Home is Where You Will Always Belong

Chapter 34

The Next Morning

It was 10:00 am and Lyla had just finished doing Peyton's make-up and Gemma had showed up to make breakfast for the girls. "You look gorgeous," Keri gushed as she walked into Peyton's bathroom. "So do you Keri," Peyton replied with a big smile on her face, "You all ready to go." Keri nodded her head in response. "I thought I would get ready earlier so I could help you with whatever needed to be done before we left," Keri replied, "And Da, Tig, Happy and Jax will be here at noon to pick us up."

It had been agreed that all the girls would be brought up to the cabin on bikes and then they would get dressed and get their hair touched up when they got there. The wedding was just a small affair, with the club, their families and some close friends of the club in attendance and it was supposed to start at 3:00 with pictures and a big party to follow. It was forecasted to be a beautiful afternoon and evening and Peyton was so happy and excited she could barely contain herself.

Peyton made her way into the kitchen with Keri and Lyla hot on her heels. She walked into the kitchen to see Gemma and Joyce cooking breakfast, Tara was feeding Sierra, Jax was feeding Harry and Tig was gushing over Ava. "Ok, really?" Peyton exclaimed playfully, "I thought the two of you weren't supposed to be here until noon?" Jax looked up at Peyton and she caught the way he smiled at her. "Really Peyton?" Jax stated, "Two of the ladies are cooking dinner, two of you were getting ready in the bathroom and the other, my wife, was helping getting Kerianne ready. There are three babies here that needed feeding and the four boys are self-sufficient and are entertaining themselves, but still needed to be watched. You couldn't have possibly been able to get yourself ready and take care of 7 children. You look beautiful by the way." "Thank you," Peyton replied, "And your point was made clear, thanks for that." "No problem," Jax replied with a goofy grin on his face.

"Well Tig," Peyton said, smiling over at him, "You ok with sharing me with my dad today?" Peyton had wanted both her dad and Tig to walk her down the aisle. They both had a special place in her heart and it wouldn't have felt right to her to not have both of them give her away. "Of course sweetheart," Tig replied, "But you know that it isn't necessary to have me walk you down as well. This is a big moment for your dad considering that he wasn't at either of the last two weddings. I get drive you in on the big bad bike. That's enough for me." Peyton's heart hurt a little bit when he pointed out that Dave hadn't been able to make it to her first or second wedding and she knew that Tig was right. "You sure you don't mind?" she questioned reaching for Tig's hand. "Of course I don't mind Peyton," he stated, "He's your dad. I'm just one of many father figures you have. You couldn't possibly have all of us walk you down the aisle." Peyton smiled in response and got up and kissed him on the cheek. "I love you Tiggy," she whispered. "Love you too baby girl," he beamed.

"Breakfast is ready," Gemma chirped, getting their attention, "Help yourself. Peyton, make sure you eat." Peyton rolled her eyes, but knew that Gemma or her mother wouldn't let up until she had at least an egg and a couple pancakes in her stomach. "Peyton..." Joyce chided. "Ok ok, you two," Peyton exclaimed, "I'll eat something if it will get you off my back." They both smiled when Peyton grabbed a plate and filled it with yummy food.

Nero nudged the garage door open into the kitchen and put a giant box on the counter. "Rat was supposed to pick these up before he went up to the cabin with Juice," Nero stated, pointing to the box, "But he forgot. How is everything going here?" He quickly hugged Peyton and kissed her on the cheek. "Things are going well here," Peyton replied with a mouth full of pancakes, "Just stuffing my face full of food so my dress won't fit." He laughed in response and then went over and gave Gemma a kiss. "Hey baby," he said quietly to her. Gemma beamed up at him. "It's kind of hectic here," he said, looking at everyone, "I thought maybe I would take the boys up to the cabin with me. There is plenty of room in the truck."

As soon as Nero offered it was like a huge weight was lifted from her shoulders. "Are you sure?" Tara and Peyton asked at the same time. They turned and grinned at each other. "Of course," Nero replied, "Anything to help make your day run a little bit smoother." Peyton wrapped her arms around Nero and gave him a big hug. Nero kissed her on the cheek and held her tight. She still didn't understand how she was so lucky to have all these amazing people in her life. "Thank you Nero," she whispered, "I really appreciate it." "It's no problem baby," he replied, "I'm happy to do it." Peyton's heart was bursting with happiness as she looked around the kitchen at her large, but absolutely beautiful family.

Today was going to be a beautiful day.

Peyton hung her dress nicely in the back of Gemma's Cadillac a little while later and closed the door. "I think we are ready to go," Peyton said. She walked up to her mom and wrapped her arm around her shoulder. "Third time is a charm momma," Peyton said with a giggle, "I think this one will stick." "I think so too sweetheart," Joyce responded with a smile. Peyton smiled at her and quickly kissed her on the cheek.

Tig walked up to Peyton and Joyce with small smile on his face. "Well ladies," he said before kissing them both on the cheek, "are we ready to go? I got the call from Rat and Juice. Everything is set up and ready to go and the men and the boys are dressed and waiting patiently...or impatiently, however you want to look at it." Peyton smiled and clapped her hands in excitement. "Let's do this!" She exclaimed.

