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The immortal and the restful (Vampire Todoroki x female reader)

Friends in the night

( As a reminder, I might not know about what the characters really are in the story, but please enjoy! ❤️)

Your alarm clock went off, you don’t know why you left it on. But the time was wrong. It read 12:00 PM. You looked at your calendar. It’s Sunday. And despite how bright it was out yesterday, the sky was dark, but there was no expectation of rain, it was just cloudy weather.

Memories of what happened last night came back as you began to wake up more. “I haven’t lost my mind, he was real.”

You headed downstairs for breakfast. Your parents always leave early for work. And it was no surprise they weren’t home. At least this was a good way for you to learn how to cook. But today, you were getting back into the woods. You grabbed a breakfast bar, and ran back up to your room to get things ready to see if you can find Todoroki again. You had put on a T-shirt, your favorite colored hoodie, leggings ,and comfy sneakers. You left your book at home, but you made sure that you also didn’t have anything on you that could hurt Todoroki.

Just to make sure that your parents wouldn’t call the cops that you’re not home, you wrote a note and taped it to your bedroom door.

“Dear Mom and Dad,

If I’m not home when you come back, don’t worry. I’ll be back home. I might be a lot later than usual. Bye!

- (Y/N)”

You really hoped Todoroki was in the woods where you met.

You finally made it to the location where you were hoping the vampire would be. You didn’t see him. “Todoroki!?” You shouted. “Yes?” Todoroki was right behind you. You didn’t expect it, it scared you. You jolted, you felt your heart jump. “Oooohh... My heart..” You said in a low tone. “I’m sorry, are you okay?” He said calmly. “Y-yeah. I just need to breathe.”

When you calmed down, you and Todoroki started up a conversation. After about 5 hours, the sky looked darker than before, and you wanted to ask him questions before either of you had to leave. “So, are there just vampires, or are there more monsters?” You asked. “Actually, there are others, but not all the same kind. They come out when the moon rises, maybe i’ll let you meet them. I have told them about you last night.” “Sounds great!” You said with enthusiasm. You two hung out for a while, and it looked dark enough for nocturnal animals to run around.

There were more questions you had to ask him, but you didn’t want to seem clingy or pushy. “So, do you really burn in the sun, or does something else happen?” Todoroki was silent for a second. “I do burn in sunlight, nothing else except turning into cinder and ash. It would be impossible for us to sparkle unless we put on glitter, so don’t believe everything you see or read in Twilight.” “Okay... Wait, how did you know I read Twilight?” Todoroki peered his eyes in another direction and grew silent. It was obvious he’s seen you before. You didn’t bring any Twilight books, they’ve stayed at your house and the only place you brought those books was school.

“Have you spied on me?” It didn’t take long for Todoroki to respond this time. “It isn’t really spying, I just find somewhere I’ll be safe until night, and sometimes I would see people and I would get to know them over time. But gladly I don’t need to get to know you from just watching.” He tried to not sound like a stalker, but you probably wouldn’t blame him for being this way.

“Everybody’s probably out by now, I’ll bring you to my place. Everyone stays there. Let’s go.” “Okay.” You grabbed your bag and Todoroki picked you up the same as last time. But instead of running, he started flying. It wasn’t too fast, and not to slow. It was a nice breeze given. You and Todoroki were gliding over the trees, your (h/c) hair flowing in the wind. The view was beautiful. The moon seemed bigger than how you usually see it.

You heard a wolf’s howl. There aren’t even any wolves where you live. “That must be Bakugo.” “Who’s Bakugo?” “He’s one of the other monsters. You’ll meet him in a second. He only howls if he feels like it, or when others can come out of hiding. We know which is which.” You and Todoroki went to a huge mansion. It was all black, and other figures were in the front yard. Someone called out; “Shoto’s back!” Another one yelled; “Hey, Todoroki!” You both landed on the ground. The other figures gathered around to welcome their friend and you.

A girl in an orange witch outfit looked excited and said, “Wow, is this (Y/N)?” A boy that looked part wolf said, “She looks weak.” That must be Bakugo. The witch girl elbowed him and made a low growl like she was saying ‘Stop being rude!’ You said hi to everyone. Todoroki started greeting you to everyone. “This is Izuku Midoriya. He died, but found a way back into his body, and gained his ghost abilities. Everyone calls him Deku.”

Deku smiled. “Hi!”

“This is Katsuki Bakugo, I assume you already found that out. He was turned into a werewolf, and he still won’t tell us how it happened.” Bakugo just snarled a bit. He probably has no intention of being around humans. “This is Ochaco Uraraka. She’s a Witch. She grew up learning magic even when her parents didn’t want her to.”

“It’s nice to meet you, (Y/N)!” You and Uraraka smiled. Todoroki continued. “This is Denki Kaminari. He’s a demon. He was forced into doing a ritual that accidentally made him a demon.”

Denki acted cool. “’Sup?” “Hi.” You said in response.

“This is Ejiro Kirishima. He’s human, but he dresses like Little Red Riding Hood. He’s the only one Bakugo can tolerate.”

“Hey, there’s no problem with that. People consider me a monster just by my teeth, so, why not?”

“This is Tenya Ida. He was a live experiment of a real Frankenstein. It was a success, and he managed to escape. The people that made him this way were caught in other experiments, and been sentenced in prison for life.”

Your response: “Wow.”

“It took me about a month to find this place. Midoriya was the first one to approach me, and showed me everything.” Iida said with a smile. Deku’s like one of nicest people- um.. Monsters here.

“This is Tsuyu Asui, she’s also a witch, her grandmother taught her magic every time she went over.”

“Nice to meet you!” Tsuyu said with her tongue out.

“These two are Mina Ashido and Hitoshi Shinso. They’re both Nekos. Even they don’t know what happened to themselves.” Mina and Shinso were somewhere else in the yard, so they really couldn’t greet you at the time.

“Those three by the doors are All Might, Shouta Aizawa, and Hizashi Hamada, Hizashi is called Present Mic. All Might is also human, but he dresses like a skeleton because it’s how everyone sees him. Aizawa is a Mummy. He was found close to dying, and someone wrapped him up like that. He actually should be dead, but he somehow survived. We think it’s that Black Amulet the person that wrapped him had put on his neck. He never took it off, and that’s probably for the best. And Present Mic is a pirate. He’s the only real one left in the world.”

(Oh my god, why are there so many characters?? =.= ..... ) You were confused how there can be so many people living here, and there has been no attention brought to this place.

“Everyone else is inside, but maybe we should stay out here for now, (Y/N).” “Okay... I’ve been wanting to ask you something else.” You said calmly. “What is it?” He said with the same expression as always. “How long have you been a vampire?” “I’ve been a vampire for almost a year. Even if I grow older as a vampire, my age still remains 15.” At least he told you his age. “Let’s go enjoy some time with everyone else.” Todoroki said. You were happy to be here right now, even knowing you’re not the only human here.

Now if you could see Todoroki smile.....

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