Home is Where You Will Always Belong

Chapter 12

"What the fuck are you doing!?" Justin screamed at her after throwing the phone against the wall and watching it shatter into pieces, "Where did you get the phone?" Peyton coward in the corner, looking up at him with fear in her eyes. She had managed to keep the phone hidden on herself and she managed to make a quick call to Juice, but she was terrified that they wouldn't get there soon enough.

Justin raised his fist in the air and swung at her. She closed her eyes and screamed just as his fist made contact with her jaw. Her head hit the wall and she heard a loud crack and then felt excrutiating pain. A few seconds after that, she cried out when she felt a pain she wasn't familiar with. She looked down and watched as Justin pulled a knife out of her leg. "Don't ever fucking cross me again, or I will kill you," he said through gritted teeth as he crouched down in front of her. She turned her head away and he grabbed her face and made her look at him. "My face will be the last face you see," he growled as he took the knife and with just enough pressure ran it down the length of her arm. She whimpered and against her better judgment let the tears fall as she watched the blood slide down her arm and onto the floor.

Juice jumped off his bike and ran into the hotel room with Chibs hot on his heels. "Hey!" Juice yelled, getting everyone's attention, "We have to go now!" "What the hell man?" Chibs roared, "What was that all about?" "Peyton just called me," Juice stated, "She sounded awful, scared. She sounded hurt. She didn't say much, but right after I told her we were coming for her, there was a piercing scream and then the phone went dead. So when I say we have to go now, I mean that we have to go now!"

Everyone was up and on their feet in a matter of seconds. They all grabbed their guns, cuts and ran out to their bikes. "Jax, where do you want me?" Nero called out. "Take the rental car and follow us there," Jax yelled back over the noise of the Harleys. "Hey Nero," Tig called, "Here are the keys." Tig threw Nero the keys. "Thanks man," Nero called out. He ran to the car and followed the parade of Harleys out of the parking lot.

About 20 minutes later Justin heard the bikes roll into the parking lot of the motel. "You have got to be fucking kidding me!" he yelled as he peeked out the curtain. He reached for the gun that was tucked in his pants just to make sure it was still there. He then walked over to Peyton, grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the bathroom. He threw her against the wall and slammed the door shut. He was pretty sure that she was hurt enough that she wouldn't be able to get out of the washroom.

He heard her attempting to scream out, but he had broken her jaw, so it was more of a loud whimper. "Fuck," he grumbled as she began pounding on the door. His anger got the better of him and he kicked the bathroom door open. He watched as her head flew backwards and her whole body slammed against the floor. "That will shut her up for a little while," he mumbled to himself as he looked at her limp body laying on the floor.

His heart was pounding in his chest and he was running on pure adrenaline at this point. Now that Peyton was out the way for the moment, he was ready for whatever they threw his way.

Juice and Jax noticed the white Honda Pilot parked in the parking lot and casually walked into the lobby.

"Can I help you?" the desk clerk asked, clearly intimidated by their presence. "Hey Darlin, we are looking for a Justin Berkley?" Jax asked her sweetly, "I was wondering if you could tell me which room he was in?" "I'm sorry sir, but we can't give out that information," she replied. Juice walked up to the counter and discreetly laid his gun on the counter. "You would be doing us a big favor sweetheart if you would just cooperate with us," Jax replied, "This guy is a bad man, the worst kind of criminal. He's got our friend and she will be in a lot of trouble if we don't get to her soon."

She looked at the gun, and they had clearly gotten their point across. "Him and his wife are in room 112," she replied, trying to stay calm, "They looked very happy." Jax and Juice both laughed at that remark. "Thank you Darlin for being so accommodating," Jax said, smiling his charming smile at her, "Now, please leave the building. You don't need to be here for this." She looked terrified as she grabbed her purse and her coat and ran out of the building.

Juice ran outside and motioned for the rest of the guys to come in. They quickly, but quietly all made their way into the motel and followed Jax down the hall towards room 112.

Jax motioned for them to be quiet as he knocked on the door. They waited a few seconds and there was no response. Jax put his finger to his lips and knocked one more time. Again, there was no response. Jax turned and looked at the guys and in silence he counted to three before he kicked the door in.

The sound of guns shots rang in everyone's ears and they all ducked. Happy and Tig pulled out their guns and barged into the room and saw Justin run into the bedroom. They heard the window shatter. "Go after him," Jax yelled as he fell to the ground in pain, "Happy and Tig, go after him." "Holy shit!" Juice growled, kneeling down beside Jax, "You ok man?" "Don't worry about me," Jax replied, "just go after the son of a bitch!"

Juice, Chibs, Rat, Quinn and Nero ran down the hallway to try and catch Justin and left Bobby with Jax. "Jax, where did he hit ya?" Bobby asked. Jax managed to push himself up so he was sitting against the wall. He was holding his hand against his side and winced. He could also feel pain in his leg. "He got me in the stomach, but I think it's just a flesh wound," Jax replied, breathing heavily, "And he got me in the leg." "Shit," Bobby mumbled. He reached for the hem of Jax's shirt and ripped a long piece off and tied it tightly around Jax's leg and then he grabbed a box of Kleenex off the desk and handed it to Jax. "Put pressure on the stomach wound Jax," Bobby said, "We don't want you bleeding out."