By this time everyone had gathered around and were chomping at the bit to get the show on the road. Jax cheered happily and everyone followed suit. He moved in so he was next to Peyton and smiled sweetly. Jax pulled Peyton into his arms and kissed her forehead and she leaned into him. She was overcome with love and emotion in that moment. She was so thankful for this second chance with Juice and she wasn't going to let anyone or anything get in the way of their happiness. "I love you baby girl," Jax whispered into her hair, "This is your moment and you deserve it so much. Now let's get the hell out of here!"

Peyton squealed with excitement, which got everyone pumped up again. Chibs, Happy, Tig and Jax all revved up their bikes in anticipation. Peyton, Tara, Lyla and Kerianne all ran to their respective chauffeurs and strapped on their helmets and hopped on the back. Peyton waved at her mom and Gemma who were holding the babies and they waved back. Peyton wrapped her hands around Tig's waist and then he took off out of the driveway taking the lead.

Juice was standing out by the shed watching as the last of the guests found their way to their seats. He looked down at himself and he still couldn't believe that Peyton had agreed to black jeans, a dress shirt and his cut. He looked down at his favorite biker boots and smiled to himself. He was incredibly blessed to have Peyton and their four beautiful children in his life.

"Hey man, you ready for this?" Jax said as he walked up the path towards him. He smiled and pulled his best man in for a hug. "Are you kidding!" He exclaimed, "I can't wait to see her coming down the aisle." "She is gorgeous man," Jax stated, patting Juice on the shoulder, "When I saw her she looked like she was ready to sprint down the aisle."

Chibs walked up the path with a bottle of whiskey and four shot glasses. Tig was following behind. "It's show time," Chibs stated excitedly as he handed them each a glass,"I think a toast is in order." He poured everyone a shot and looked at Juice with emotion in his eyes that Juice hadn't seen since the first wedding. "We've been here before," Chibs said, holding up his shot glass, "but I think I speak for everyone here when I say that this is it. There was uncertainty in your heart the first time around, but in the last 10 months or so that uncertainty has completely disappeared. I know without a doubt that this is the life that you are meant to live. Peyton, Evander, Darcy, Harry and Ava...they are your life. The five of them have turned you into the man and father you are today. So here's to a lifetime of happiness, love, challenges and everything else that comes along with marriage. We love you man!" "Here, here," they all cheered before throwing back their whiskey.

Juice looked around at his closest friends and smiled. "Thank you guys for helping to make this day happen," Juice said,"I screwed up years ago, but this time is different. I want to be what Peyton and the kids need and I am so glad that I get a second chance." The guys each gave him a congratulatory hug and a slap on the back. "Now let's get this done," Juice cheered, "We have been waiting forever for this moment to get here!"

With Juice in the front, they all made their way down the path and down the aisle toward the alter. Juice nodded at the Reverend, who was a friend of Dave's (Peyton's dad) and who was honored to be a part of this day.

Juice felt a nudge in his side and turned to Jax and gave him his best "what the hell" face. Jax pointed down the aisle. Juice looked and took a deep breath. "Here we go," he said quietly, mostly to himself but also to whoever may have heard him. Evander and Darcy started the procession and they were both in black jeans, white t-shirts, black converse and custom made Sons of Anarchy cuts with "Prospect" on the back.

Juice felt himself choke up a little when he saw his two oldest walk down the aisle towards him. "Hi daddy," Evander said quietly, holding his hand up to him, "I have momma's ring." Juice smiled down at both his boys. Darcy was now holding out his hand as well. "Hey guys," Jax said, kneeling down in front of them, " I'll take those for your daddy." Evander and Darcy both beamed up at their Uncle Jax as they handed him the rings.

Once Evander and Darcy made their way to their grandma Joyce, Abel and Thomas made their way down the aisle as well in the exact same outfits as Evander and Darcy. They were each pushing little strollers down the aisle with Harry and Ava in each. Everyone oohed and ahhed, some of them just seeing the twins for the first time. Juice smiled back at his guys. Leave it to Peyton to somehow involve every child in the wedding, but he was still wondering how she was going to put Sierra into the wedding.

Next were the women. Kerrianne, Lyla and Tara. They were beautiful in their short, purple strapless dresses. They were all wearing sunglasses and carrying bouquets of white Gerber daisies with purple ribbons tied around them. But Juice's favorite part of their outfits, was how they were all wearing black Harley Davidson boots. Some people would look at that and cringe, but based on who they were as a whole and how those were Peyton's favorite shoes in the world, it just kind of fit. The women slowly made their way down the aisle and stood across from where he was standing. Tara smiled at Juice and then winked at Jax as she slowly made her way to her spot with a sleeping Sierra in her arms.

Perfect, Juice thought to himself. He looked up once the music changed and his mouth got dry and the tears threatened to spill over as Peyton stood at the far end of the aisle with her dad. She was absolutely stunning, standing there smiling, her arm linked through her father's. Her dress was perfect, a pale pink, the straps falling off her shoulders slightly and her hair falling in lose curls down her back. She winked at him and grinned as she pulled her dress up slightly and kicked a foot out. He laughed and shook his head in disbelief. Peyton was also wearing her favorite Harley Davidson boots and again, it was perfect. He couldn't take his eyes off her as she slowly started to make her way down the aisle.

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