Home is Where You Will Always Belong

Chapter 22

A few hours later Peyton walked up the drive to her new home with a smile on her face. She opened the door just as Abel and Evander flew through the living room and into the kitchen laughing and squealing. She smiled. She loved having all this action in her home.

She followed the crazy boys into the kitchen where Juice and Jax were sitting at the island drinking beers and laughing with the kids. "Hey," she said, smiling at them. She walked up and wrapped her arms around Juice's shoulders and kissed him on the cheek. "Hey baby girl," Juice said back, "How was your guys' visit with Tig? How's he doing?" She stood on the other side of the counter from the guys. "He's as good as one can be while being locked up," Peyton stated, "He was pretty happy to see us. Well, me anyways." "I'm glad he's doing ok," Jax replied, standing up and walking over to Peyton, "Good to see you Darlin." He wrapped his arms around Peyton and she hugged him back.

She looked over at Juice and he shook his head as if to say that he hadn't told Jax their big news yet. After she pulled away from Jax, Peyton pulled the sonogram pictures out of her purse and walked over to the fridge and hung them up. She knew Jax was watching her every move. "What the hell is that?"Jax asked as he followed her to the fridge. She could feel his breath on her neck he was standing so close to her. She turned to face him and smiled at him. "I'm pregnant," Peyton replied, "With twins." Jax's jaw almost hit the ground as he turned and looked at Juice. "Jesus Christ buddy," Jax stated, "Your little guys can swim! Congratulations!" Juice stood up and Jax pulled him in for a manly, congratulatory hug. "Two more Puerto-Rican babies running around the clubhouse," Jax exclaimed, "How the hell are we going to deal with that?" "They are going to be a handful," Peyton replied, "But I don't care. I'm so excited!"

"Well guys, thanks for the news," Jax said, "But I should be getting the kids home." "Sounds good man," Juice replied. "Table, tonight at 8:00," Jax said, pointing at Juice. "I'll be there man," Juice replied. Jax nodded his head, quickly kissed Peyton on the cheek, gathered up his kids and high fived Evander and Darcy before walking out the door.

Once he left, Juice pulled Peyton into his arms and leaned in and kissed her, neither one of them caring that the boys were playing in the living room. He lifted her onto the counter and then leaned in and kissed her on the neck. He ran his hands over her arms as he ran his tongue along her collar bone and she whimpered quietly. He moved his lips back up to her mouth and Peyton put her hands on either side of his face and kissed him passionately. Juice wrapped his arms around Peyton's waist and pulled her as close to him as he could. She wanted him so badly, right there on the counter, but the kids were just in the other room.

"Can't we just leave them for a minute and take this to the bedroom?" Juice asked breathless. Peyton giggled and kissed him softly. "I would love to baby, but the mischief those two can get into when left alone is uncanny," Peyton replied, smirking at him, "After your meeting, come home and we will continue where we left off." "Sounds like a fantastic plan to me," he replied, kissing her playfully on the nose.

He pulled her off the counter and they sat down on the bar stools at the island. "So, do you have any ideas for the wedding?" Juice asked, "Maybe we should talk about it." "I have tons of ideas for the wedding," Peyton exclaimed happily, "Although, you might not like this, I really want to wait until Tig is out of Stockton. I really want him there Juice." "I completely understand," he replied, reaching for her hand, "He has been like a father to you for years, so it doesn't surprise me that you would want him there. But if he doesn't get out next year, do you really want to wait 6, possibly 8 years for him to get out?" "No, no," Peyton replied, "We will get married next year, I just want to wait until next year to see if he gets out." "Absolutely," Juice replied, "So then, let's aim for next summer, like July. That's like 15 months away. That should be plenty of time to wait and see if Tig gets out."

"I like the thought of getting married in July," Peyton replied, "Let's go with July anyways, even if Tig doesn't get released. Also, I really want to have the wedding up at the cabin. I know it's silly, but it will kind of be like Uncle Bobby will be there. "That's not silly at all," Juice stated, "I think it's a great idea. It will be perfect up there that time of year. Are we having a wedding party this time?" Peyton nodded her head in response. "I would like to," she said, "I want Tara to be my maid of honor and then Lyla as a bridesmaid." "Chibs and Jax for me," Juice replied, "You should probably go soon to try on dresses." "Yeah, that was the plan," Peyton replied, "I was thinking probably next week, before I get too huge."

