Home is Where You Will Always Belong

Chapter 28

A few days later Peyton was sitting across from Tig and Happy and staring at her cards. Trying to play poker with those two was like trying to tell your four year old child that it was time to stop playing with the iPad. She was never going to win. She wasn't a horrible player, but compared to those two, she didn't stand a chance. She threw her cards in the middle. "I fold," she grumbled, "And I'm done playing. I've lost $150.00 to you thieves!"

Tig and Happy were laughing as Dr. Tara walked into the room. "You guys better be playing nice with Peyton," she stated, smiling at all of them as she picked up Tig's chart, "How you feeling big guy?" "Horrible," Tig lied with a big smile on his face, "I figure that the more I bullshit the longer you will keep me here at St. Thomas. What do you say Dr. Knowles?" "Tig, as much as I would love to keep you here, it's time for you to go back to Stockton," Tara replied, "I have spoken with the officer outside your room and told him how you are doing. By the sounds of it, you get discharged tomorrow morning." Tig rolled his eyes. "Damnit," he mumbled, "They should just release me. That bastard deserved to die."

He quickly looked over at Peyton. "I'm sorry sweetheart," he replied quietly, "I shouldn't have said that." "Don't apologize Tiggy," Peyton replied, "You just said what everyone has been thinking over the last six months. I'm not upset that you killed him, I'm upset that you were put away for killing him." Peyton stood up and leaned over Tig, kissing him gently on the forehead. Tig put his hand on her belly and looked up at her. "I just don't want to miss the big shit," he said, "When I killed him we didn't know that you were getting married or having babies." Peyton, Happy and Tara laughed at Tig's statement. "You're too much," Tara stated putting his chart down.

The entire club, Jax, Chibs, Quinn, Rat and Juice all walked into Tig's room and the rest of them fell silent. Jax's look was serious which made Peyton nervous.

"Is everything ok?" Peyton asked Jax. Juice walked up to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. She smiled at him and waited for Jax to respond. "Everything is fine," he replied, "I just got a call from one of guards on Tully's payroll." "What happened?" Tig asked looking up at Jax. "I guess Tully has spent the last two days righting some wrongs," Jax replied looking over at Tig, "Tully is now doing some serious time in solitary because of his extra-curricular activities. You are no longer being threatened so you head back to Stockton tomorrow morning." "Tara already informed me of that nice little tid bit," Tig stated. "Tully took care of the guy that was supposed to be watching you when you got stabbed," Jax stated, "And he also took care of Byron by having one of the guards poison his cigarettes, so Byron or the guys who hung around with Byron are no longer a threat to you."

"I'll let you guys talk," Peyton interrupted quickly, "I have to go pick up the boys from Gemma's. I'll come see you tonight before you head back tomorrow." Tig shot her a quick smile and she quickly kissed Juice on the cheek before leaving the hospital room with Tara.

"You ok?" Tara asked her once they were out in the hallway. Peyton looked at her. "To be honest...not really," Peyton replied, "I was enjoying having Tig back and now they are taking him away again. I just miss having the whole crew together, like we should be." "I know, but he will be out before you know it," Tara replied with a small smile, "Maybe even before the wedding..." Peyton rolled her eyes. "Now that's just wishful thinking," Peyton scoffed, "There will be no way that he will be released in the next six months." "Well you never know," Tara replied, "Maybe Tig will be an extra special good boy so that he can get out in time for the big day!" Peyton just laughed at her and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Peyton hopped out the truck a little while later and walked up the driveway to Gemma's house. When she walked through the back door her boys and Jax and Tara's boys were squealing through the kitchen and Gemma and Nero were sitting at the island in the kitchen drinking coffee.

"Hey sweetheart," Gemma said smiling at her, "I wasn't expecting you back so early. Jax said Tig was going back to Stockton tomorrow morning so I just thought you would spend more time with him." "I think losing $150.00 to him and Happy while playing poker was enough time spent," Peyton replied happily, "I swear those guys rigged the game."

