Home is Where You Will Always Belong

Chapter 15

The room was hazy and the pain was intense when Peyton opened her eyes. She was unsure of where she was and what had happened, all the details were a blur to her. She tried to move her head and instantly regretted it. "Fuck," she mumbled to herself, "What the hell happened?" She winced in pain, she was sure her jaw was broken.

"Morning sunshine," she heard someone say to her left. She tried to look over but it wasn't happening, "Careful." "Can you move closer? So I can see you?" Peyton asked, pretty sure that Happy was beside her. She tried to smile when Happy leaned over her and smiled. "Glad to see you are awake sweetheart," Happy said gruffly but quietly. "What happened Hap? How long was I out?" Peyton asked difficultly, "It feels like my jaw is broken, but it obviously isn't if I am talking to you." "A lot of shit went down Peyton," Happy replied, his demeanor changing as he spoke, "Your jaw isn't broken, but it is definitely bruised badly. You have been unconscious for 4 days."

Peyton couldn't believe that she had been out that long. Happy sat down on the bed so that she could see him. She looked at him and he looked tired, more haggard than usual and even a little sad.

"You have a major concussion and there was a lot of swelling in your brain," Happy said quietly, reaching for her hand and holding it tightly, "There was no damage done where Justin stabbed you in the stomach. They stopped the bleeding and stitched you up. You have a few broken ribs and 25 stitches down the length of your arm."

It wasn't until Happy had mentioned everything to her that she realized how much pain she was really in. "Hap, can you get the nurse?" Peyton said quietly, closing her eyes and trying to shut out the pain. "You doing ok Peyton?" he asked, looking closely at her. Peyton shook her head in response. The pain in her head was excrutiating. Happy leaned in and kissed her on the forehead before he got up and left the room.

She laid her head back against the pillow and kept her eyes closed. She couldn't remember anything after Justin had smashed the bathroom door against her face. After that there was a black hole. She wished that Happy would tell her what was going on. Tell her what had gone down at the hotel. Was Juice ok? What was going to happen with her boys? There were so many questions she needed the answers to, but she was in so much pain she could barely concentrate.

She tried to turned her head slightly when she heard a knock on the door. "Come in," she called out, unable to move her head. "Hey beautiful girl," she heard Tara say from the doorway, "I'm so happy to see you awake." "Tara, I need something. The pain is horrendous," Peyton said quietly, the tears falling slowly down her face, "I can't move my head and I can't move my body to get comfortable." "I've got some morphine for you," Tara said quietly, wiping the tears away, "The pain will go away in no time."

Tara sat down on the bed so Peyton could see her and Peyton could see exhaustion and sadness in her eyes. Peyton held her hand open and Tara grabbed it. "I'm so sorry Peyton," Tara said quietly, "I wish there was something I could do to take this all away." Peyton tried to smile at her. "Tara I'm really tired," Peyton said, "I need to sleep." Tara nodded her head in agreement. Tara moved up so she was leaning against the back of the bed and Peyton laid her head against Tara's shoulder. She was glad that her best friend was there with her right now. Even though she didn't have the answers that she wanted or needed, she felt at peace and she felt comforted. She kept holding Tara's hand and closed her eyes.

A couple hours later Peyton opened her eyes and Tara was still right where she was when Peyton fell asleep. Surprisingly, the pain had gone away and she was able to move herself a little bit so that she was sitting up a little more. Tara opened her eyes when she felt Peyton move and smiled at her. "How are you feeling Peyton?" she asked sleepily. "I'm feeling ok right now," Peyton replied, "The pain has subsided for now." "Well, you just let me know and I will make sure they get you some more morphine," Tara replied, "I should go for now. It's my day off, but I should get the kids homes and make dinner. I'll come see you again tomorrow." Tara hugged her gently and then hopped off the bed and walked out the door.

Peyton leaned her head back against the pillow and closed her eyes. She wondered where everyone was and how everyone was. She just wanted to see her friends and family to be reassured that they were ok.

"Hey there beautiful," she heard come from the door. She turned her head carefully and watched as Jax wheeled himself across the room to her bedside. Chibs was standing behind him. "Hey," she said quietly, looking at him curiously, "Jax what happened?" Chibs seemed to be ok. She looked up at him and could see sadness in his eyes as well. She smiled as Chibs leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. "Hiya baby girl," he said quietly, "So glad to see you awake. We were worried about ya." "I'm ok," she said quietly, "Just uncomfortable."

