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My incestious love story with my brother


this story Is about Justin and mark two half brother who fall in love . Justin is a handsome and interlligent boy who is really a play boy . BUT one day when he went back home his mom was gone his father never told him what. Several month later his father brought another woman in his house justin was not really happy with justin was 7 years old when that woman gave birth to justin littl ebrother. Just keep reading to know what will happen.

Romance / Fantasy
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My incestious love story with my brother

Justin a seven year old boy was living with his two parents they were the Perfect family. Justin dad type was a business man he always travel so he didn't spent much time with his

dad he was often with his mom nathalia .from the outside people thought that they were the Perfect family but inside it was a total different thing justin never new that his parents were always fighting they were hiding it from him.

One day justin came back early from school when he enters the house he heard his mother and his father arguing his mother shouting and said (do you thought i was never going to find the truth who could you do that to me and your son ) that's when type started to raise his hand on his wife. Since that day never hide their arguing from him they were fighting everyday .Justin was not himself again he felt bad because he thought they were fighting because of him .

One day type went for a business trip nathalia took that chance to run away with justin when type came back home he was surprise by not seeing his wife .He told his wife that he was sorry for whatever happens, his wife forgave him because she love him .Justin thought everything was like before before going he school he told his mother that he love her . Hours later when justin came back home he started his mother " mom mom mom mom mom " but he mom didn't answer. Justin went to his dad room he ask " where is mom " his father told him that " am sorry my mother left the house " justin didn't went to believe that so his father show a letter where his mom ask not to search a for her she feel surficcated that's why she left .

Just wait for the next chapter . If you love it i continue

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