Home is Where You Will Always Belong

Chapter 23

Juice and Jax wanted to head out to Stockton early that morning. Juice closed the front door behind him quietly at 7:30 the next morning and Jax was waiting for him in the driveway.

"Hey man," Jax said, leaning against his bike with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, "How is she?" "She was pretty upset when I told her last night," Juice replied, straddling his bike, "She is worried about Tig and she is angry that this is coming back to haunt her and us. After we went to bed she spent most of the night crying. I think she finally fell asleep around 4:30."

"I'm sorry Juice," Jax said quietly, flicking the cigarette butt on the ground, "We will get this worked out." Juice nodded his head in agreement as they kick started their bikes and took off down the road.

"Baby, cooperate with me please," he mumbled against her neck. She could feel him pressed up against her and she instantly panicked. Everything was hazy, she was tired and she was weak. She could feel his hand between her legs and she tried to push him off of her, but she was powerless to stop him. "Justin, please," she mumbled weakly, "Please don't do this, I don't want you to do this."

She felt his hand make contact with her face and she whimpered quietly. She could feel the tears hot on her face. An intense piercing pain shot through her head and she cried out and she could feel an intense pain in her leg as well. Peyton couldn't move herself, nor could she defend herself.

"I want to make love to my wife," Justin growled at her, "You better not turn me down Peyton. You know what I'm capable of if I don't get my way." "Justin, I don't have the energy," she pleaded trying to push him off of her, "I'm so tired, please don't make me do this!"

Peyton heard Justin's zipper unzip and the next thing she knew he had pushed himself inside her as hard as he could...

Peyton shot up in bed in a cold sweat and tears streaming down her face. "Oh my god," Peyton whispered to herself, wrapping her arms around herself and rocking back and forth, "It was just a dream. Just a horrible horrible nightmare." Peyton tried to control her breathing and slowly began to calm down. She couldn't get the images from her nightmare out of her head and it absolutely terrified her. She knew he was dead and he could no longer hurt her, but that dream just felt so real.

She jumped and it felt like her heart stopped when she heard her cell phone ring beside her. "Hello," she answered quietly. "Peyton, are you ok?" Happy asked on the other end, sounding concerned. "Oh, hey Happy," she said, feeling better just hearing his voice, "I'm ok. I just had a horrible dream." "Ok, did you want me to come over?" Happy asked. "Sure, you want to come over and help me make the boys breakfast?" Peyton asked, "They would love to see you. I would just like the company." "Absolutely," Happy exclaimed, "I'll be there soon."

She said goodbye and then put the phone down on the table. She got out of bed and pulled on a pair of shorts and a tank top and put her hair in a messy ponytail. Peyton walked into the bathroom and wiped the mascara away from underneath her eyes. Her sleep the night before had been short and less than restful and she felt exhausted. Her whole being felt uneasy and she hoped and prayed to God that Jax and Juice would be able to work out a deal with Tully to keep Tig safe. Peyton put some toothpaste on her toothbrush and quickly brushed her teeth.

After she was done she walked out of her room and made her way quietly upstairs. She opened Darcy's bedroom door and he was quietly playing with his trucks on the floor. "Hey baby," she said quietly, walking into the room and sitting down beside him, "What are you doing up?" "I tried go back sleep after daddy left," he said, "But I couldn't. Daddy said you no sleep good. I play quietly mommy." "You could've come down baby boy," she said, running her hand through his sandy blond hair. Darcy smiled up at her and continued playing with his trucks. "Guess what?" she said to him, "Uncle Happy is coming over to make breakfast with us." Darcy's face lit up in excitement. "Yay!" he cheered, "I hungry!" She laughed and stood up. "I'll let you know when he gets here," she said as she walked out of his room.

Peyton walked down the hall and quietly opened Evander's bedroom door. She smiled at the sight. Her beautiful Juice mini-me was sleeping peacefully. Evander had always been a good sleeper and usually would never wake up until around 9:00 or 9:30. She looked down at her watch. It was only 8:30. She decided that she wouldn't wake him, he would wake up soon enough. She closed the door quietly behind her and went downstairs to the kitchen.

