so happy and trying to compensate his father missing and chirr him up, even he know how she fell about it, so he decided to play along, so she don’t had to be sad because of him to, following her and nodding like listening all what she say and showing him around, oh! Look it’s a Bowdam beach! It was his mother words that pull Hope out of his thoughts as he look through the window, train was progressing swift and he was able to cache just the glimpses of the coast passing by oh! Look there are some monsters! One two there is six of them! just for a moment he though to see metal glint and a pink haired girl surrounded by a 6monsters he stand up in alarm but train pass swiftly and just when he was about to say something scenery already changed and he look at his mother confused, was it real? even if he was about to help there is no way he cold get there in time, train host voice announced, "ATTENTION all passengers take your sits, train will arrive Bowdam station in a 5.00 minutes!" so he shrug his shoulders and sit on his place, well be there soon! His mother replied obvious so he just nodded in silence waiting train to stop.

Did he know? Back then? Hope follow light,

Hope find his light and he will fallow her anywhere.

Bowdam was a nice looking tourist destination, and upon their arrival they set in nice hotel near the beach and take a walk around to see this place, after the beach, first place they visited was shopping mall! Hope rolled, as a kid he love to spend his time in shopping mall's especially on toy and electronic department but as he get *older* he find that boring, he already know everything he wish to know about the new gadgets coming around every so often, and it was easy thanks to FDS (fast data exchange system) to access any information or shopping, so he had to ask himself why do people still bother going in a real shop? You can't try on thing virtually! his mother say as reading his mind, he was about to protest that's not entirely true since you can send your scan and compare with desirable product and computer will suggest best solution for you, but his mother just laugh and drag him here, so he was standing beside small display observing around, when he notice familiar glimpse caching his sight, he saw it just for a second but his breath stopped as he know what it was, I wish Kai is here with me now! he would know for sure! his thoughts racing his pulse as he was glancing trough the crowd in attempt to see it again, his memories fly to his childhood friend Kai and all the time they spend together playing, remembering how he admire listening him talk about military equipment transport and staff and showing him images of his favorite weapons, wondering how he know all that? he could not help but to notice soldiers at the entrance and gazed eyes wide open toward the girl standing near, doubting what he saw? Glancing her up to toes, is she a soldier? Pink haired? Marks on her shoulder say she is high ranking too, can it be? I bet she is tough! but is he really saw it? Should I just ask her? He gazed at her in his thoughts, somehow, it was awkward he didn't know how to approach, and what to say?

"Cute!" Lightning turned at soft voice, just in time to catch glimpse of green eyes as boy turn around averting his gaze toward the pet container
"You like this kind of thing mom?"

"What? But you used to like these too. You'd always stand in front of the store crying; "I want one, I want one!" women laughed!

Boy face turn red and he sound bit irritated "And how many years ago was that?"
"Not too long ago... only ten years." Now boy was smiling too obviously happy with this response, and Light had to smiled on this, they both smile and look so happy and get along so well, she notice their faces looked alike, but boy hair was cool silver, and his mother's much warmer.

It all reminds her on her mother, she was just that age when,,,, she cut that thought,

as suddenly her whole body shiver in premonition overwhelmed by familiar warm sense she didnt feel long time ago,,, in wonder she realized feel like,,, she is home?

Involuntary she overhear more of their conversation,

seller was praising his Chocobos talking while showing one small yellow Chocobo he take out of container "These are really good with kids. They're clever, and become easily attached to their owners."

Seeing boy smile at Chocobo Light grinned remembering Serah loves Chocobos! When she was a kid! She used to play with one her friend have and talked about it a lot!

Maybe because his height and bright orange jacket he wore, make her think he was probably her age, she sighted sadly at next thought

if Serah was to date someone like this maybe I wouldn't be against it,

ice blue met warm green noticing their eyes meet and boys persistent gaze she turn around straightening her back uncomforted did he noticed I'm observing? Nothing strange it's my job anyway, to "watch over" she smile at that, and from what she hear they were tourist, as expected, on vacation from Palumpolum apparently, this gives her idea! Maybe she could take Serah on vacation like short trip? Maybe that would help them get along better and maybe she could make some sense in her? Serah was her only family, and she want only best for her that's why she always lectured her about life and how is important to get good education, that's why she wished for her go to the university in Eden and become respectable member of society, she didn't want her end up doing some underestimated job like she, and definitely not her end up doing some horrible mistake by marrying stupid irresponsible idiot husband. That was lots of should and maybe but that was it, she decided once the festival is over her schedule would probably be more flexible and she could ask for some time off. Without realizing she start walking.

Noticing reflection in shop mirror and boys fast glances at something behind her back? And his quizzical look like he was about to ask her something, she smiled, getting some idea what he was staring about, and turn toward him abruptly as their eyes meet boys eyes fall catched unexpectedly and he turnaround to hide his embarrassment, in that moment *bip* sound announce as she pressed the small button around her wrist, "I'm on it!"

On my birthday, she thought, On Lightning's birthday they always spent it by making dinner together. Then Serah would give her a present that she had put a lot of thought into. This time she would be able to say thank you for the gift by telling her they would go on vacation. Just the two of them.

It was thanks to that mother and son who gave her the idea. She turned around wanting to say thank you, but they were no longer in front of the pet shop. She saw them walking away together in the crowd. They looked so happy, it made her feel warm inside thinking about them.
Thank you, Lightning thought, I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation.

His face frowned I should just ask her! He looks around again but she was nowhere to be seen, scowling himself mentally, too bad I wish I could talk to her.

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