Chibs sat down beside her and she leaned her head against his shoulder. "Jax?" she questioned quietly. He looked at her and reached for her hand. "I'm so glad you're ok Peyton," he said quietly, "They weren't sure how long it would be before you woke up." Peyton squeezed his hand gently. "What happened to you Jax?" she asked. "After you called Juice that night we all rushed over to the hotel," Jax began to explain, "Justin was expecting us and started shooting the second we kicked the door open. He shot me in the shoulder and in the stomach, on the side. They stitched me up and I'm ok. But Peyton, a lot of damage was done that night." She watched as Jax looked up at Chibs and Chibs nodded his head. "Ye got to tell her Jackie boy," he said.

Jax nodded his head and then slowly pushed himself out of his chair and slowly moved on to the bed so he was sitting beside her. She reached for him when he winced in pain. Once he got comfortable he smiled at her to reassure her that he was ok. "Tell me," she whispered. "Justin got Juice too. He stabbed him twice, once in the shoulder and once in the stomach," Jax explained, the anger clearly written on his face, "They had to go in and see what kind of damage was done to his stomach. There was a small repair they had to do to one of his organs and now they are waiting. That was three days ago and the bleeding has stopped. He has been in and out of consciousness and hasn't completely woken up yet. The doctors said it will take a little time."

Peyton just sat there with tears in her eyes. "He will be ok though?" she asked in a whisper. She reached for Chibs' hand and held it tightly. "He will be ok Peyton," Jax assured her. She could tell there was more and that Jax was struggling to tell her. "Justin is dead Peyton," he said, "He was about to hurt another one of us and before he got the chance Tig shot him in the head." She thought that when she heard this new she would be more upset about it, but all she felt was relief. She felt like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders. "Thank God," she breathed, "What is going to happen to Tig? Is he still in Arizona?" Jax shook his head. "They released him on $15,000.00 bail and they have let him come back to Charming," Jax replied, "Him and Nero got back yesterday afternoon. He has a sentencing hearing in a couple weeks, but they don't expect it to be a lengthy sentence." Peyton closed her eyes as the tears fell down her cheeks. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean for any of this to happen," she whispered. "Peyton, any of us would've killed that bastard if we had the chance," Jax replied, "Tig was the first one who had the guts to grab Justin's gun and shoot him with it."

It went eerily silent and she knew there was more to come. She looked at Jax and he had tears in his eyes. Jax reached into a pocket in his sweat pants and pulled out a picture and he handed it to her. She looked down, it was a picture of her and her Uncle Bobby at her wedding reception. She could feel her heart begin to race, why did he give her this picture?

"Jax, where did you get this?" she asked, holding the picture close to her heart. "I got it from Bobby's wallet," Jax said quietly, "He has had that picture in his wallet since the day you gave it to him 11 years ago. I caught him glancing at it every once in awhile. He loved you so much Peyton." "What do you mean loved?" she asked. "Peyton, Bobby got shot on the right side of his chest and it hit a major artery," Jax said in a pained tone, "They couldn't stop the bleeding. They tried so hard. Blood transfusions, surgery to repair the artery, but they just weren't successful."

Peyton looked up at Chibs and he was staring at a spot on the ceiling, obviously trying to fight the tears that were threatening to spill over. She looked down at the picture again and she realized that this was all that she had left of him. She could feel her heart break in her chest. Her head began to hurt again and it was getting hard for her to breath. "Uncle Bobby..." Peyton choked as she looked back at Jax. "I'm so sorry Peyton," Jax said quietly, "Bobby didn't make it."

Jax moved in closer and pulled Peyton gently into his arms as she began to crumble. He was all to familiar with the pain she was feeling. It had been three days and the emotions still crept up on him when he wasn't expecting them. Peyton held onto Jax like her life depended on it and pressed her face into his t-shirt. She wasn't crying, but he knew she was in shock and was still trying to take all the news in that she had been given. He gently ran his hand through her hair and tried to comfort her.

They sat there in each other's arms for a long time before the tears and sobs started to take over. Her whole body shook as the sobs escaped her. "It hurts Jax," Peyton cried, holding on to him, "I need more morphine. The pain is too much right now." Chibs carefully got up. "I'll take care of it," he replied as he walked to the door.

Jax helped Peyton lay back down in bed and she curled up into the fetal position and continued to cry. Jax was rubbing her back when Chibs walked in with a nurse. She inserted the needle into Peyton's IV and administered the morphine. "She should be ok in a few minutes," the nurse replied, "She should probably get some rest. And so should you Mr. Teller." "I don't want to leave her right now," Jax pleaded quietly. "It's alright Jackie boy," Chibs said, "I'll stay with Peyton if the nurse here doesn't have a problem taking you back to your room." "Thanks man," Jax said.

Peyton slowly rolled over and grabbed Jax's hand quickly and squeezed it. "I love you," she whispered, the tears still streaming down her face. "I love you too Darlin," he said before the nurse pushed him out of the room.