Jax looked at him gratefully and then concern crossed his face. "Bobby, look for Peyton," Jax said, "She has to be in here somewhere." Bobby flicked on the lights and first searched the bedroom. When he didn't find her there, he noticed that the bathroom door was closed. Jax watched as Bobby slowly opened the door and he continued to watch as Bobby collapsed to the ground and angry tears began to roll down his face. "Bobby, what the hell?" Jax grumbled as he slowly tried to make his way to the bathroom. Jax couldn't go any further, he was in too much pain.

Bobby turned and looked at Jax, the sadness and anger very evident on his face. "Jax, it's pretty bad," Bobby said quietly. He pushed himself up and disappeared into the bathroom. "She's been stabbed Jax," Bobby called out, "Once in the thigh, a pretty deep cut and then he cut along the whole length of her arm. She's bleeding pretty badly and she's breathing but unconscious." "Jesus Christ," Jax yelled out, "Bobby, help me up."

Bobby came out of the bathroom and gently helped Jax stand up. He slowly walked him into the bathroom and then Jax lost control of his emotions. The tears streamed down his cheeks and Bobby helped him kneel down beside Peyton. He bent down and pressed his forehead against hers. "Hang on baby girl," Jax whispered, "We're going to get you outta here soon."

Jax lifted his head when he heard a loud ruckus in the hallway. Bobby stepped out of the bathroom and stopped dead in his tracks. Jax moved as quickly as he could to the doorway so he could see what was going on and the next thing he knew, Justin flew through the door, his gun aimed at Bobby's head. Jax watched as Bobby stood up, charged and made a beeline straight for Justin. All Jax could do was watch everything unravel around him.

Chibs flew into the room and tackled Justin to the ground just as Justin pulled the trigger.

"No!" Jax yelled from his place on the ground. Everything seemed to slow down at that moment and it was almost like Jax was watching everything happen in slow motion. Bobby stood there for a moment and looked at Jax before he toppled over and hit the ground.

Chibs yanked the gun out of Justin's hand and smashed him over the head with it.

Jax managed to crawl his way over to Bobby, despite the pain and he looked down at him. "Bobby?" Jax said quietly, tears forming in his eyes. He looked and the bullet had hit on the right side of his chest. "Bobby, hang in there," Jax pleaded. "I'm doing ok Jax," Bobby whispered, his eyes barely open, "Just take care of Peyton." The tears fell from Jax's eyes and landed on Bobby's shirt. "We will take care of both of you," Jax replied.

Chibs quickly made his way over to Bobby as well and noticed Peyton on the floor in the bathroom. "Jax," Chibs said quietly, "Is she..." "No Chibs," Jax replied, "She's still alive." Chibs breathed a sigh of relief and leaned against the wall. Jax and Chibs looked at each other when they heard the police sirens getting closer to the motel. "What do we do with this son of a bitch?" Chibs asked, nudging Justin's limp body with his foot. "Let the cops take him," Jax replied, "Let him rot in jail. He's not worth it."

Tig ran into the room. "We've got a problem," Tig said, looking down at Jax and Bobby and then noticing Peyton in the bathroom, "Clearly we have a bigger problem than I thought." "What's going on outside?" Jax asked. "Well, the cops are coming for one," Tig replied, angrily wiping at his eyes, "And Juice is down. I watched Juice try and fight Justin before he ran back in here. Juice was stabbed right through the shoulder and in the stomach."

Tig noticed at that point that Justin was coming to. Tig walked up to him and stood over him. "What the hell were you thinking asshole?" Tig yelled at him, "You think you could come in here and attack my family and get away with it?" Justin slowly pushed himself up on his hands and knees and tried to reach for his gun, which was just inches from his hand. Tig kicked Justin's hand away from the gun and then bent over to pick it up. "Think again you son of a bitch," Tig said angrily, "No one can save you now." Tig pointed the gun at Justin's head and pulled the trigger.

Five minutes later, the cops had arrived and the motel was in complete shambles. Juice tried to stand up when a cop slowly approached him. "Sir, I'm Officer Watts," the cop said, "what happened here?" "I'm not sure what happened inside," Juice replied in a whisper, "But I'm pretty sure you are going to need multiple ambulances." Juice kept his hand over the stab wound to his stomach. It was getting harder to breath and he was feeling woozy. "Sir, are you hurt?" Officer Watts asked, kneeling down in front of him. Juice nodded his head. "Pretty badly," Juice whispered.

Officer Watts stood up when his partner ran out of the motel and radioed the ambulance service. "We have five down at the Motel 6," he said into the radio, "We need EMTs here as soon as possible."

Juice closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Five down? He asked himself. He shook his head as his vision began to get cloudy. "Officer Watts, what's going on inside?" Juice asked, trying to stay awake. Officer Watts walked back over to him with his partner. "Sir, this is my partner, Officer Jacobs," he replied, "It appears there is one man dead, two men down and a woman down. Do you know these people?" "They are only my family," he replied, feeling helpless, "Make sure they are taken care of." "Sir, we plan to make sure you are all taken care of," Office Jacobs replied. "Thank you," Juice replied.

He could no longer fight it. It was significantly harder for him to breath and he slowly closed his eyes as the darkness overtook him.

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