She plugged in the coffee pot and made a full pot to have ready for when Happy got there and then she began pulling out the ingredients for chocolate chip pancakes. Her phone buzzed in her pocket and she pulled it out to see who texted her. "I love you beautiful," she read out loud. She smiled and texted Juice back, letting him know that she loved him too.

She was pulling a mixing bowl out of the cupboard when she heard the sound of not one but multiple motorbikes pull into the driveway. In a matter of seconds, she heard both boys run down the stairs. "Whose here?" Evander cried out excitedly. The door flew open and there stood Happy, Chibs, Quinn and Rat. Peyton smiled at all of them and gave them hugs before the boys took over their attention. Happy managed to avoid the attack of the boys and followed Peyton into the kitchen.

"I hope you don't mind that I brought them with me," Happy said as he sat down on a bar stool, "They weren't doing much and we haven't heard anything from Jax or Juice yet." "It's no problem Hap," she replied, pulling some coffee mugs out of the cupboard, "The more the merrier. It helps to take my mind off things." Peyton poured some coffee in a mug and handed it to Happy. He accepted it with a small smile.

"You still seem pretty shaken up about that dream," Happy said, looking at her seriously, "What was it about?" "I'd rather not talk about the details," Peyton replied, "But I will say it was about Justin." Happy gave her a look of understanding. "Hap, it felt so real," she said quietly, "Like it was happening right then and there." Happy hopped off the stool and moved over to Peyton quickly. He pulled her into his arms and held her. "It was just a dream sweetheart," he said in his gruff voice, "He can't hurt you anymore."

"What's going on?" Chibs said, walking into the kitchen. Peyton looked over at Chibs from her place in Happy's arms. "I think she is beyond stressed right now," Happy said quietly, "She's scared for Tig and she had a horrible nightmare this morning about Justin." Chibs grabbed a coffee cup off the counter and poured himself a cup of coffee. "You ok sweetheart?" he asked her, looking at her with concern. "I'm ok," Peyton replied, trying to convince both of them, "I'm just scared and that dream really threw me off, made me feel uneasy. But having you guys here is helping to take my mind off things." Peyton walked over to Chibs and kissed him on the cheek. "I love you guys," Peyton said quietly, smiling at both of them. "Likewise love," Chibs answered for both him and Happy.

Jax and Juice were sitting in an interrogation room when the door opened. Tully and Tig both walked into the room and sat down across from them. Jax looked at Tully with a curious look on his face. "I thought Tig should be here to discuss the situation as well," Tully said. "Fair enough," Jax replied, smiling at Tig, "How are you doing Tig?" "Well besides the fact that I have a bulls eye on my back," Tig replied calmly, "I'm doing alright buddy. Congratulations Juice on the exciting news. I couldn't be happier for you two." "Thanks Tig," Juice replied, noticing that Tully had not stopped staring him since they sat down. "What are we celebrating?" Tully asked, still looking at Juice. "My fiancé just found out that she is pregnant with twins," Juice replied, feeling slightly uncomfortable. "Well congratulations," Tully said, smiling at Juice, "Happy for you, you cute little Puerto-rican."

"Ok, let's get down to business," Jax said, obviously sensing that Juice was beginning to feel uncomfortable. He leaned on the table and clasped his hands together, looking over at Tully. "The word is that Byron is talking with someone to try and figure out who killed Justin, or should I say Mr. James Berkley," Tully said, "It's only a matter of time before Byron finds out that Tig was the one to pull the trigger." "What do we need to do to secure protection for him?" Jax asked, looking over at Tig, "Can we arrange some sort of deal?" "I think we can figure something out," Tully replied, "Tig's a good guy and I suspect that he didn't kill Justin for any other reason than to protect Peyton and his club. He felt threatened and he did the first thing that came to mind. Byron won't give a shit about that. When he finds out who did it, he won't be seeing anything but red. There will be no reasoning with him. We've seen him around and he is not a man to be messed with. I agree with you that Tig will need the ultimate protection."

