Home is Where You Will Always Belong

Chapter 16


Peyton slammed the car door and walked up to the entrance of her apartment. Chibs and Jax were being assholes and she was pissed at them for not being happy for her and Justin. She had wanted so badly to move on with her life and getting married to Justin was just the way to do it. She was in love with him and she was excited to start her new life. How could they not be happy for her?

She pulled the keys out of her purse to unlock the main door when she heard a motorcycle pull up to the curb. She turned and her heart beat sped up when Juice turned off the engine and got off his bike. He hung up his helmet on the handlebar and made his way towards her. It reminded her of the day when he first asked her out.

"Juice what are you doing here?" Peyton asked, feeling exasperated. She was sure that Jax and Chibs had filled Juice in and he was here to try and talk her out of it. "Jax told me and Opie the news. Ope went on a rampage," Juice replied, looking down at his hands, "You and Justin... getting married... congratulations." "Don't sound too happy Juice," Peyton shot at him, "Don't want you to exert yourself or anything." "Woah, chill out Peyton," Juice replied, putting up his hands in defence, "I just came over to talk. Is Justin here?" "No, he's out with his buddies tonight," Peyton replied, "Did you want to come up?" "Sure, if you don't mind," he said quietly. "No, come on up," she replied.

She let him into her apartment and he kicked off his shoes like he owned the place and sat down on the couch. "Can I get you a beer?" Peyton asked him. "No, I'm good thanks," Juice replied, "I just haven't talked to you in awhile. Figured you would be getting pretty busy with planning the wedding soon." "It's not going to be a big thing this time," Peyton said quietly, "Just a simple ceremony, probably with a Justice of the Peace and then a small family dinner. After that I will be moving to Calgary, Alberta with Justin." "You're leaving Charming?" Juice asked, his eyes getting wide, "Peyton, this is your home!" "It's where Justin is from Juice, that's where he wants to start our life together," Peyton replied, "I will follow him wherever he goes. I'm ok with starting a new life somewhere else. I'll always come home to visit."

Peyton walked into the kitchen and grabbed two beers out of the fridge. She popped the caps off and walked back into the living room. She handed one to Juice and their hands touched. It felt like an electrical current was flowing through her entire body. She looked at him and she could tell he was thinking the same thing.

"Why are you really here Juice?" Peyton asked, wanting him to get to the point. Juice put his beer on the table and then reached for hers and put hers down as well. He stood up and without wasting any time, he pushed her up against the wall beside the couch and pressed his lips to hers. Peyton's eyes opened wide and she put her hands on his shoulders to push him away.

"Juice, what are you doing?" she asked, feeling confused. "You asked me why I was really here," Juice replied huskily, "This is why I'm here. I know you're engaged and I know it's wrong and if you want me to stop I will." Peyton looked at him in complete and utter confusion. She knew she should not let this happen and that she should just ask him to leave. She loved Justin, but she knew that if Juice proclaimed his love and told her how much he needed her back in his life, she would end it with Justin. She would give up everything to be with Juice. No matter how much she tried to convince herself otherwise, she was still in love with Juice.

"Stay," she said quietly before pulling him against her and kissing him again. He reached up and undid the buttons on her shirt and then he pushed it off her shoulders and watched as it fell to the ground. He gave her his sexy smile before he leaned down and pressed his lips to her neck. He kissed the most sensitive parts of her neck before trailing his tongue along her collar bone. She put her hands on his waist and moaned quietly as he moved his way down and kissed the exposed skin above her bra line. He reached behind and undid her bra in one swift motion.

He moved back and admired her body. "You're so beautiful Peyton," he said quietly, "I should've never let you go." She smiled at him and her heart soared when she heard him say those words. "Then just for tonight," Peyton murmured, "Don't...don't let me go Juice."

He took a step towards her and then he undid her pants and slowly pushed them down to the ground. He reached for her hand and helped her step out of them. She looked at him with pure desire in her eyes and his eyes were filled with a passion and fire she hadn't seen for a long time. She reached for the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head. God, he was beautiful. She undid his pants and pushed them down and he kicked them off. He pushed her against the wall again and he massaged her breasts with his hands. A quiet moan escaped her lips before she pulled his face towards hers and kissed him passionately and intensely. He grabbed her hands in one of his and pinned them up against the wall above her head before leaning down and taking a nipple in his mouth. "Ohh," she moaned, her eyes fluttering closed.

