Home is Where You Will Always Belong

Chapter 31

Jax had left the hospital a couple hours later when Juice came back with Evander and Darcy. Those two were so excited to meet their little brother and sister for the first time. It was hard not to smile during that moment. Jax kissed Peyton on the forehead and gave Juice a quick hug before he made a quick exit. This was their time as a whole family and he didn't want to intrude on that moment.

He had so much to do, but he couldn't bring himself to go home or go to the clubhouse at that moment. He slowly made his way to his bike and then pulled his phone out of his pocket. He quickly dialed a number and waited for someone to answer. "Hey man," Jax said, "Can you meet me out at the cabin?" "Sure," the person replied, "Is everything ok?" "Not really," Jax replied, "I just need to talk and Tara's at work until 9 tonight." "No problem," the person said, "I'll leave now. See you soon."

Jax tucked his phone back into his cut, hopped on his bike and kick started it. He had made a promise to his best friend that he would talk out his shit and while it may not be with a shrink, it was with someone he trusted with his life.

"Mr. Trager, good to see you this afternoon," Ally Lowen said, motioning for him to take a seat at the table. "Lowen," Tig said after he sat down, "You have been our lawyer for how long now? Call me Tig." "Sorry," Ally replied, smiling at him, "Tig... how have things been going here for you now that potential threats have been eliminated?" Tig laughed at that. "It's been months since Byron has been taken care of," Tig replied, "Things are quiet and quite boring. I understand that I have to do my time, but if you could spring me out of here soon, that would be fantastic."

Ally quickly took down some notes and then looked at him with a small smile. "That's actually why I am here," she replied, "I have gotten all the reports that I need from the guards here at Stockton and there are nothing but good reports. You have been on good behaviour the whole time, you have been cooperative and in my honest opinion, you don't deserve to be in here. But according to the Judge, who agrees that you did the right thing with respect to Mr. Justin Berkley, there can be no favoritism and you need to do some time." "That's peachy sweetheart," Tig replied, folding his hands on the table, "So how much longer do I have here in good ole' Stockton Prison?"

Ally grinned at him and pushed a piece of paper in front of him. "The judge thinks that your behaviour has been excellent," Ally replied, "He also believes that there was only one reason why you committed the murder and had it been under any other circumstances, you wouldn't have shot him. So, if you will sign at the x Tig, you are free to go." "Shut the fuck up," Tig exclaimed jumping up in excitement, "You mean I can go today?" "You can go today," Ally replied laughing at his response, "But I think someone wants to say goodbye first." Ally pointed behind him.

Tig turned around and saw Tully standing there. "I heard it through the grapevine," Tully said, slowly making his way towards Tig and Ally, "I figured you would probably bolt as soon as you got the news so I wanted to be close by to say goodbye." Tig walked up to him and hugged him quickly. "Thanks for the protection man," Tig replied, pulling away and shaking his hand, "I would've been dead if it weren't for you." "It was the least I could do Trager," Tully replied, "But I have to get going. The guard's calling."

Tig watched Tully walk away and then sat back down at the table and signed the release papers. "I have to let someone know so they can come get me," Tig said looking up at Aly. "I've got it covered," she replied, "I've arranged for Gemma to come pick you up. She is waiting for you outside and we made sure to not tell the club. They are in for one hell of a surprise." "Hell yes," Tig shouted, "So glad to be out of here. Thanks, Ally, for everything, especially getting me out of here early." "I'm only doing my job," she replied happily, "Congratulations Tig."

The guard at the door undid his handcuffs and handed him a bag with all of his belongings and then he followed Ally out of Stockton. "My God, what a beautiful sight," Tig exclaimed as he saw Gemma standing in front of her SUV waiting for him. "Hope I won't be seeing you for awhile Trager," Ally said to him, "I've got to go." "I'll promise to be a good boy," Tig replied as she walked off to her car.

Tig walked up to Gemma and pulled her in for a big hug. "You have no idea how great it is to see you Gem," Tig whispered into her hair, "I can't believe I'm out." "So good to see you baby," Gemma replied, "The guys are going to be so happy to see you. But I can think of someone else who will be even happier to see you than the club." Tig pulled away and looked at Gemma. "How is Peyton?" he asked, "Is everything ok?" "Everything is more than ok Tiggy," Gemma replied, "Peyton had the twins last night. It was a long labor, but her and the babies are healthy and happy." Tig stared at Gemma, mouth open in shock. "Isn't that a little early?" he asked, "She was only 8 months pregnant wasn't she?" "She was 8 and a half months pregnant," Gemma stated, "But it's not unusual to have the babies early if they are twins. They usually don't go full term." "Is she home or at the hospital?" Tig asked. "I just got a call from Juice right before you got out," Gemma responded, "He has just taken Peyton and the babies home and now he is dropping Evander and Darcy off at Joyce and Dave's house for the night. Juice will be heading back to TM after that, so Peyton will be all alone at home." "To Peyton's we go then," Tig said as he got in the passenger side of the SUV.

Jax pulled up to the cabin about an hour and half later and just sat on his bike and looked around the property. He felt like his heart was about to explode with emotions he hadn't let himself feel until now.