Jax felt nervous inside, but he didn't let anyone see that. But part of him felt that no matter what they did, if Byron wanted to get to Tig bad enough, he would do it. Even if he had to commit a few more murders to get to him. He shook his head slightly. He needed to think positive about the situation.

"What did you have in mind?" Tully asked after a moment's silence. "Well, we no longer run guns," Jax stated, "We cut all ties with the Irish but have turned the gun distribution business over to August Marks. But I can talk to Marks and arrange for your guys to get the guns that they need." "You know how my guys feel about the blacks," Tully stated, "I'm not sure that would work." "We can make the deal for them," Jax replied, "We will arrange to get the guns and then we will make the delivery to your crew. They wouldn't have to speak to each other, hell, your crew wouldn't even have to know where the gun shipment came from." Tully held out his hand and Jax reached out and shook his hand. "We have ourselves a deal Teller," Tully said, "You let me know when the arrangement has been made and then I will protect Tig myself, with a little help from my friends here at Stockton." "Thanks man," Jax replied, "We'll keep you posted. I am hoping to meet with Marks tonight."

Both Juice and Jax said goodbye to Tig and then left. When they got outside Juice turned and looked at Jax. "Was that wise?" Juice asked him, "How can you be sure that Marks will agree to giving you guns for a group of White Supremacists?" "He's not going to know," Jax replied, "We are going to buy the guns ourselves, we aren't going to tell him where the guns are going and we aren't going to tell Tully's crew where they came from. We are safe just as long as we don't resell." "Do we have that kind of money?" Juice asked curiously. "Bobby had managed to save quite a bit of money after we ran the drugs for awhile," Jax stated, "But I think Marks will cut us a bit of a deal. I'll make this work Juice."

Jax felt about as confident as Juice looked, but he didn't know what other choice he had.

"We have ourselves a deal Jackson," Marks said holding out his hand. Jax reached out his hand and shook Marks' hand, making the deal. Jax then reached into his pocket and pulled out an envelope full of money. "This should cover it," Jax stated. Marks quickly counted the money and then looked at Jax with a small smile on his face. "It was a pleasure doing business with you Teller," Marks said, putting the envelope in his suit jacket pocket. "Thank you August," Jax replied, "I'll have a few of my guys pick up the guns tonight." "Sounds good," Marks stated, "The guns will be at the warehouse waiting for you like we discussed." Jax nodded his head and Marks turned and got in his car and drove away.

Jax released the breath that he was holding in. He wasn't sure how that was going to go, but it appeared to have gone off without a hitch. He had gotten into contact with Tully's main man on the outside, Leland, and told him about his talk with Tully earlier that day. He told him that he would be dropping off a shipment of guns, but he needed an address and he also needed to know what guns they needed. Leland seemed to be ok with the arrangement.

"Deal is done," Jax said as he walked over to his bike and where Juice was waiting for him. "August bought it?" Juice asked him, "He had no suspicions?" "I don't think so," Jax replied, "And if he did, he didn't let on." Juice just smiled at him. "Juice I know you still feel leery about this but I really had no choice," Jax stated, "You know I would do anything for my club and I had to do this to keep Tig safe." "I trust you Jax," Juice replied, "I know that you did the best that you could and that's all that matters." Jax smiled at him and then nothing else was said.

Juice and Jax walked through the door at 5:30 that evening. Peyton ran over to both of them and kissed them both and hugged them both. "Thank God," Peyton exclaimed, "I hadn't heard from you two all day. Did everything go ok?" "Made a deal with Tully," Jax said, "Now we just have to go pick up the goods and make a delivery. One phone call to Stockton and Tig will have the best protection you could ask for." Peyton smiled at them and then motioned for them to head to the kitchen.

