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greetings from south korea!


when living like a rockstar takes a sharp ass turn in a different direction.

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there he was. his long, wet hair covering his face slightly as he held his mic that was attached to the mic stand. his voice was smooth and held everyone captive. even the soldier that was the older brother of taehyung. he was stuck in a sea of screaming women waving lightsticks around, screaming the young man's name as he'd tilt his head back slightly between lines.

"go on ahead and cry little girl..." he sang as he looked around in the audience as the soldier held his camera in his hand, falling deeper into the trance the singer was putting him in. he felt like there was a force pulling him towards the singer, and it was real. he unconsciously forced he way in between the women as his eyes were still on the singer. his eyes were hooded as his eyes landed on the soldier. his movements grew more erotic as he looked at him between his wet strands.

he looked like he was sculpted by the gods themselves and hid him from the outside world until they deemed it safe. their timing was good and bad. he was the foreign pied piper that didn't lure awful souls to hell, he was the pied piper that would lure men and women into his bedroom when the curtains close. he was the piped piper that lured the wrong man. a very sinful man that wanted him since his eyes landed on him. the soldier brought the camera up to his darkened hazel eyes and snapped a photo.

"hope we cross paths soon." he mouthed to the singer as a smirk grew on his face as his tall, muscular build faded from the singers line of sight. the song ended and the singer felt like something was missing. he felt a pair of hungry eyes on him while he was performing and it made him hungry for more of that reaction from the owner of the eyes, which was the soldier. it was wrong to feel so attracted to someone neither of them met before. the singer had no idea if the man was really related to taehyung in any way, but he had a feeling that it was. no doubt about it, the singer wanted him. his brown eyes were set on this man that he has only saw for what seemed like hours, that was only for a minute and some change in reality. just by the eye contact they both shared just moments before the soldier disappeared into the sea of screaming fans, he knew that the man wanted him just as bad, if not more. that thought alone aroused the singer immensely. who wouldn't? an attractive male looked at him like he wanted to just slam him against the wall and claim him then and there. his stare was sexily intimidating, almost making the singer's trousers become uncomfortable. his body was savory with his tattoos trailing down his arms and displayed on the side of his neck, his muscular build and his masculine features.

the soldier was in a trance that the singer put him in, but when the tattooed male left, the tables turned drastically and he had no knowledge of it. he left an impact on the singer and all he did was stare, mouth some words to him after snapping a photo and leaving the large stadium. and the only thought that went through the singer's mind as he continued the show was:

"hopefully we do cross paths sooner."

at that moment, he knew that he was sprung by a man he hasn't met in a day of his life. he would've staggered if he felt the photographer's hand touch his body sensually let alone let his name roll of his tongue so elegantly. that man was a drug and the singer couldn't get enough of him. he wanted more. he needed more. and it was all because of him.

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