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Pirates of the Miraculous


There is a legend talking about Ladybug and Chat Noir. It states when something bad happens. They will come to stop it but they must find each other to stop it. Chat has been affected by it already and soon Ladybug will. The thing is this legend is long gone from the people but there is only one place left to find it. The fight on the seas as pirates will begin but the question is: Will they defeat this threat? Will Ladybug trust them to tell them the truth or not?

Adventure / Action
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It was midnight… She didn’t know what happened. She was fighting with the enemy like everyone else was. As she continues to fight and got exhausted as she kept going. She couldn’t stop knowing they were close… so close in stop him, Hawkmoth.

She was too busy taking the enemy in front of her and didn’t see another one coming from behind. It was then she felt a sharp pain entering her body.

“Ahhhh!!!!” She yelled out.

She felt something pulling out of her and fell down. That is where she’s laying. Her back on the hard, cold wooden floor of a ship.

All she could do right now is look up at the stars and the moon who is crying for her. Crying for her wounds, for her pain, and for her own choice that leads up to this moment. They have been watching her since that day along with her two childhood friends and her other friends she only met four years ago.

She can’t give up even if she is losing so much blood. It seems her friends didn’t hear her scream, her yelling in pain, but she was happy about that. She couldn’t help but feel as if she’s weak but now isn’t the time for that. Now is the time to get up again and keep fighting.

She got up ignoring her body screaming in pain, ignoring their cries and pleas of her to rest, and to stop this so she can survive. ‘We can only stop him now. We may never get another time for this. I’m sorry, but I must.’ She thought to herself as she finally got back on her feet.

But she couldn’t stand for long then fell back down. Her body can’t take it and fail on her. ‘No!!! I need to get up. To help them.’ After all, this was all for them to live a happy and safe life, for their own children who haven’t been born yet. ‘This can’t be happening.’ She thought.

She finally gave up. Looking at the night sky again and listening to their cries. She knows this is her fate. She was going to die. A smile came to her lips as everything started to get blurry. Tears coming up for she has to leave them for only four years of being together.

Only four years of traveling the world after what happened before she met them. It hurts knowing this is her end. Oh, how she wishes to stay by their sides forever but she couldn’t.

Her eyes started to get heavy. She’s trying so hard to keep her eyes open and not close them, but the temptation of falling into a deep slumber is way too hard. Soon darkness overcame her. That was the turning point for her. For the deep slumber, she doesn’t know if she will make it.

After all…

All good things must come to an end!

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