"I can't wait to see you with a cute little baby bump," Juice stated, resting his hands on her waist, "I missed out on the first two. I'm so sorry Peyton." "Juice, we've been through this," Peyton replied, "You don't need to keep apologizing. I love you and I don't blame you or hold any resentment towards you for not being in their lives or mine. And I no longer hold any resentment towards you for leaving me years ago. We've got our second chance Juice. I don't want to dwell on the past or the what ifs that might cross our mind from time to time." "You're right," he replied, "I will try not to dwell on this anymore." "Good," Peyton stated, "Now shut up and kiss me."

Juice had helped Peyton with the dishes after dinner and now he was making his way to the clubhouse. He turned the engine off on his bike, put the kick stand down and hopped off his bike. He looked up at the sky for a moment with a small smile on his face. He hadn't felt this happy in a very long time and he was happy and amazed that he was given a second chance to love Peyton and their boys and to become her husband. This time he had no doubt in his mind that this was what he wanted. He had never had any doubt the first time either, but for some reason when they hit a little rough patch, he freaked out and wanted out. He didn't want to have to deal with the difficulties and hardships of marriage. But now, that's all he wanted. He wanted to experience the happy times, the hard times and all the times in between and he wanted to experience all of that with Peyton.

He made his way into the clubhouse and everyone was already in the chapel. He nodded at everyone as he sat down in his spot. "I hear you got some big news," Rat said not two seconds after Juice sat down. Juice turned his head and looked at Rat for a moment. "Oh yeah," Juice replied, raising his eyebrow slightly, "And who told you this?" "Jax said you had some news, but he wouldn't tell us what it was," Rat stated. Juice looked over at Jax and Jax just smiled at him. "It's your news buddy," Jax said, "Not my place to say anything."

Juice smiled back and just shook his head. "Is nothing sacred anymore?" he questioned, looking around the table. "What are you keeping from us man?" Happy asked. "Well, I just recently became an instant father and found out Peyton was pregnant again, as you all know," Juice replied quietly, "I just found out that our family of four is not becoming a family of 5, but will soon be a family of 6." The whole table was silent and Juice noticed that both Jax and Chibs were grinning from ear to ear. "A family of 6... clearly you can't do math..." Rat said, before it actually clicked, "Holy shit, you're having twins!?" "Yes Sir!" Juice exclaimed, "We are having two beautiful babies. We are going to have our hands full."

Everyone congratulated him and wished him luck before Jax called the meeting to order. "Ok, so Chibs went to visit Tig today," Jax stated, "Now, he didn't get a whole lot of information from him because Peyton went along with him. But Peyton had offered to leave for a couple minutes so they could have some time to talk club business. Chibs, would you like to fill them in?"

"It looks like we may have a bit of a problem," Chibs said, looking around at the somewhat smaller group than they were used to, "Tig heard through the grapevine that an old friend of Justin's has been in Stockton for 3 months. When I say old friend, I actually mean they were best friends. He isn't in Stockton for beating and almost killing his wife, but he is in for multiple murders and robbery. Tig's source informed him that it will only be a matter of time before this guy, apparently his name is Byron, catches on that Tig is the one that killed Justin. We need to get Tig some protection before Byron retaliates and hurts him, or kills him, whichever comes first."

"Jesus," Happy grumbled under his breath, "When does it end? Hasn't Peyton been through enough? Hasn't this club been through enough?" "I know it Hap," Jax replied, "None of us saw this coming. We just assumed that once Justin was gone, that would be the end of it." "Now we have to deal with Justin's best friend," Juice sneered, "Who, once he finds out that the one who killed him is in Stockton, is out for vengeance. That's just awesome. We have to get Tig protection now. We can't sit on this."

"I've asked Unser to arrange for a sit down with Tully tomorrow morning," Jax said, "I am hoping that he will be willing to make a deal of some sort, in exchange for protection for Tig. Maybe guns for his group outside of Stockton, I don't know, but it will get arranged. Juice, maybe you could come with me. I'll have Happy watch over Peyton and the boys." Happy nodded his head in agreement. "I can't believe this," Juice stated, shaking his head, "I thought this was over. Should I tell Peyton?" "I don't want to," Jax replied, "I don't want to stress her out right now more than she already is. But Chibs thinks she has a right to know, so I think you should fill her in tonight." "Ok," Juice replied, "I have reservations about telling her too, but Chibs, you're right man. She has a right to know. I think she would be upset if we kept this from her."

