Home is Where You Will Always Belong

Chapter 33

Four Months Later

Peyton stood in the backyard with Juice, looking up at the night sky. This was it, the night before their wedding and everything felt so right. Evander and Darcy were doing great, the twins were growing and doing great and her and Juice were happier than she ever thought was possible. She didn't think that there was anything that could make her happier than she was now almost a year later.

Juice stood in front of her and grabbed her hands and smiled down at her. "This time tomorrow night we'll be married," Juice said quietly, squeezing her hands gently, "I promise Peyton, this time I won't screw it up." "I won't let you leave me this time," Peyton whispered, looking into his eyes, "Clearly you can see that you and I weren't meant for anybody else. You and I were placed on this earth for each other. I love you so much Juice and I need you. The kids need you, actually, they need us." "I love you too baby girl," Juice replied, "You and the kids have made me happier than I ever thought possible and I promise that I won't be going anywhere this time." "Good," Peyton whispered before leaning in and kissing him softly.

The moment was perfect. It was dark, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the stars were shining bright. After Juice left it would just be her, Tara and Lyla to enjoy the evening kid free. All the kids had been disbursed between Gemma and Nero and Joyce and Dave and Jax had little Sierra for the night. Early the next morning the plan was for Chibs, Tig and Happy to come out and pick up the girls on the bikes and take them out to the cabin to get ready and the guys would show up later. Peyton had a feeling that it was going to be a perfect day.

"Well, you girls be good tonight," Juice said after a moment, "I should get going and leave you guys to your shenanigans." Peyton raised her eyebrow at him and smiled devilishly. "If you only knew," she replied with a giggle. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Juice joked, knowing full well that Peyton wasn't that much of a risk taker. "You don't have to worry about that Juicey boy," Peyton replied flirtatiously. He leaned in and Peyton wrapped her arms around his neck to kiss him. "I can't wait for tomorrow," Peyton mumbled against his lips, "It's the only thing that matters." Juice smiled at her and kissed her on the nose before he snuck out the back gate.

Peyton waited until she heard his bike disappear down the road and then she slowly made her way over to the swing set and sat down. She gently pushed her legs off the ground and looked up at the sky and enjoyed the quiet. Her life hadn't been quiet for quite some time now and even though she enjoyed the hustle and bustle of a very full family life, she did enjoy when she had a couple quiet minutes to herself. She looked at the stars and she wondered if Bobby and Opie could see her from wherever they were and she smiled at the thought. "I love you guys," she whispered, "I miss you so much."

After several minutes Peyton quickly wiped away a few stray tears and then got up and made her way into the house. It was quiet, but you could tell that the place was bustling just a couple hours before. They had had a small rehearsal and then a huge BBQ at their place that night. Jax and Nero had been responsible for BBQing and Gemma and Joyce had made it their task to get all the salads, sides and deserts prepared. It was a great feast and a great party, but now Peyton was too tired to clean up. "Don't worry about this," Lyla said, walking into the kitchen, "Tara and I will take care of it." "You guys don't have to do that," Peyton replied quietly, smiling at Lyla. "No, we don't," Lyla replied, "But we want to. Now you take this and go to your room and get in the bath that Tara is getting ready for you." Lyla handed Peyton a large glass of white wine and gently pushed her in the direction of her bedroom.

Peyton slowly made her way into the bedroom and Tara was just laying a towel on the bed for her. "Hey," Tara said, smiling at her, "I see Lyla has given you orders." "She certainly has," Peyton replied, laughing quietly, "I have been ordered to drink this very large glass of wine and get in the bath, but not in that particular order." "You relax for a bit and Lyla and I will get this place tidied up for you," Tara replied, smiling at her before leaving the bedroom.

She grabbed the towel off the bed and made her way into the bathroom. She put the glass of wine on the side of the tub and quickly undressed before getting into the hot water. It felt so good to have a couple minutes to herself to just think and let go and not worry about children. She took a big sip of her wine and then closed her eyes, thinking back to the last time she had done this.


Peyton stood in the back yard and took everything in. She could hardly believe that tomorrow was her wedding to Juice. She was finally about to marry her soul mate and she couldn't be happier. She watched the hustle and bustle going on around her and she could feel the excitement growing inside her.

"Hey baby girl," Opie said from behind her. Peyton turned and smiled at her best friend and then hugged him tightly. "I can't believe it's finally happening Opie," Peyton whispered happily, "I'm finally marrying Juice." "He's a good guy Peyton," Opie replied, smiling at her, "I couldn't imagine anyone else for you. You two just seem to work. It was evident from the moment he showed up at TM." "I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else Ope," Peyton said quietly, "My life starts with him and it will end with him." "That's a pretty bold statement," Opie stated with a small twinkle in his wide eyes, "That I completely agree with." Peyton wrapped her arms around Opie and laid her head against his chest, closing her eyes and taking in the moment.

"What's going on out here?" Juice questioned, pretending to act hurt. Peyton pulled away from Opie and looked over at Juice. He was smiling at her and Opie as he approached them. "Nothing out of the ordinary buddy," Opie grinned at him, "We're just talking about you and getting all gushy and sentimental." "Oh really," Juice responded as he pulled Peyton into his arms, "What were you saying?" "You are her one and only Juicey boy," Opie replied, "Hurt her and I'll hurt you." Peyton threw a hand over her mouth to keep herself from bursting out in a hysterical laughing fit, but she was too late. Juice and Opie both laughed with her, but she knew that Juice knew that Opie wasn't kidding.

