Home is Where You Will Always Belong

Chapter 29

Four Months Later

Tig sat outside on a picnic table smoking his cigarette. It had been a long, quiet and very uneventful four months since he had left St. Thomas and he was hoping like hell that he would get out of there soon. Tig had been in Stockton for eight months and was ready to break out of the joint, but he figured that would be a really bad idea.

"Trager!" one of the guards called out from across the yard, "You've got a visitor!" Tig looked up and threw his cigarette on the ground and put it out with his foot. He hadn't been expecting anyone. He walked over to the guard and he led him down the hall to a visit room.

Tig broke into a big smile. "Juicey," Tig exclaimed, "It's great to see ya buddy. Should I run and get Tully? He would love to see you!" Juice rolled his eyes at Tig. "Fuck you," Juice replied with a smile on his face, "I'd prefer to not be ogled by the leader of one of the biggest white supremacist gangs in California. As fun as it would be."

Tig and Juice both sat down on either side of the table and looked at each other, staying silent for a couple minutes. Juice and Tig hadn't had a visit alone yet and there was so much that Tig had wanted to say to him, but didn't know how.

"How are things going?" Tig asked, finally breaking the silence, "How is Peyton doing? How are the wedding plans coming along?" Juice smiled at Tig. "Things are going ok," Juice replied, "Peyton is more and more tired. The babies are due in the next month. But with the babies coming and the wedding fast approaching, she is really missing you, Bobby and Opie. But she is hanging in there." "That's good to hear," Tig replied.

They sat in silence and Tig folded his hands on the table and looked at Juice. He really needed to get the hell out of here. He missed his club and his family, especially Peyton. He knew that she needed both him and Chibs and he was letting her down by being locked up in Stockton.

"So any word?" Juice asked him breaking the silence, "About when you could possibly get out of here?" Tig shook his head. "I haven't heard anything yet," Tig replied, "But I do have a meeting with my lawyer next week. So hopefully she will have some news for me. I'll keep you guys posted."

Tig and Juice talked for a little while longer before Juice said he had to head back home to pick up the boys from Gemma's. Peyton was up at the cabin with Lyla and Tara for a couple days. Juice explained that Peyton was stressed out and just needed a break from the hustle and bustle at home. Tig waved as Juice left the visitors area and he slowly made his way to the guard. He hoped, with all his heart that he would be released in time for Peyton and Juice's wedding. That's all he wanted.

Peyton sat beside Bobby's grave up at the cabin with her hands resting on her very large belly. She was ready to pop at any moment. Peyton was grateful that she had Tara as her doctor and that she was up at the cabin with her. She was experiencing a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions in the last few days and even though Tara said that the twins wouldn't be here for at least another three weeks, she couldn't help but think that the arrival date was going to be much sooner than any of them thought.

"I miss you so much Uncle Bobby," Peyton whispered, looking at his headstone, "There is so much happening right now and I wish so badly that you could be here to experience it with me." Peyton looked up at the sun and let the tears fall from her eyes. "It is not the same without you and Opie here," Peyton continued, "And Tig, even though he is still alive, he isn't here right now and I miss him so much too."

She smiled and looked down at her tummy as she felt one of the babies kick. The last few weeks the twins had been awfully active, jumping and kicking, especially at night time while she was trying to sleep. Her and Juice had talked about it and they had decided that they wouldn't find out what they were having until the babies arrived. "We are pretty excited for the babies to arrive," she said happily, "We don't know what we are having, but we decided that if we are having boys we will name them Bobby and Harry after two of our favorite people in the world. And if we have girls we are going to name them Ava and Avery. I'm sure you would fall in love with them, just like I know Juice and I already have."

Peyton sat quietly after that for a little longer before she decided to go back to the cabin and have a nap. "Well Uncle Bobby," Peyton said quietly, "I should probably go in for a nap, but I'll be back to visit you soon. I love you." She pushed herself up off the ground and leaned over to kiss Bobby's headstone. She slowly began making her way to the cabin when an instant wave of dizziness came over her and she felt a flood escape her body. She looked down at the ground and saw a puddle but the dizziness took over and she collapsed to the ground. She doubled over in pain and she broke into a cold sweat.

"Lyla," Peyton cried out after a couple seconds of breathing, "Lyla, get out here now!" In mere seconds Lyla was standing outside running over to Peyton. "Peyton, what's going on?" she asked, sounding panicked. "My water broke," Peyton whispered, breathing deep as she went through a contraction, "I'm really dizzy and I collapsed." "Are you ok?" Lyla asked her, "Did you hurt yourself when you fell?" Peyton shook her head in response.

She wasn't expecting the arrival to be today and she didn't know if she was ready for it. Peyton watched as Lyla pulled out her cell phone. Tara had to go into Charming for a little while that day and attend to some emergency work at the hospital.

"I'm calling Tara," Lyla said, sitting down beside Peyton, "How far apart are you contractions?" "Not sure yet," Peyton replied, "I just had the first one and nothing else yet. I'm guessing they are still pretty far apart." Lyla nodded her head.