Peyton walked over to Gemma and gave her a quick kiss and then moved over to give Nero a hug. "Hey Nero," she said happily, "How are you?" "I'm ok baby girl," he replied, kissing her on the forehead, "How are you and the little ones doing?" He reached out and placed his hand on her tummy. "Not very active today," Peyton replied, "The occasional kick here and there, but nothing compared to most days. The morning sickness, or all day sickness I should say, has dissipated a little so I don't constantly have my head stuck in a toilet." Nero and Gemma laughed. "That just means that your babies are growing and very healthy," Gemma exclaimed, "I would know, Jax was a terror that way. I had horrible morning sickness when I was pregnant with him."

"How were the boys?" Peyton asked them, "I hope they were good for you." "They were angels, like always," Gemma replied happily, "I was actually going to ask if I could keep them overnight? Jax and Tara are having a night to themselves and I have Abel and Thomas and they asked if Evander and Darcy could have a sleep over." "Are you sure?" Peyton asked her, "Four boys five and under, overnight... that's a lot of work." "I can handle it sweetheart," Gemma stated, "I look after eight men on a regular basis. This is nothing." Peyton laughed and Nero rolled his eyes. "Sure, I don't have a problem with it," Peyton said, "The boys would love that." "Perfect!" Gemma exclaimed.

They stood in silence for a moment when Nero cleared his throat. "Peyton, do you have a minute?" he asked her. "Of course," Peyton replied, smiling at Nero, "What's up?" Nero reached for her hand and she grabbed it, curiosity taking over. "Come to the garage with me," he said excitedly. She smiled as they made their way out the back door to the garage with Gemma hot on their heels. Peyton had no idea what was going on, but based on how excited Gemma and Nero were, she was excited to see what Nero had up his sleeve.

He opened the garage door and let her go in ahead of him. Her mouth fell open and a new set of tears fell from her eyes. "I didn't know you could build things," Peyton whispered in awe as she walked up to the two bassinets set up in front of her, "Nero, they're beautiful." She ran her hands over the smooth dark colored wood and smiled at the green and yellow bows on top of each of them.

"When did you do this?" she asked, looking at him. Nero walked up to her and wiped the tears from her cheeks and then kissed her on the forehead lightly. "I started the day after you told us you and Juice were having twins. I wanted to do something special for you two, mama." "They're perfect," Peyton exclaimed, wrapping her arms around his waist, "Thank you so much." "It was no problem," Nero replied happily, "I was excited to do it. I can bring them by the house tomorrow if you want, or I can load them into your truck for you now." "That would be great," Peyton replied, "I can take them home and Juice can unload them."

"You guys have been so great, so helpful," Peyton said as she walked over to Gemma and hugged her as well, "I appreciate it more than I can say. I don't know how I survived without you guys." "It's what we do sweetheart," Gemma replied, "We are all about the love... and the help." Peyton giggled. "You are a strong girl Peyton," Gemma continued, "The most important part of this, is that you did survive. Even if at some points you wished you were dead, you fought through the extremely hard times and found a way out. Now here you are with people who love and care about you more than words can say and you are building a new life, a new family and remarrying the man of your dreams. It doesn't get much better than that."

Peyton could feel her heart flutter with love and happiness. She couldn't say or do anything except for smile. She didn't have the words for what she was feeling at that moment.

Peyton jumped slightly when her phone rang in her pocket. "Sorry guys, I have to take this," she stated as she walked out of the garage, "Hey baby." "Hey baby girl," Juice said on the other end, "What are you up to?" "Well I'm at Gemma's right now because I was going to pick up the boys," Peyton replied, "But Gemma offered to keep them overnight so that they can have a sleep over with Thomas and Abel. I was actually just on my way home." "Ok, well we were going to order a bunch of pizzas and hang out at the clubhouse," Juice stated, "Tara and Lyla will be there. Are you up for that?" "Sure, sounds good to me," she replied, "When are you guys going back to the clubhouse?" "Chibs and Happy are already there," Juice replied and the rest of us should be back in about half an hour." "Ok, I'll head over there then," Peyton said, "I'll see you soon." "You will," Juice replied. She could hear the smile in his voice. "I love you," she said quietly. "Love you too sweetheart," he replied.