He moved on to the other one and received the same response. After a few moments he moved his lips back up her body to her lips and kissed her again with a desperation that both of them were feeling at that moment. They knew this would be the last time they would be together and they both wanted to make it count. He let her hands go and then reached down and wrapped her legs around his waist. She moaned against his mouth as he pressed himself against her, showing her how badly he wanted her. "Take me," she whimpered, "I need you inside me, now." She reached down and wrapped her hand around him and slowly helped to guide him inside. "Shit," he growled as he pushed himself inside her, "Jesus you feel good." He pressed her hard against the wall and she wrapped her arms around his neck and moved with him. She leaned her head against the wall and took him thrust for thrust. She cried out in ecstacy and held on to his shoulders as he continued to thrust into her. "Oh Juice," she moaned, wrapping her legs tighter around his waist and clenching herself tighter around him. He groaned into her neck and began to thrust harder. She wrapped her arms tight around his neck and could feel the heat and sweat and she felt herself begin to shake. He held her tight and made one last thrust that sent them both over the edge. She cried out and Juice muffled her cry with his mouth and he groaned into her hair.

They stood there for a couple minutes in silence, trying to catch their breath and looking into each other's eyes. Peyton waited for him to say the words she hoped he would say, but they never came. She took that as a sign that that would be it for them and not to expect anything more.

Peyton opened her eyes. The memory brought a smile to her face, there had been a whole lot of love making that night.

It was a couple days later, and the pain had subsided a little. The heartbreak and the emotional pain was another story. The doctors had told her that morning that they wanted to keep her a few more days just for observation and then she was good to leave. Jax had been released the day he told her the news of Bobby and she was told yesterday that Juice had finally woken up, but was still heavily sedated. They said that she would be able to go and see him soon.

"Knock knock," Jax said, peeking his head in the room, "How you feeling Darlin?" She smiled as Jax approached the bed. The last couple days he had been there with her a lot, helping her deal with the loss of her uncle. He cried with her, he held her when she didn't want to be alone. There was a reason why he was one of her best friends and she appreciated him more than he knew.

"The pain has dissipated a little," Peyton replied, "But I have been getting out of bed and walking around a bit at the doctors request." "That's great news," he exclaimed smiling at her as he ran a hand through his hair, "Tara said that the docs are thinking about releasing you in a couple days. That's a good sign." "I guess so," she said, looking down at her hands, "I don't know where I'm going to stay. I have to get my kids. God I miss them." "Once you are released you will be staying at Chibs' place until you can get back on your feet and find a place of your own," Jax said, "He was very quick to volunteer. I think he likes taking care of you." Peyton smiled at him. "As for you getting your kids," Jax replied, "My mom and Jenny have been working on a plan and it should be put into action soon. Once you have been out a couple days, you will be able to go and get them."

Peyton's heart felt like it was about to burst. She didn't deserve such amazing people in her life, but for some reason they all stuck around knowing that some day she would come back to them. Their love for her never faltered, not once.

The doctor walked into the room and walked up to her bed. "Sorry to interrupt," he said smiling at them both, "How are you feeling Peyton?" "I'm doing good right now," Peyton replied, "Just woke up from a good nap and the pain is staying away for now." "That's good to hear," he replied, "How do you feel about going to see Juice? Or is it too soon?" Peyton's eyes got wide and she looked from her doctor to Jax. "Really?" she asked, "I would love to go see him." The doctor turned to Jax. "Do you mind taking her to see him?" he asked him. "Not at all," Jax replied, smiling at the doctor. He nodded his thanks. "Peyton if the pain comes back just let me or a nurse know," he said, "We shouldn't be very far if you need one of us." "Sounds good," she replied.

After the doctor had left the room Jax grabbed the wheelchair from the corner of the room and wheeled it over to her bedside. He turned off the IV machine and unhooked the tube from her IV and then he carefully helped her out of bed. Her leg was still very badly broken and her ribs were still very tender. She wrapped her arm around his neck and gently stepped on the floor with her good leg and slowly twisted herself and sat down in the chair.

"Looks like you have that mastered," Jax said with a smile. Peyton smiled up at him in response. He propped her door open and pushed her out and down the hallway towards Juice's room. "You ready sweetheart?" he asked her. "Yes!" she exclaimed excitedly, clapping her hands against the arms of the wheelchair.

It was silent for a couple minutes as he slowly pushed her down the hallway and she had a moment to think about all the different ways this visit with Juice could possibly go. She was nervous, she was excited, she hoped he was happy to see her, but most of all she just hoped that he was doing alright.

