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IS Nine Ball

By Neongrim

Drama / Scifi

Nine Ball Sighting

The IS aka The Infinite Stratos. A machine that has caused a lot of chaos in the world since its unveiling to the world by the eccentric creator Tabane Shinonono. For some unknown reason the IS can only be piloted by the female gender and thanks to that it caused a huge power play in the world and formed a new form of status quot. Thanks to this a slew of incidents occurred much later.

First was the creation of the Alaska Treaty to prevent the mass production of IS especially as a weapon of war. Many countries had signed the treaty and agreed to abide by it with the exception of a few countries that didn't like the IS at all. Next was the White Knight incident when several warheads were launched at Japan. The warheads were destroyed by a woman in the IS suit known as the White Knight and after saving Japan she vanished. Finally there was the Nine Ball Massacre, an event that had caused a huge uproar in the societal norm of the world.

This grim event involved the mass killing of a group of terrorists from the group known as Phantom Task who had been causing trouble in the world. Not only did this reinforce the importance of the Alaska Treaty it also opened a can of worms. The IS was a red and black colored death machine with an emblem showing the number 9 on it that went by the name "Nine Ball". It had advanced technology and weaponry that surpassed what the IS altogether. But the real kicker was that the pilot of that deadly IS suit was a male!

Thanks to the actions of the Nine Ball and its pilot many countries were pointing fingers at each other because there was an IS out there that went against the Alaska Treaty. Many nations had also looked for the pilot and his IS out because of the fact that he was a male who could pilot an IS but he and the IS went off the grid and were not seen for a very long time. Until now...

Arena 6, IS Academy

A certain individual sat at an unoccupied seat in the stadium further away from the crowd while utilizing tactical camouflage to stay invisible. The person in question had their own reason why they did not want to be seen and now they were watching the battle going on between two IS pilots. One is a rather short girl, who looked to be of Chinese descent and had green eyes, brown hair tied to both the left and right side of her head and wore a pink one-piece swimsuit? Seriously? Her IS was pink and black covering her hands, legs, chest and back, the wing parts were separate from her body and had orange stripes flowing through it. Her weapon of choice were two large blades made of a metal known as liuyedaos. Her opponent is a boy with blue hair and brown eyes, wearing a skin-tight suit that parted in the middle and continued down that matched his hair and his IS was white and also covering his arms, legs, and chest and the wings protruding from his back. His weapon was a glowing blue sword.

"The girl is Lingyin Huang, IS representative for China and she pilots the IS Shenlong." said an robotic voice to the spectator.

"And a little brat to boot." replied the person with distaste. "And the boy, Seraph?"

"Ichika Orimura, brother of Chifuyu Orimura and the only male IS pilot in the world, well apart from you." The AI known as Seraph replied.

"So he's her sister..." The male spectator said with an insane grin on his face, "That makes things interesting..."

"Warning! Enemy approaching at high speeds! Partner, it's a rogue IS." Seraph warned.

Before the person could say anything the barrier of the dome got destroyed by a high powered laser beam. As a result pandemonium ensued and immediately emergency protocols were in play as metal barriers covered the spectator stands to protect them. Then in came the intruder which was a black and yellow IS that began to engage the two IS pilots outside.

"Partner, you're not going to help?" Seraph asked its owner.

"Why should I? I'm only here to observe for now. Besides let's not forget that we're the world's most wanted targets." The man replied.

"Point taken. But what if it gets too much for them?"

"If it comes down to that then I'll act. So what's with the rogue IS?"

"It seems to have been programmed to come here and attack. Also it has hacked into the systems in the dome, trapping the students and preventing backup from approaching."

"Was it programmed by the assholes?"

"No, the terrorists had nothing to do with this. It was done by someone else and that person has been able to cover their tracks. Is it possible that..."

"I was thinking the same thing, Seraph. It's all pointing towards who I'm already suspecting. Anyways Seraph, override the hack. I have a feeling that we'll be making another appearance soon."

"Already on it partner."

While the AI went to work, its partner watched the fight keep going on to a point until another unexpected event occurred, a female student showed up at the IS launch platform in the middle of the fight.

"Are you done yet Seraph? Situation's about to escalate."

"Who do you think you're talking to? I'm done partner! Overriding that AI's hack was too easy!"

"Good! Time to make our appearance."

The Tactical Cloak disabled as the individual deployed his IS and was concealed in a bright light. After the light subsided the individual was now in his IS and he charged into the battle.

"ICHIKA!... If you're a man… if you're a man you'd better defeat the enemy completely!" Houki shouted out.

This move attracted the unknown IS's attention, and it aimed its arms at her, about to fire. Well it would have fired if not for the overwhelming firepower consisting of grenade rounds, vertical missiles and pulse rifle bursts. The IS' shields didn't stand a chance and the rogue IS was obliterated in seconds leaving nothing but a crater and a lot of smoke.

