Home is Where You Will Always Belong

Chapter 3

Peyton walked down the hallway and into the common area of the clubhouse and saw Chibs sitting at the bar, a cigarette in his mouth and reading the newspaper. "Good morning Chibs," she said sleepily as she sat down on the bar stool beside him. "Mornin baby girl," he said, putting down his cigarette and turning to look at her, "How ya feelin?" "I don't think I slept long enough," she replied, grabbing his coffee cup and taking a sip, "I still feel pretty shitty. The only thing better about my life at this point is that I'm back with people who care about me." "It's 9:30 am sweetheart," he stated, "We had chapel at 10:30 last night, after you went to bed. You slept for 11 hours." "Huh," she said, "Doesn't feel like it." "We are very happy yer home, by the way," Chibs said, reclaiming his coffee cup, "We very much care for you and we have been very worried about you." "So I'm assuming you talked about me in chapel last night," she said, looking down at her hands. "We did," he admitted, turning to face her head on, "You don't have to be ashamed of this. We want to help Peyton. You...actually, no woman deserves to be treated like that and the men that do that should be punished."

Jax walked into the clubhouse with Tig, Happy, Bobby, Rat, and Quinn following behind him. "Chibs, chapel now," Jax said urgently, walking into the chapel, "Morning Peyton, talk to you after." Chibs quickly kissed Peyton on the cheek before disappearing into the room and closing the door behind him.

Peyton sat there and listened to the silence. She hadn't been alone like this in a very long time and it gave her time to gain some perspective on the last 6 years of her life. She hated Justin and what he had done to her and she was terrified of what he would do if he ever found her.

She looked up when she heard footsteps in the hallway and there stood Gemma, Jax's mom. There were tears streaming down Gemma's face and Peyton slid off the bar stool and hobbled over to Gemma as fast as she could and fell into her arms. Gemma and her mom were best friends and Gemma was like a second mother to her. "Oh baby," Gemma whispered, holding on to Peyton tightly, "I'm so sorry sweetheart. I'm so sorry this has been happening to you." She pulled away slightly and gave Peyton a once over. She ran her hand over the large bruise on the left side of her face and then leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. "Jax came over early this morning and told me everything," she said after a moment, "Told me how they were going to come up with a plan to get you and your boys back out here where you belong." Peyton nodded her head still overcome with happiness and sadness at seeing her. She couldn't believe how much she had missed her life here in Charming. Gemma helped her over to the couch and they sat down.

"I don't know how life got so fucked up Gemma," Peyton said quietly, "My life was perfect and I was deliriously happy and then it got turned upside down." "I know sweetheart," Gemma replied, rubbing Peyton's back, "Things were pretty tough for the club for awhile after the divorce. It took Juice a long time to get back into everyone's good graces, but he managed to do it. All of his relationships are pretty solid now." Peyton smiled weakly at that and didn't say anything in response.

"Have you eaten yet? Can I make you some breakfast?" Gemma asked, breaking the silence. Peyton shook her head in response. She hadn't eaten the whole way there and she didn't have an appetite now. She was feeling the stress of everything and she didn't think that she could keep anything down. "I'm not really hungry," Peyton replied, "But i guess I should try and eat something." Gemma smiled at her and patted her leg before getting up and walking into the kitchen to make Peyton something to eat. Again, she was left alone with her thoughts.

Not five minutes later, Happy stuck his head out of the chapel doors and motioned for her to come over. She pushed herself up out of the chair and slowly made her way towards him. He held the door open for her and grabbed her hand to help her into a chair beside him. She smiled at him to thank him and then looked over at Jax, who looked like he belonged in the President's seat. "What's going on?" she asked to no one in particular. "There are a couple things going on that we think you should know about," Jax stated seriously, "First thing, I got a call this morning from our lawyer and Juice is getting out today. They are releasing him because the incident was an unfortunate misunderstanding. My question to you is, do you want to go with Chibs to pick him up?" Peyton instantly turned into a bundle of nerves, but she also felt excited and scared. She hadn't seen him in six years and she wasn't sure how he would react to seeing her. "Is that a good idea?" Peyton asked quietly. "He would love to see you Darlin," Jax replied, "Despite his stupid, cowardly decision to divorce you, he is still completely in love with you, although he would deny it if you confronted him. So yes, I think seeing you would be a good idea." "Ok, I'll go with Chibs," Peyton said quietly.

She was feeling very nervous and Happy could sense that and reached over and squeezed her hand. She smiled at him and squeezed back. Most people would be terrified of Happy. He looked mean, he was a man of very few words and he was known to do a lot of the club's dirty work and it didn't bother him at all. But Peyton had always felt incredibly safe when she was around him.

