Home is Where You Will Always Belong

Chapter 10

When Peyton opened her eyes, she saw nothing but darkness. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she remember the haunting chill she felt when she heard that voice earlier. She tried to remain as calm as she could without bringing any attention to herself. She knew she was in a car because she could hear the engine and occasionally the car would swerve a little. Her wrists and her ankles were tied up so she couldn't move. She also noticed the horrendous pain she felt in the back of her head. She tried to pull her hands out of the rope, but the knots he tied were very well tied. She tried so hard to maintain her composure, but as the dark reality of her situation began to sink in she could no longer hold in the tears. She began sobbing. What was she going to do? Why did she leave the hotel this morning?

"Well, well. Look who finally decided to wake up!" Justin exclaimed excitedly, "I was so relieved when I found you." "Why can't you just leave me alone?" Peyton cried out, "Maybe I didn't want to be found." "Peyton, let me remind you of one small detail," Justin remarked, "You belong to me. You always will. The only way you will belong to someone else is if you are dead."

Peyton burst into tears and the fear that she was feeling could probably be felt by him as well. That fear probably fuelled his desire to hurt her more. She just prayed that the club was able to locate where they were and get to her in time. She feared that it might already be too late.

Tig and Juice had driven in silence from Portland to a little town called Baker City. Tig knew that Juice should probably talk about what was going on inside his head, but the two times Tig tried, Juice shut him out. He said he would deal with that once he got Peyton back, but Tig knew that this secret Peyton kept from him was clouding his judgment and vision.

"Hey, pull over here," Juice said, pointing to a small diner right off the highway, "I should see where they are at."

Tig pulled over and they went into the diner for something to eat and see where Justin and Peyton were. Tig ordered a couple burgers and some fries while Juice powered up his laptop. "So what's the verdict?" Tig asked after a long unnecessary silence. Juice looked up at Tig while he put a French fry in his mouth. "They are 20 minutes outside of Boise, Idaho," Juice replied with a mouth full of food, "That's about an hour and a half away from here." "Is that where we are headed next?" Tig asked him. "Yeah, I think so," Juice said, "Once we get there I will check again to see where they are."

They ate in silence for a little while when the awkwardness and the tension began to eat at Tig.

"Ok Juice, cut the bullshit," Tig stated, sounding frustrated and a little irritated, "You have to talk to me." "There's nothing to say Tig," Juice stated matter of factly, "I just want to get this over with and then we will worry about what comes next." "No," Tig replied, "We're talking about it now. What happened in that hotel room this morning?" "Why?" Juice asked. "Well something had to have happened that made her want to walk out of here," Tig said, dropping a bomb that was almost guaranteed to make Juice lose his mind.

Tig knew it was a bad idea to bring this up, but he wanted to know if Juice had done something to make her want to leave.

"Are you fucking kidding me right now?" Juice growled at him, "You think I'm the reason she walked out of the hotel room? It may have been because of me you son of a bitch, but not for the reason you think." Tig stared at him, unsure of what to say next. "When we were together before Justin, she would always go outside to get fresh air after making love," Juice stated in a more calm voice, but still angry, "Some people smoke a cigarette, but she would always go outside. She liked to go outside and think." This was the last thing Tig had expected him to say. Juice had, in so many words, just admitted to sleeping with Peyton.

"Juice, I'm sorry," Tig said, putting his hands up in defeat, "I didn't realize. I didn't know you guys were back together." "We aren't," Juice replied, staring at him incredulously, "It just happened Tig. That's the way things work with me and Peyton. They just happen. We don't plan any of it. Shit just happens." Juice put his head in his hands and took some really deep breaths. Tig knew he was crying and let him have some time to calm down.

Tig got up from the table and walked outside, pulling out his cell phone. He dialled Jax's number and waited for him to answer. "Hey Tig," Jax said after a couple rings, "Where are we headed?" "We are headed to Boise, Idaho," Tig replied, "Juice checked about 30 minutes ago and Justin and Peyton were just outside of Boise. Juice thinks it would be best to get to Boise and then check their location again." "Alright, just keep tabs on their location and lay low when you get there," Jax said, "We still have about 6 hours ahead of us, but keep us posted if anything changes." "Will do," Tig replied, "Hey Jax. I was thinking one of us should probably give Jenny, Evander and Darcy's foster mom, a call and let her know what's going on. Maybe we could make arrangements for her to fly out to California with the kids in a few days. Because I honestly don't think we will be making it to Calgary." "I agree with you one hundred percent," Jax replied, "You make the call Tig." "Ok Jax," he replied, "We'll see you soon."

Justin pulled into the parking lot of a road side motel on the south side of Boise and hopped out of the vehicle. He opened the back passenger door and pulled Peyton by the hair so she was sitting up. She whimpered quietly and he slapped her across the face.

"Don't make a fucking noise Peyton," he murmured in her ear. He pulled the blind fold off her face so he could see the fear in her eyes. "I'm going to untie you now," he said, giving her hair another hard yank, "You are going to act happy and you aren't going to make a sound when we go to check in. If you do, you'll pay for it after." Who was he kidding, he was going to kick her ass once they got in the room anyways, just because he felt like it.

He untied her hands and legs and he was surprised that she didn't put up a fight. "That's a good girl," he whispered into her ear. He kissed her neck and then he kissed her on the lips, deeply and passionately. He could feel her shudder beneath his touch and this made him smile.

He grabbed the bags out of the back and then he pulled Peyton out of the vehicle and they slowly made their way to the entrance of the hotel.

"Good evening," the desk clerk said with a smile on her face when they walked in. "Good evening," Justin said with a smile, "Me and my wife would like a room for the night." "Sure thing," she replied. He waited patiently as she took his information and checked them into their room. "Enjoy your stay," she called out as they made their way down the hall to their room.

As soon as the door closed he dropped the bags to the ground and threw Peyton against the wall. She whimpered quietly and then got back on her feet. She knew better than to try and talk to him while he was in such a playful mood. He taught her well. He was proud of her. Once she got back on her feet, he grabbed her and smashed her head against the wall. A small shriek escaped her mouth and because of that, he backhanded her across the face which sent her sprawling on the floor. He walked over to her and kicked her hard in the stomach.

"This is just the beginning baby," Justin growled at her, "But that will teach you to try and leave me. You will never get away from me."

She tried to get up and defend herself, but he kicked her hard in the leg that was already broken and he could hear the cast crack and crunch. He would not let her get away from him, even if he had to kill her to make it so.

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