Peyton was sitting on the couch reading a book when she heard Juice's bike pull into the driveway at 10:30 that night. She was feeling pretty tired and a little sick to her stomach, but she hadn't wanted to go to bed before Juice got home.

Juice walked through the door and smiled when he saw her sitting on the couch. But there was something else on his mind, he just didn't seem like himself. "Hey baby," he said quietly, kicking his boots off, hanging up his cut and walking over to the couch, "What are you still doing up? I thought for sure you would be asleep by now." "I'm tired, but I didn't want to go to bed without you," she replied, patting the couch beside her.

Juice sat down beside her and pressed his forehead against hers. "Is everything ok Juice?" Peyton asked him, lifting her hand up to his cheek, "Did something happen tonight?" "Baby girl, I have something I need to tell you," Juice replied quietly. He pulled his forehead away from hers and reached for her hand, squeezing it. "What is it Juice?" Peyton asked, sounding confused.

Juice looked at her and took a deep breath. She knew something was off and she was scared of what it could be that he had to tell her.

"Juice, please tell me what's going on?" she pleaded. "Did you know a friend of Justin's named Byron?" Juice asked her quietly. "Of course," Peyton replied like it was nothing, "He was Justin's best friend. He stayed with us for a few months right after Evander was born. He seemed like a pretty decent guy." She could see Juice clench his fists. "Well, it has been brought to our attention that Byron committed a few crimes here in California and is now doing 25 years with no chance of parole, in Stockton," Juice said to her, "Byron doesn't know that the man that killed his best friend is in Stockton yet, but it is only a matter of time before he discovers that Tig is the one. We have been told that Byron is aware that Justin has been killed, but that's about it at this point. Tig could be in a lot of trouble Peyton."

Peyton's whole body began to shake and the sick feeling in her stomach got worse. "What can you do?" she asked quietly, her voice cracking with emotion. "Jax is having a sit down with a guy, a White Supremacist, named Tully, who is also in Stockton," Juice replied, grabbing her hands in his, "We are on good terms with Tully's group and Jax is hoping they can come up with some sort of arrangement in order to get protection for Tig. Jax and I are going to meet with him tomorrow morning. Happy will be around if you need anything."

"I thought it was over," Peyton said more to herself than to Juice, "How did we not know about this?" "I don't know baby girl," Juice replied, "But I can promise you that we will do everything that we can to try and keep Tig safe."

Peyton bit her bottom lip and the tears in her eyes threatened to fall. She moved herself so that she was sitting in Juice's lap and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her softly. She kissed him back desperately, trying to make the thoughts in her head go away. She thought it was over and now she just wanted to forget.

Juice picked her up in his arms and carried her to their bedroom. She looked up at him. "Why is this happening?" she asked in a whisper. Juice laid down beside her and propped himself up on his elbow. "I honestly don't have an answer for you baby girl," Juice replied, running a hand through her hair, "Some times we just get dealt a shitty hand." "Most of my life has been a whack load of shitty hands Juice," Peyton stated, sitting up, "I'm tired of it. I just want you, my children and the club to be safe. We don't deserve this." "No, we don't," Juice replied, "But we are going to do our best to make sure nobody else gets hurt, especially Tig. He is our main priority." "Thank you Juice," she said quietly, "I don't want to talk anymore."

He grinned at her before he pulled her back down on the bed. "Let me help you forget for a little while," he whispered into her ear. "I love the sound of that," she replied before his lips made contact with hers. He pulled off his shirt quickly and then rested himself gently on top of her. He looked into her eyes and his hand travelled down her body. He smiled at her as goose bumps formed over her arms and her legs. He pushed her legs open slightly and she moaned quietly as he slid a couple fingers into her. She reached up and pulled his face down to hers and their lips met as he moved his fingers in and out of her. Peyton opened her mouth and let his tongue move in to explore and caress her tongue. Her moaning got louder and she held onto him tighter as the pleasure and euphoria spread through her body. He pulled his fingers out of her and began rubbing her. Her body writhed underneath him and she whimpered, grabbing at the blankets on either side of her. "Oh my god Juice," she whimpered, "Keep going, please." He continued his attack on her body and just she was about to cry out from the intensity of her orgasm, he crashed his lips against hers, her cry muffled by his mouth.

"You're beautiful," he whispered a couple minutes later. She smiled up at him, the news from earlier that night completely forgotten.

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