"Next thing. Just out of curiosity, I had Quinn inspect your jeep," Jax stated, looking angry, "And as luck would have it, your fucking bastard of a husband had your jeep bugged. God only knows how long he has been keeping tabs on you. So he knows exactly where you are and he has been following your every move. Quinn has managed to remove the device, but you have been here long enough that when he does come searching, the shop will be the first place he looks." Peyton could no longer hold in the fear that she was feeling. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her whole body was trembling. "I'm so sorry," she said through her tears, "I didn't mean to bring my problems to you guys. I had no idea that he was watching my every move." Happy pulled her into his arms and tried to soothe her and calm her down by rubbing her back. "This is in no way, your fault Peyton," Chibs said, looking over at her, "We have come up with a different plan and it is a plan that we think will keep you safe." "We are sending you back to Calgary in a couple days with Juice and Tig," Jax continued for Chibs, "We want you to get rested up and visit your family before you head back. But we think that by the time you leave, Justin will either be leaving Canada to come find you or he will almost be here. We will deal with the situation here while you get your kids and by the time you get back here, he will be on his way to jail or worse."

This is what Peyton had feared. She knew that going to the club could possibly lead to Justin's death, but despite how awful he had been to her, she didn't really want him to die. She nodded her head in agreement. "Whatever you think is best," she said, "I will follow the plan."

A little while later Peyton hobbled out of the chapel and sat down to a plate of eggs and toast. Gemma smiled at Peyton as she walked out of the kitchen with a giant mug of steaming coffee. "Here you go baby," Gemma said, handing Peyton the cup and sitting down at the table beside her. "Thanks Gem," she said before taking a sip of her coffee. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the liquid as it coated her throat.

She was surprised at how hungry she was, considering all the information Jax gave her a little while ago. She was terrified and had no idea how far Justin would go to find her and get her back. She could only imagine what he would do and it made her shudder.

"Sweetheart," Gemma said, waving her hand in front of Peyton's face, "Is everything ok?" Peyton shook her head and focused on Gemma's face and smiled weakly. "I'm ok," she replied quietly, "I'm just tired and scared and I just want to be with my kids and move back home. I wish it was easier than it's going to be." Gemma reached over and grabbed Peyton's hand. She was tired and she just wanted her old life back. "Do you want me to come with you when you go back to Calgary?" Gemma asked. "No, no," she answered, "Jax is sending me with Juice and Tig. I will be plenty protected." "You will definitely be safe with those two," Gemma replied, grinning at her. "What's with the grin?" Peyton asked, raising an eyebrow at Gemma. "Nothing at all," she replied, "It should be an interesting trip, that's all." Peyton shook her head and smiled before getting up and taking her plate to the kitchen.

Chibs stood in the entrance to the kitchen and looked at Peyton. "Can you be ready for noon?" he asked her, "Just got a call from Stockton and Juicy-boy is ready to be discharged." "Yes, absolutely," she answered, smiling at him, "Just have to get showered and dressed and then I'll be ready to go." "You doing ok sweetheart?" he asked her. He held his arms open and she hobbled over to him and fell into them. "Not really," she mumbled into his shirt, "I don't know what to do. I'm so scared and I just want my old life back. "I know baby girl," he replied, running his hands through her long hair and kissing the top of her head, "We are going to do everything we can to help you get that life back." "Thank you Chibs," she whispered.

Justin was pissed off. He pulled his truck into the parking lot of a motel just off the highway outside of Las Vegas. He had been driving since 5:00 pm the night before and it was 2:00 pm the next afternoon. He had been driving for 21 hours, with a small nap break in the middle and he decided to call it a day and sleep. He wanted to make it to Charming first thing Friday morning to claim what was his and go home. He knew that one day Peyton would try to leave him, so one day he decided to put a locating device on her jeep and bug her cell phone so he knew of her whereabouts at all times. She was smart though and got rid of her phone as soon as she could and up until this morning, he knew exactly where her jeep was. He assumed that she would run back to her family or the club and that was his first stop tomorrow morning.

He had never really been in love with her, it was all just a game to him, he liked the control and power he had over her. He had gotten bored with her pretty early on, but they found out they were pregnant and so he did the right thing and married her. After that, he decided to make it interesting. He knew that she would listen to him and do whatever he asked of her and she knew that it wouldn't be good if she disobeyed him. He had too much fun controlling her and soon he became obsessed with it and he wanted more. He began hurting her to feel satisfied and he never had any remorse for hitting her like most men do in an abusive relationship. He didn't apologize for doing it, because he didn't feel guilty. He did it because it felt good and it made him feel powerful. He knew he was a sick man, but he really didn't care. He was looking forward to finding her and when he did, he had every intention of killing her.

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