Jax pressed his back against a door and then pulled her into the room. "Hey Juicy boy," he said quietly, "Look who came to visit?" He wheeled Peyton over to his bedside and Juice greeted her with as much of a smile as he could muster. Peyton wasn't sure what that meant and now she wasn't sure if coming to see him was such a great idea. Maybe it was still too soon for Juice.

She looked at Jax with a worried look on her face. Jax knelt down in front of her and brushed a piece of hair out of her face. "It's ok Peyton," he said quietly, "When I last talked to Juice he wanted to see you. The drugs are still in his system, but the sedation is beginning to wear off. He is happy to see you. Just push the call button if it gets too hard. I'll be in the waiting room if and when you need me." "Thank you," she replied. He kissed her on the cheek and pushed her closer to Juice's side and then quietly let himself out of the room.

"Hey Peyton," Juice whispered with a little smirk on his face. She turned her head back towards him and smiled at him. She reached up onto the bed and grabbed his hand. He was cold to the touch and it surprised her. "Hey Juice," she said, her voice cracking with emotion, "You're so cold. Do you feel cold? Do you want a blanket?" "I'm ok," he replied, "How are you doing?" "I'm good, getting better everyday," Peyton replied, "How about you?" "My stomach is still killing me," Juice responded, "But the doctors expect me to make a full recovery. I lost a lot of blood so I'm still feeling very weak. They have given me a couple blood transfusions and they expect that I should be out of here by the end of the week." "That's great news Juice," she exclaimed, "They are releasing me in a few days also."

They sat in silence and just looked at each other. She felt so relieved now that she was with him. She knew that he was going to be ok. Peyton could see something in his eyes, something different and she wanted so badly to know what was going on in his head. She was usually so good at reading him, but right now she didn't have a clue.

Juice reached over and grabbed a piece of paper off the table and then pushed the button on his bed to adjust it so he was sitting up more. "I found this on the table in the bedroom the morning you left the hotel room," Juice said quietly, breaking the silence and handing her the piece of paper. Peyton reached out and took the paper from him and opened it. Her breathing began to quicken and her hands began to sweat. It was the letter that she had written to him. It was her plan B if she wasn't able to tell him herself that Evander was his son.

Well, she wanted to know what was going on in his head, and this was it. Shit, she thought to herself.

"Juice, I'm so sorry I never told you myself," Peyton said with tears in her eyes, "This letter was only if I couldn't say the words. After we were together that morning, I was planning on telling you everything when I got back from my walk." "Peyton, stop," Juice replied, holding his hand up, "I understand why you didn't tell me. I don't blame you for that. I'm sure that news like that would be pretty nerve wracking. I'm not mad at you baby girl." At this point the tears were streaming down her face. She couldn't believe that he wasn't angry at her for keeping it from him. "You aren't mad at me?" she questioned, "Why not? You missed out on four years of his life because I didn't tell you." "Justin would've killed you if he knew that Evander was mine," Juice replied with anger in his voice, "You keeping it a secret was the best thing you could've done for you and for our son. You are the strongest woman I know Peyton. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that." "It's over now Juice," Peyton whispered, "Justin is gone, for good. He can't get to me now. Me, Evander and Darcy are safe."

Peyton looked up at him and there was definitely something different in his eyes. "What's going on in that head of yours?" Peyton asked him curiously. "I can't believe I ever let you go," he replied, his eyes glassing over, "I thought that being married to you would hold me back and I didn't want to be held back. But for the eleven years that you and I have been apart, there has never been a time where I wasn't in love with you. And now I see that you never would have held me back, hell you would've been right there with me no matter what." "I always supported you, no matter what Juice," Peyton said quietly, "You were my life."

She put both hands on the arms of her wheelchair and slowly pushed herself up. "What are you doing?" he asked, sitting up, "Be careful Peyton." "I am," she stated, "Just give me a minute." She put her strong leg down and Juice reached his hand out to help her. She took his hand and she managed to stand up. She twisted herself and pushed herself up on the bed with her strong leg, but the pain in her ribs was horrendous. She was breathing hard and it had taken everything in her to not burst into tears.

After a couple minutes the pain had subsided and she turned so she was facing Juice. "I just wanted to be closer to you," she whispered. He smiled at her and wiped a couple stray tears off her cheek. "I'm glad you did," he replied. "Juice, I love you," Peyton whispered, "Always have, always will." He pulled her gently into his arms with her head resting against his chest. "I love you too baby girl," he replied, looking down into her eyes, "Forever."

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