Peyton opened her eyes and laughed quietly to herself. That whole night was so much fun and her moment with Opie, although small, was very meaningful to her. She could still hear his voice, clear as day as she thought back to that night. It was hard to not have him here all the time, but she knew he never really left her.

A little while later she pulled herself out of the tub, drank the rest of her wine and wrapped herself in the towel and sat on her bed. In the few months that they had lived here, they had managed to make it look very lived in. It was tidy, but it looked like they had lived there a lot longer than seven months. She looked over at her bedside table where a picture stood of her and Juice and the kids, which had been taken very recently. She smiled and couldn't deny that they were a beautiful family. They were her life and she was so thankful for every moment she had with them.

Peyton looked up when she heard a knock at the door. She quickly threw on her pajamas and made her way to the front door. She smiled when she swung open the door and saw Chibs standing there. "Hey," she said happily, "What are you doing here? I thought you were at the party at Jax's house tonight?" "I'm headed there now," Chibs replied before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, "But there is someone who wanted to come join in on the fun over here. If you don't mind having one extra person?" Peyton tilted her head to one side and looked at him curiously. Chibs stepped to the side and there stood Kerrianne. Peyton broke into a huge smile. "I thought you said she wouldn't be able to make it?" Peyton exclaimed as she pulled Kerri into a big hug, "Oh my god it's so great to see you!" "I wanted to surprise you," Kerri replied in her beautiful Irish accent, "I am so excited that it worked out for me to be here."

Peyton pulled Kerrianne into the house and beamed up at Chibs. "I'll take good care of her," Peyton stated. "I know you will sweetheart," Chibs replied before leaning in and kissing Peyton on the forehead. "Now get out of here," Peyton said, smiling at him, "And please be careful with Juice tonight. I would like him to be in one piece tomorrow." "Can't make any promises love," Chibs replied winking at her, "He'll be fine."

Peyton waved at him as he made his way to his bike and then closed the front door. Peyton walked into the kitchen where Kerrianne had said her hellos to Tara and Lyla and made herself at home.

"Drink?" Tara asked as she held up a bottle of white wine. "Definitely," Peyton replied, pushing her wine glass across the counter. Tara poured her more than half a glass of wine and she took a long sip. "So, when did you fly in?" Peyton asked Keri, "You must be tired." "Da picked me up a couple hours ago," Keri answered before getting up and pulling a coke out of the fridge, "I'm pretty tired, but wanted to spend some time with you."

Keri sat down at the table beside Lyla and across from Peyton and Tara. "You have plenty of time to visit Ker," Peyton said, smiling at her, "How long are you here for?" "Two weeks," Keri replied. "Well drink your pop and then I'll take you to Evander's room. You can sleep there tonight. We have a long exciting day tomorrow." Kerrianne nodded her head in agreement and took a long sip of her pop.

A little while later after Keri had gone to bed the three of them were sitting outside on the deck enjoying a second bottle of wine. "I can see some of Chibs in her," Lyla said after taking a sip of her wine, "she is absolutely beautiful." "Does she know about you and Chibs?" Peyton asked curiously looking over at Lyla. "No not yet," she answered, "Chibs and I talked about it a couple days ago, but he said he wanted to wait until after the wedding." "It might be for the best," Tara stated, with a small smile, "She is a 15 year old girl, probably has a flair for the dramatics. She might be completely fine with it, she does seem to like you." "Well that's reassuring," Lyla stated, "I hope it goes well when he tells her."

Peyton and Tara looked over at each other and smiled. "This seems really important to you Ly," Peyton stated, "Are things getting pretty serious with you two?" Lyla blushed and smiled at them. "I really care about him," Lyla replied, "The way he treats me and the way he loves me...completely different than how it was with Opie. I was never sure where I stood with Ope. With Chibs there is no doubt in my mind. He hasn't said the words and neither have I, but I know it's just a matter of time. I'm crazy about him." "Well, I think I speak for both of us when I say this," Tara exclaimed excitedly, "But we think you are perfect together."

At that moment Peyton's phone buzzed and she looked down to see who it was. A goofy love-struck grin spread across her face. "Oooh, I wonder what Juicy boy wants," Lyla gushed. "Shut it," Peyton exclaimed as she got up from the table, "I won't be long."

She walked over to the jungle gym and sat down on a swing before she answered the phone. "Hey baby," she said quietly, "How are you?" "I'm fantastic babe," Juice replied, "Just excited to see you tomorrow." "Me too Juice," Peyton replied, "I'm excited to be your wife again." "I just wanted you to know how much I love you," Juice said quietly, "This time I promise you things will be so different." "I know," Peyton replied, "I don't have a doubt in my mind. Everything is falling into place and you have made me so happy in the last little while. I love you more than you know." "I just wanted to say goodnight," Juice said, "And I'll see you tomorrow." Peyton smiled to herself. She could hear the happiness in his voice and she knew and believed when he said things would be different this time. She could feel it in her heart.

"Goodnight Juice," she said quietly, "Sleep well." After he said it back she hung up the phone and looked up at the sky. It took awhile to get here, but this was how it was always supposed to be.

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