"Hey Ly," Tara said on the other end, "What's up?" "Peyton's water broke," Lyla answered, "Right now we aren't sure how far apart her contractions are. They just started though." "Get her to St. Thomas now," Tara stated, "I'll be here waiting for you guys." "Ok, see you soon," Lyla replied before hanging up her phone.

Peyton looked up at Lyla who reached her hand out to help her stand up. "Let's get you to the hospital," Lyla said smiling at her, "It's time to meet your babies." Peyton smiled up at Lyla as she took her hand and pulled herself up. Once she was up she looked down at her phone, it had been seven minutes so far since the last contraction. Peyton handed Lyla the keys to her truck and slowly waddled towards the passenger side. Lyla opened the door for her and helped her in before she closed the door and ran to the driver's side.

"This is so exciting!" Lyla exclaimed, "How are you doing sweetheart?" Peyton turned and looked at Lyla just as another contraction passed through her. "The contractions are about nine minutes apart," Peyton breathed, "Get driving." Lyla threw the truck into drive and took off down the driveway.

Juice had just gotten back to TM when his phone began to vibrate. He picked it up and answered it. "Yeah," he answered. "Juice, it's Tara," she said excitedly. "What's up?" Juice asked, "Is Peyton ok?" "She is on her way to St. Thomas," Tara replied, "If I were you I would get here as soon as you can. You don't want to miss the arrival of your babies." "Shit," Juice stated, "No way! Already?" "Yes already," Tara replied, "Twins are unpredictable. Get ready for a handful." "Ok," Juice laughed, "I'm on my way."

Juice hung up his phone just as Happy and Chibs walked out of the clubhouse. "Come on you guys," Juice said excitedly, "Peyton is in labour. She is on her way to St. Thomas. I want to make sure I'm there when she gets there." They all ran over to their bikes, kick started them and took off towards the hospital.

Juice couldn't believe that his babies were almost here. The time had flown by so fast and he was so excited to meet them. His life with Peyton up to this point had been amazing, but he was excited for their new life with the twins and Evander and Darcy. He knew they were going to have their hands full, but he didn't care, he was up for the amazing challenge.

Him, Chibs and Happy shot down Charming's main street towards the hospital all full of excitement. They just wanted to get there and enjoy the moment with Juice and Peyton. When they pulled into the parking lot of St. Thomas they saw Jax, Rat and Quinn just getting off their bikes.

Jax came running up to Juice and gave him a high five and a big hug. "How excited are you man?" Jax asked, the excitement clear in his voice. "You don't even know man," Juice replied, "I need to see her." They all rushed into the hospital and all rushed Tara when they saw her. "Is she here yet?" Juice asked her. "Relax Juice," Tara replied, smiling at him, "Just got off the phone with Peyton. Her contractions are nine minutes apart and she is feeling fine. They will be here in about 15 minutes." With that said, Tara looked down at her tummy and smiled.

"You ok?" Jax asked rushing to his wife's side and sounding concerned. "I'm ok baby," she replied, "The baby just kicked. Very forcefully I might add. The baby is just as excited as we are." Jax kissed her on the forehead and smiled. "You guys might as well take a seat," Tara said, "It's going to be a long afternoon."

Lyla screeched into the parking lot and Tara was already standing there with a wheelchair ready to take Peyton inside. Peyton opened her door and got out of the truck with ease. "How are you feeling?" Tara asked as Peyton hobbled over to her and sat down in the wheelchair. "Well, despite the fact that I look like I pissed myself," Peyton stated through her laughter, "I'm feeling dandy."

"Leave it to you to be smiling and laughing despite the pain you are in," Tara replied, "Thanks Ly for getting her here so quick." "She may or may not have broken a few rules of the road to get us here as fast as she did," Peyton said, smiling up at Lyla. Lyla stuck her tongue out at her friend. "It was either that or have the babies on the side of the road," Lyla retorted, "And I'm sure you didn't want that last option."

Tara pushed Peyton into the hospital where all her friends and family were. "You called everyone?" Peyton asked Tara. "I figured you wanted all the important people here for you," Tara replied, "And since they were all important, I couldn't leave any of them out." "Thank you," Peyton said smiling up at her. Peyton sucked in a deep breath as another contraction took over. "Shit this hurts," she mumbled, "I don't remember them hurting this bad."

Juice ran up to Peyton and knelt down in front of her. "Hey baby," he whispered to her. She looked into his eyes as the contractions continued, but somehow the pain diminished a little when he grabbed her hands and held them. She took a deep breath once it ended and smiled at him. "Hey," she whispered back, "How you doing daddy?" Juice broke into a huge grin at that and kissed her softly on the lips. "I'm excited to meet our little ones," he replied. "Me too," she whispered.

With that another contraction racked her body. Jesus Christ, she thought to herself. "Tara," Peyton stated, looking up at her, "Get these babies out of me."

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