Shattered Souls


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Chapter 1

So this is something new. That is all I have to say here, there is more in the AN below. Hope you will like it.

People used to believe that you live through many lifetimes in your life. They used to believe that once you die you are reborn again because your soul lives on if your mind doesn't. They used to believe that if you have that once person that is made for you, that makes you feel love in so many ways it takes your breath away your soul will remember and you will find them in the next life. In your next lifetime.

People used to believe there are many lifetimes...But then they stopped.

That however isn't how it works.


An angel looked up at the stars, the brightness of them bringing him peace in an unexplainable way but it still made him smile.

The world around him was changing fast, the ground beneath his feet not standing still as it shifted and molded deep below. Animals running around and humans just starting discovering all their potential.

It made him sad in a way. There wasn't much for him to do anymore. He was here to guide. To show them the right way. But they were slowly doing all of that on their own and he wasn't needed so much anymore. He was proud even through the slight sadness. This was what they wanted. This is what they are here for. To watch that sparkle in their eyes. That intelligence. To keep them safe. They are still young after all.

A small smile found itself on the angels face as a light breeze rustled his black hair and he could do nothing but close his eyes and enjoy it. Enjoy the light breeze on his pale skin and passing through his white feathers as his wings spread as wide as possible. It was extremely relaxing.

"Beautiful don't you think?" A voice coming right next to him startled him out of his thought, his eyes snapping open to look at the figure that seemingly just appeared next to him from thin air.

As he shifted his gaze to the man next to him it was hard to look away. The tall lean body and raven black hair holding his interest. But not as much as the eyes. They were cat eyes, definitely not something you see in a human but somehow gold and green cat eyes suithed the mysterious man. And along with the eyes the smirk that found itself on the man's lips the second they made eye contact told the angel all he had to know.

This was a demon.

He was warned about demons. He was told to be careful around them but for now the demon didn't do anything suspicious so the angel let him be. He can easily go if something happens but at the moment, looking at the man, he found himself not wanting to.

"Yes it is." He answered simply, looking back towards the sky. The night was still young and he always did like looking at the sky, somehow he felt less lonely like that.

There was a minute of strangely comfortable silence where neither one of them spoke before the demon broke it, not once looking away from the angel before him. "You are too."

Not used to hearing something like that the angel felt his cheeks heat up. Not knowing what to do or say he just continued looking up but the demon continued.

"I rarely see such beauty as yourself. So I'm sorry if I'm crossing some boundaries but I cant help but marvel at what's before me."

The heat in his cheeks worsened at hearing that and he glanced sideways at the demon who was just staring at him with a strange twinkle in his eyes and a smirk still on his lips.

"It is inappropriate to say that to an angel. At least in a way that you do." He finally spoke knowing from just his eyes what the demon was thinking. He wasn't oblivious; he knew how demons are like.

The demon smirked even more and stepped closer so he can whisper in his ear, making the angel tense up at the closeness. "I'm only telling the truth baby." He whispered seductively as the angel couldn't hide the shiver that ran down his spine as he felt his hot breath hit his skin. "What's your name little angel?"

"Alexander; The Guardian."He didn't know what possessed him to answer but he did, moving away from the demon none the less. This isn't a situation that he is supposed to be in. "You?"

"Magnus; Lust." He said and it sounded like a purr as he watched the blue eyed angel with half lidded eyes.

Hearing that Alexander couldn't do anything more then run. If this was lust he has to run now. Lust is the reason why many angels have already fallen. Lust is someone you don't want to be close to. But he still hesitated for a moment. And that was all Magnus needed.

If it was anyone else the angel would already be on the floor beneath the demon with a hazy mind filled with pleasure. But somehow Magnus found this one different so he let him go. He let him take that step backwards. He let him walk away. He let him go this time.

"I'll see you again Alexander." The demon said before the angel could go far and it made him stop. "I appreciate beauty when I see it so I don't intend to let you go. So I'll see you again soon." And with that he disappeared in black fog and blue sparks leaving the angel looking at the spot where he was just a moment before, strangely fine with the demons words.

That should have been his first clue. His first warning.

Magnus said he will not let his angel go. And neither of them knew how right that will be. How much that one sentence will stick to them in this life and every other.


A pale boy stretched and sat up, bright sheets pooling around his waist leaving his torso exposed. His blue eyes still hazy from sleep and black hair a complete mess.

There was a chuckle from his right. "Well good morning there sleepy head."

The still sleepy boy glanced towards the source of the voice only to be met by his boyfriends steady gaze as he looked him over with lustful eyes.

"Do you even know how delicious you look every morning love?" He asked pulling said boy towards him and crashing their lips together. The kiss was lazy and sedated at first but soon turned heated as the blue eyed boy slowly awoke fully and started kissing back.

Kisses turned into nips on his pale neck, still marked from last night's activities but he pushed the other one away before it could get any further. "Magnus no. We have to get up." He said trying catch his breath and trying to ignore his heated body as the others hands continued roaming his body, touches lingering at just the right places making him fight a moan and try and get away from his suddenly very horny boyfriend.

"Who says?" Golden green eyes looked into blue ones in a way that made his cheeks heat up slightly before lips were pressed against his again.

The kiss was gentle this time as they took their time.

"We have nowhere to go Alec it's your day off. Let's just enjoy this rare opportunity." Magnus went for another kiss and Alec could only groan as he let him.

"Rare my ass. I'm always late because you can't control yourself." He complained but still let himself be laid back down with Magnus on top of him. No matter how much he complains he never stops him and Magnus knows that, Magnus knows that he wants this as much as he does and he takes advantage every single time.

Magnus chuckled. "You stop being so damn sexy and I will stop being all over you." He stopped for a second. "On the other hand maybe not."

Alec laughed before he was cut off by a moan that Magnus swallowed up with soft lips on his.

It's safe to say that they didn't get up for the next few hours more.

They met years ago during high school. Alec was the shy athlete and Magnus was the one who swore he will have him. Alec couldn't believe when he got a confession. He couldn't believe when he got his phone number and a wink goodbye. But it didn't take long before they were dating to everyone else's surprise. And after so many years they are still going strong. They both vowed they will not let each other go. Not even knowing that it's the same line that a demon said to an angel such a long time ago.

Did you like it? Tell me what you think.

Okay I messed this one up. As you can see it's supposed to be many lifetimes and whatnot. There will be about three or four chapters that will probably be long so look at this as the prologue. There will be some new lifetimes and some will be the same ones just other moments and I'll try not to screw it up like did this one but I can't promise anything.

Anyway hope you liked it and review my lovelies.

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