Chibs relaxed on the bed and Peyton curled up into a ball beside him and didn't say a word. He ran his hand through her hair and rubbed her back, trying to soothe her. Her body shook as she cried silently and Chibs knew he was in for a long evening.

The paperwork and the plans to get Jenny and the boys out to California took a couple days longer than expected, but Gemma, Joyce and Dave were finally there at the airport waiting for them to arrive.

Gemma hadn't said anything to Joyce and Dave about Evander being Juice's son and wasn't sure if they knew or not. "Joyce, Dave, I found something out a few days ago and I'm not sure if you know about it or not," Gemma said to them as they waited, "It's about Evander." "Is he ok?" Joyce asked with concern. "Oh, he is perfectly fine," Gemma replied, "Jenny revealed something to me that I found rather shocking." Joyce and Dave looked at Gemma with curiosity, they clearly didn't know.

"Evander isn't Justin's son," Gemma stated, "Juice and Peyton were together the night after Peyton and Justin got engaged. Evander is Juice's son." Joyce and Dave looked at each other. "You are absolutely sure about this?" Dave asked Gemma, "How did you find out?" "I asked Jenny who was named on the list of guardians for Evander and Darcy and Juice was one of the names listed. I asked why and she said he was Evander's biological father." Joyce and Dave sat there, at a loss for words. "I'm pretty sure Juice knows," Gemma continued, "But we will have to approach this situation with caution." "I can see the resemblance," Joyce said quietly with a smile on her face, "And I can understand why none of us knew about this until now."

Gemma was about to say something else when a small lady with two little boys walked up to her. "Are you Gemma?" she asked happily. "I am, and you must be Jenny," Gemma replied. She pulled Jenny into a hug. "It's so nice to finally meet you," Jenny said. "Did you have a good flight?" Gemma asked, "Did everything go ok?" "Everything went very well," Jenny replied, looking down at the boys holding her hands, "It was the boys' first flight. They enjoyed looking out the window."

Jenny knelt down in front of the boys. "Evander, Darcy, this is Gemma," Jenny said to them, "She is a good friend of your mommy's, you can call her aunt Gemma or just Gemma." Evander took a step towards Gemma and held out his little hand. Gemma looked down at him and reached for his hand. She was astonished by how much he looked like Juice. He had the same olive colored skin and the same big beautiful brown eyes. She crouched down so she was face to face with him. "Hi Evander, it is so good to meet you sweetheart," she said quietly. "Nice to meet you aunt Gemma," Evander said shyly. She ran her hand through his short dark brown hair. She couldn't believe how much he looked like both his mommy and his daddy.

She felt a small tap on her shoulder. She turned and little Darcy wrapped his arms around her neck. She laughed quietly and hugged the sweet little boy back. "Hi there sweetheart," Gemma said, looking down at him after the hug ended, "How are you?" "Good," he whispered, "Where momma?" Gemma's heart sank, she had no idea what to tell these little guys. "Your momma is a little sick right now honey, but we will take you to see her soon," Gemma replied, "She will be very happy to see you two."

Gemma stood up and grabbed each of the boys hands and slowly walked them over to where Peyton's parents were standing. When Evander and Darcy realized it was their grandma and grandpa, they pulled away from Gemma and ran into their awaiting arms. Happy tears formed in her eyes as her and Jenny watched the scene unfold in front of them.

"Let's get the kids home," Gemma said to Jenny, "I'm sure you are all very hungry and tired." "The boys are very tired, but they are happy to be here," Jenny replied, "Thank you so much for taking them in so quickly." "It is no problem at all Jenny," Gemma said sincerely, "Me and Peyton's parents have made up bedrooms for them and we will alternate taking care of them until Peyton gets out of the hospital and finds a place for them live." "I'm glad to see that they seem pretty comfortable with you and their grandparents," Jenny pointed out, "I'll probably stay for a couple days and then make my way back home, but I'm sure the boys will adjust nicely here."

"So how is Peyton?" Jenny asked, breaking the long silence. "She finally woke up this morning," Gemma replied, "My son called to update me about an hour ago. She is in excrutiating pain. Apparently there isn't enough morphine in the world to take away the pain she is feeling. They also told her today that her Uncle Bobby passed away. So now not only is she suffering from physical pain, but she is suffering from major heartbreak as well. One of our guys, Chibs, he hasn't left her side for the last couple hours and she hasn't stopped crying." "I'm so sorry to hear about all the damage done to the club and to your family," Jenny said, "Justin caused so much devastation." "We are all coping as best we can," Gemma replied, "We just want Jax, Peyton and Juice to recover and move on from this. It will be a long road for all of us."

She silently hoped that her family could bounce back from the events from the last week. Losing Bobby had devastated them all. She hoped these children could bring the happiness they needed into all their lives.

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