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Villian deku AU


(NOT. MY. ART. WORK!) this is about deku and how he fell for the hero "todoroki", this isn't my original idea but I was inspired to write this by one of my favourite Authors! @izuku-kun4life!

Fantasy / Romance
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Love at first sight???

Deku just finished cleaning up a body when he hears someone yell from behind him "I wouldn't move if I were you... " deku flinches at the sound of the soft, sexy male voice before turning around and being frozen in place. "I warned you" the hero informs him, deku's eyes widen at the sight of his high school friend, shoto todoroki."ah, todoroki-kun, it's been awhile" deku says while grinning. Todoroki stares into the dark green eyes that used to be bright before mumbling"..why... Midorya...".deku raises an eyebrow and says "speak up ple-todoroki grabs dekus shirt collar and pulls him close,while looking mad deku can't help but feel a bit embarrassed "why did u become a villian?!?!, what about becoming the number 1 hero?!?! "todoroki yells.they both stare at each other in silence for a couple of seconds before deku breaks the silence by laughing then saying "everyone always told me I wouldn't be hero, they all made fun of me, now I'm gonna make them pay! "todoroki's eyes widen at the speech deku just said before using his fire to free deku. deku looks at todoroki confused, he turns and starts to walk away "see you around then.... Midorya" and he dissapears into the night time darkness.

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