The three students in the arena and the people watching through the camera were completely astonished, first, an unknown IS had attacked the students during a match, then from out of nowhere the IS that Ichika and Rin were unable to defeat was obliterated in less than three seconds by overwhelming firepower that surprised them all. When the smoke cleared all, everyone looked and had their eyes widened at the sight of another IS they'd never seen before.

A red and black IS that covered most of the pilot like a full body armor, with an intimidating helmet covering the pilot's face. It had large wing like binders on its shoulders, the arms and legs were longer making it taller than a normal IS, large boosters on its back that were capable of unfolding which doubled as missile launchers, a grenade launcher on its back left beside the booster. On the arms were both compartments for another weapon and in the right hand a Pulse Rifle. The most distinguishing feature was the emblem on its shoulder, a solid black circle with a golden-amber 9 imposed over it. That got the attention of a certain person who was in the control room in the arena.

'Oh kami! It can't be! Of all the IS to show up it had to be it!' Chifuyu Orimura thought in panic as she saw what was the most wanted IS in the world and its pilot who had caused enough chaos in the world. Immediately she contacted Ichika and Rin to make contact with the IS pilot and stall it.

Maya Yamada noticed the look of panic on her colleague's face and asked, "Miss Orimura, is something wrong?"

"Yes something is wrong! That IS is the one that has gained a lot of notoriety due to the incident known as The Nine Ball Massacre." Chifuyu answered.

"N-n-nine Ball M-m-massacre?!" Maya stuttered.

"Yes. It happened after the second Mondo Grosso. A group of terrorists were slaughtered like cattle by a lone pilot in a red and black IS like the one right there. The real kicker was that the pilot of the IS revealed themselves as a male."

"Meaning that there was another male that could pilot an IS?"

"Yes but what was worse was that it caused nations to point fingers at each other because of the carnage it caused and further reinforced the need for the Alaska Treaty, and now the UN had declared him as the world's most wanted man in the world and put a huge bounty for his IS."

"Miss Orimura what's the name of the IS?"

"Nine Ball."

"What! You mean to tell me that the most wanted IS in the world is here in our school?!"

"Yes that IS down there is Nine Ball and the pilot is a male with a target on his back."

Now Maya was very worried. Their students were out there with a very dangerous IS and an equally dangerous pilot.

"But Ichika and Huang are down there with that person! There's no way they can handle someone like that!" Maya shouted in panic.

"I know which is why I ordered them to stall him until the teachers and Alcott show up." Chifuyu replied in a professional tone though she was very worried about her decision. She hoped that her two students outside would keep Nine Ball occupied long enough for the backup to arrive.

Back outside, Ichika and Rin were on the ground in their IS and staring at the red and black IS in front of them that was much taller than them and the armor and color scheme made it look very intimidating. After receiving their orders from their superior officer to make contact and stall him, Ichika made the first move and came forward to communicate with the pilot.

"Uh… do you understand me..?" Ichika asked.

Nine Ball's pilot contemplated answering the boy since he knew it could give them a clue to who he was but he also knew that he could prove that he wasn't hostile by talking.

"Partner. Whatever you have to say make it brief. I detect multiple signatures on their way. It seems that those two are stalling you for the moment." Seraph informed the pilot privately.

"Yes. I've been aware of that since I made myself known to them. Looks like someone recognized me." The pilot replied.

"Yes, I understand you Ichika Orimura and you're welcome." The Nine Ball pilot replied. That surprised the two pilots and those watching.

"H-how do you know my name?" Ichika asked.

"The news, duh!" The pilot replied, "You're all over it kid."

Then Ling stepped in. "Who are you then? Identify yourself!"

"Like you have any right to demand my name brat. Besides I know that you're just stalling me and unfortunately I'm not in the mood to play anymore."

"Leaving so soon?" said Chifuyu Orimura through the arena speakers.

"Yes I am, Chifuyu Orimura. That scrap metal over there wasn't even good enough for a warm up so I'm leaving." The pilot replied.

"I'm sorry but you and Nine Ball are going nowhere!"

"Sorry to burst your bubble but you have no right to order me around." The pilot replied coldly. He then looked and saw the staff as well as Cecilia arrive on scene in their IS suits with weapons pointed at him.

"You forget that you're a wanted criminal and that your IS is in violation of the Alaska Treaty." Chifuyu said, "You're surrounded. Surrender now and we can end this without incident."

"How about I say "Screw you" and leave this place with or without bloodshed?" The pilot mocked, "Your call."

"Hey! Do you even have any idea at all who you're messing with?" Rin yelled.

"Nope and honestly I don't give a shit if I even knew. So adieu to you all."

Nine Ball suddenly took to the air and flew out of the arena at a speed they couldn't comprehend and was out of their view before they could even react. Everyone had their mouths gaping.

Chapter 1 End.

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