Peyton put her phone in her pocket and went back into the kitchen where Gemma and Nero were sitting back down. "I'm headed over to the clubhouse for a pizza party," Peyton laughed, "Let the boys know that momma loves them and I will pick them up tomorrow, late morning if that's ok?" "Sounds good to me sweetheart," Gemma replied, "Don't worry about anything. Nero and I have things covered." "Thank you so much," Peyton exclaimed, "Call if you need anything." Gemma pointed to the door. "Stop worrying," Gemma said, smiling at Peyton, "Now go!" Peyton saluted them and disappeared out the door.

Juice was playing a game of poker with Chibs, Happy and Jax when he heard the door to the clubhouse open and close. He looked up and there stood his beautiful fiancé. "I fold," he stated, dropping his cards on the table and standing up. Jax picked up Juice's hand and his eyes got wide. He showed the hand to the rest of the guys and everyone dropped their cards on the table. "Doesn't matter," Happy mumbled, "You won anyways." Juice quickly turned around and looked at them and then back at Peyton.

"I just won us $600.00," Juice exclaimed with a huge smile on his face. "Good, because I lost $150.00 to Tig and Happy this morning," Peyton stated with a sheepish grin on her face. Juice looked at her for a minute and then turned and looked at Happy. "You mean to tell me that you took advantage of a girl who happens to be the worst poker player I know?" Juice asked Happy, trying his hardest not to laugh, "Her poker face is awful and I can't even tell you how much she lost against us when we were younger. Of course it wasn't her money she was losing. It was either her Uncle Bobby's or Chibs money. They didn't mind though, because they knew that one of them would get the money back eventually." Peyton slapped Juice playfully on the arm and furrowed her brow at him. "I'm not that bad," Peyton exclaimed, trying to plead her case. "Please," Juice stated, "When was the last time you won a hand of poker?" Peyton stared at him and the rest of the guys unable to answer this question. She just shrugged her shoulders and grinned. Everyone laughed.

Juice grabbed Peyton's hand and pulled Peyton down the hallway to his dorm room. "Finally, I get a moment alone with you," Juice breathed before crushing his lips against hers. Peyton mumbled something, but it was completely lost on Juice as he pushed her up against the wall. She wrapped her arms around his neck and sighed contentedly into his mouth. Juice pulled away from her for a moment and looked into her eyes and he could see the love that she had for him shine in them. He was a lucky man and he was about to show her just how much he loved her and needed her.

Peyton reached for his hand and smiled at him devilishly as she led him to the bathroom. She closed the door behind him and he looked at her with curiosity, almost 100% certain that he knew what was on her mind. He smiled back, liking where the moment was heading.

He took in a sharp breath of air as he felt her slide her hand into his jeans and wrap her hand around him. "Sweet Jesus," he groaned. Peyton giggled quietly as she leaned in and pressed her lips against his. He kissed her deeply, losing himself in her kiss and not focusing on anything else except for her. He quickly pulled her shirt off and threw it on the floor, not missing a beat. His lips connected with hers again like they had never left. "I love you so much," she mumbled against his mouth. God he loved her too, so much. "Me too baby girl," he replied as he lifted her in his arms and moved her to the shower, "You have no idea."

Juice turned on the shower and watched as she finished undressing herself and in that moment, he knew that everything was going to be ok. He felt a sense of peace flood through him like he never felt before and the feeling that all the bad shit was over strongly consumed him. He smiled at Peyton before he took off his clothes and joined her in the shower.

He forgot about everything that had happened and focused on her in that moment. Life couldn't be more perfect.

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