"I made dinner," Peyton said, "Go get some before it's all gone." "Don't mind if I do," Jax said, rubbing his hands together and heading down the hallway, "If I recall, your cooking was always amazing."

Once Jax disappeared into the kitchen Peyton turned to Juice and jumped into his arms. "I'm so happy to see you baby," she whispered, looking into his eyes. "Me too baby girl," Juice replied, smiling at her, "It was a long day and it might be a little longer if I have to go pick up and deliver the goods, but it's almost done." His arms tightened around her waist and he leaned in to kiss her. She closed her eyes and waited for the firework show. Her skin tingled when his lips touched hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and got lost in the moment. His tongue explored her mouth and she caressed his tongue with hers. After a moment, Juice pulled away, leaving Peyton breathless and wanting more. "I love you," Peyton mumbled before pressing her lips against his one more time. "I love you too," he murmured against her lips, "Always."

About half an hour later Peyton was in the kitchen doing the dishes while the guys were in the living room discussing the plan.

"Juice, you stay home with the family," Jax said, looking over at him, "You helped me a lot today and I really appreciate it." "You sure?" Juice asked, "Because I don't mind helping out tonight if you need it." "Absolutely man," Jax replied, "I'm going to ask Chibs, Happy and Quinn to take care of this. Once the delivery is done, I'll make the call to Stockton and then I'll let you know." Juice nodded his head in agreement.

After they discussed the plan a little while longer Peyton and the boys came out into the living room to say goodbye. Peyton wrapped her arms around Chibs and hugged tightly. "Be careful," she whispered. "Always am love," he said, smiling down at her, "I'll talk to you tomorrow."

Peyton hugged the rest of the guys and then Jax stood in front of her. "Are you ok Jax?" she asked him, "You seemed quieter than normal tonight at dinner." "I'm good Darlin," he replied smiling at her and reaching for her hand and kissing it, "It's just been a really long and tiring day." "Well be careful tonight," Peyton said giving him a small smile. "I'll do what I can sweetheart," he responded, "Have a good night with your beautiful family." He kissed her on the cheek and walked out of the house.

Juice walked up behind her after the door closed and wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her neck softly. "Is Jax ok Juice?" she asked, turning to look at him, "He seems a little uneasy, not like himself." "He will be ok baby girl," Juice replied, "He had to make a tough decision today and there could be a lot of blow back on the club or him if it backfires. But I believe that everything will be ok." "Well if you believe it will and you trust Jax and the decision he made," Peyton said, "Then everything will be ok." Juice nodded his head and smiled at her.

It was 9:30 that evening and Peyton was sitting on the couch reading a book and Juice was upstairs getting the kids bathed and put to bed. She smiled to herself. They had gotten into quite the routine and quickly. The four of them made the perfect family and she couldn't ask for anything more.

"They went down without a fuss," Juice said as he walked into the living room. She looked over at him and his jeans hung loosely on his hips and he wasn't wearing a shirt. "Thank you for putting them to bed," Peyton replied, smiling at him, "They really do love you Juice." "You did well with them baby girl," Juice said, "Even though you had a year and a half where they weren't with you, you have raised them very well, considering the situation you were in. It takes a strong woman to persevere as you did."

They were interrupted when Juice's phone rang. "Gotta grab this, one sec," Juice said, flipping open his prepaid, "Yeah." "The delivery is done," Jax said on the other end, "I spoke with Tully and we've got what we asked for." "So Tig is set?" Juice asked. "Yeah, Tully said he would make sure Tig was taken care of," Jax replied, letting out a heavy sigh, "I feel better now that it's done. Leland, Tully's guy didn't ask any questions, so I think we are in the clear." "Thanks for the call man," Juice said, "Now go get some rest. You need it." "See you tomorrow," Jax said before they both hung up.

Juice turned and looked at Peyton with a small smile. "It's done," Juice said to her, "Tig will be safe now."

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