"Hey," Chibs called out from the front door of the cabin, "What took you so long? Take the long way round?" Jax smiled slightly. He definitely hadn't rushed to the cabin like he usually would have. "Was just taking it slow brother," Jax called back, "Had some thinking to do and I just enjoyed feeling the wind on my face."

Chibs walked out of the cabin with two beers in hand and sat down on the picnic table that was out front. Jax sat down on the table beside his friend and cracked open his beer and took a long drink.

"What's going on Jacky boy?" Chibs asked before taking a sip from his own beer, "You don't seem like yourself today." "I'm not Chibs and I haven't been for the last little while," Jax replied quietly, "There are a lot of things I haven't dealt with and they are all coming to a head now." "Like what?" Chibs questioned. "Donna's death, Piney's death," Jax began, "Losing Opie so horrendously and then losing Bobby. We lost them all in a matter of two years. That's a big chunk of our family gone, we're never going to get them back. But things don't seem right right now without Tig. I know we are going to get him back, but I miss him. I miss them all so much and I've never really dealt with any of their deaths." "I don't think any of us have Jacky," Chibs replied, looking down at his hands, "I think about them often and it hurts so much knowing that they are really gone." "I spilled my guts to Peyton this morning," Jax mumbled, "And she made me promise to talk to someone and get everything out. It didn't matter who I talked to, she just wanted me to lay it all out on the table."

They sat in silence for a little while unable to speak and then Chibs looked over at Jax. "Did it help?" Chibs asked him, "Have you laid it all out on the table?" Jax looked back at Chibs with tears in his eyes and shook his head. "What are we doing this for?" Jax asked quietly, "I know things have been pretty low key since the Justin incident, but we lost a lot of people we care about. It just seems like the people we love most are the ones we lose before their time." Chibs nodded his head in agreement, but was unable to get any words out.

Jax took a deep breath and looked down at the ground. "I'm exhausted Chibs," he stated quietly, "We're all exhausted. I don't know how to fix that." "It will fix itself Jax," Chibs replied, "You can't possibly fix everything, some times we just have to let things be. In most circumstances everything works out in the end." Jax smiled at Chibs and wiped away a few stray tears. Chibs was right and Jax knew that he couldn't fix everything.

Things were going to be ok, Jax thought as him and Chibs sat on the picnic table in silence and drank their beers.

Peyton was sitting on the couch in the living room facing the front window feeding the twins when she saw Gemma pull into the driveway. That's weird, Peyton thought to herself, she wasn't expecting Gemma this evening. It didn't matter to her, she always loved visiting with Gemma. Peyton quickly glanced back at the SUV and realized that Gemma wasn't alone.

It only took her a few seconds to realize who it was and she was off the couch with both babies in her arms and out the front door faster than she could blink. She couldn't believe it. Gemma ran up to her and took Harry and Ava out of Peyton's arms. Peyton looked at Gemma as the tears fell from her eyes, she was doing a lot of that lately. Gemma nodded her head and smiled at Peyton.

Without another second of thought she ran towards Tig and jumped into his arms. "Oh my God," Peyton squealed, "What the hell Tiggy?" "Hey sweetheart," Tig replied as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her gently on the cheek. "Why... how...?" Peyton stammered, as Tig put her back on the ground, "Whatever... doesn't matter, I don't care. You're out and that's all that matters." "It pays to always be on your best behaviour," Tig replied, laughing at her reaction, "The judge knew I wouldn't purposely murder another man. He understood my reasoning and after reading all the reports of my good attitude and behaviour decided to spring me from Stockton." "I'm so happy to see you Tig," Peyton exclaimed, reaching for his hand, "I've missed you so much."

Peyton winced in pain. Too much action, she thought as she put her hand on her stomach where they had made the incision during the C-section. "Are you ok sweetheart?" Tig asked with a look of concern on his face. "Oh yeah," Peyton replied, "They had to do a C-section for one of the babies yesterday and during my excitement I forgot about the pain and the stitches." "Be careful sweetheart," he said quietly, "I didn't mean to hurt you if I did." "No not at all," she replied, smiling at him, "I can't believe you are out. Perfect timing too. Come meet the twins."

She grabbed his hand again and led him into the house where Gemma was with the twins. Gemma handed her Ava and in turn she turned and handed Ava to Tig. "This is Ava," Peyton said quietly, "The only girl in my little family and the one that caused me some difficulty when we tried to deliver her naturally. She is absolutely perfect though and everything we thought she would be." Peyton watched as Tig looked into her eyes and held one of her teeny tiny hands. He had already fell in love with her. He looked at Peyton with tears in his eyes. "She's absolutely gorgeous Peyton," Tig whispered. "Thank you," Peyton replied happily, "I think so too."

Gemma then walked over with Harry. "And this, is baby Harry," Peyton said, "Named after one of the best people I have ever known. Opie deserves to be remembered."

Tig smiled at both Peyton and Gemma as he let the tears fall. What a way to celebrate being released from prison. It was great to have Tig home.

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