Sugawara gets out of the room, making sure to close the door with the least amount of creaking possible. He lets out a sigh as he fully walks out of her apartment. It's been a wonderful day, for him, and hopefully, for Chicchan as well.

The setter shakes his head. He knows. He understands the fact that this feeling he is half-assedly trying to get rid of might never be replied but the fact that she suddenly fell asleep with a smile on her face as he was cleaning up the dishes from dinner rips Sugawara's heart apart.

Her smiles kill him. How bright they are that his eyes become blind. And how knowing those smile will cease to be the moment she lays her eyes on Nishinoya

To be honest, he doesn't know how their setter thinks about Shimizu but at least he is certain that the boy means nothing more than friend when they talk about Chicchan. And Chicchan herself knows this too.

She deserves more than this, a voice inside his head says.

I know, he mentally scolds. Of course he knows that. If it wasn't for Chicchan constant effort to win Nishinoya's heart...

"Eh? Suga-san?"

He turns towards the voice, not a bit surprised.

"Hey, Nishinoya", Sugawara says.

"Whatchu doin' he- Ahhhh you just hanged out with Chicchan right?"

"Yeah", he nods, "She's sleeping"

"Must have been an awesome day for the two of you", the libero comments, grinning. The light in his eyes flare up a little. He seems excited.

Suddenly, the setter feels threatened. She deserves more than this... He cracks a forced smile and tap his hand on the second-year's shoulder as he walks pass him.

"Nishinoya", Sugawara calls, "I might not win. But that doesn't mean I won't try", he says, continue straight down the street. His stride wide, face red.

He let out a breath, and along, a light laugh.

Darn..., he thinks, And I went and let it slip huh?

The setter regrets.

He shouldn't have made that claim. He should have tried a little harder to get rid of this feeling.

His chest feel lighter. Much lighter than it has been these past few days and especially today.

Another smile finds its way between his lips.

He does regret his words.

But that doesn't mean he meant anything less than what he said. And intend to do anything less either.

"Teach me how to do a receive like yours" is what he said but… suddenly being told like that… And it's not like she can explain what she does so easily for learning purpose anyway….

Instinct, should she say?

Daichi has been doing this kind of thing since she's little so it's safe to say it's in her blood to act when the ball is spiked or served. Certainly being able to read the ball's drop point would help him tremendously on defense job. But teaching something like this has never cross her mind, like, EVER.

"You okay, Chicchan?", Yuu's voice comes abruptly and Daichi flinches, forcefully pulled back to reality, "You've been spacing off since a while ago"

"Oh, er, sorry. What were you saying?", she asks.

They have been going home together since the time they had dinner together and he found out they live extremely close to each other. She turned down the offer already (and regretted every moment of it after) but somehow he saw her at the supermarket nearby and instantly offered his help carrying the grocery bags. Guess it started from there, with him and her just kind of sort of casually walking home together like now.

He seems to be surprised that she has been practicing cooking lately. It was a plan Kiyoko and she had. In order to up the team's spirit, they would do something nice for the team. Apparently the manager is going to do something with the banner she found while cleaning the closet so Daichi, on the other hand, would cook the guys something tasty. (She is pretty sure Koushi-san was just being nice when he said the breakfast she made was delicious)

In the years of her childhood, short as it is, her mother would always cook her something nice whenever she's sad or when she did something praiseworthy. The girl figure this should be the perfect way to cover all ends whatever the match's result turns out to be. It's not like she doesn't believe in the guys' skill or spirit. It's just- she just want to be the one to be there for them whatever the result turn out to be. A congratulation party when they lost the match doesn't seem like a good idea so simple dinner with delicious dishes for both cases seem pretty safe. Plus, she made luck charms for them as well so it should be fine.

"Chicchan. Earth to Chicchan", again she hears him say and jumps

"Sorry", Daichi cringes, "What was that again, Nishinoya?"

"I was talking about how I should go about the receive", the libero laughs, "Your way of going about it is a hella harder than I thought"

The girl sighs, smiling awkwardly, "Have you tried listening to the other players' footsteps?"

"Well I did", he mulls, "It's easier than listening to the ball's speed but still it's hard with how we are practicing. Everyone runs all over the place and all. Plus Shouyou isn't that easy to follow"

Daichi falls silent. True. Fact is she only uses her "ability" in the real match and most of it is from Granddad Ukai's teaching-

That's it!

Granddad Ukai!

"I know what to do", she grins pulling the phone out and punches the former coach's home number

"Who's this?", his voice rings nostalgically almost making her eyes tear up

"Pops? 's me Daichi!", the girl calls joyously

"Oh! Hey, kiddo! How's going over there? Karasuno nice to ya? What year are you now again, second?"

Daichi nods to herself, excited, "You got it", she says, "So I got news for you. You know about Keishin coaching the team here right? Well I'm kinda helping him out a bit. And I have a problem"

"Did the brat do something to ya?", The old man asks

"No no", hastily she answers, the heck is he thinking?, "It's about my... skill? I'm planning to teach it to someone but you see, I can't. Since his condition isn't like mine so any suggestion?"

Daichi hears a hum on the other side before the former coach asks again, "Well is it the Nishinoya brat?"

"Maybe?", she giggles knowing full well that the man is planning to tease her again. He's kind of the only one right now (Kiyoko aside) knows about her feeling for Yuu. Hell the man told her about the libero himself. Always praising how Yuu's instinct is top-notch, and claiming that hers is even bettter than his.

"Well there ain't really a particular way to go about the technique, child", he sighs unfortunately, "You are able to do what you do because of who you are. You can't see straight so you utilized all of your senses to the max. Just that. This kind of thing takes time and do remember you practiced for 8 years. This kid has like three weeks to get used to it. It's not gonna work if you push it too far"

"I came up with a possible way to learn it but it's pretty dangerous so I don't know about it yet. I mean he'll have to basically become kind of like me-"

"No. That's not gonna cut it. 't kid's used to his sight for 18 years now, taking it away would only sabotage whatever skill he has. I say you use his eyes to the maximum. It's his sight that help him assess the ball anyway"

"I see…", The girl smiles, "So we don't exchange the ears for the eyes. But make them work for each other, huh. Thanks Pops!"

"Anything for you"

He hangs up, and Daichi puts the phone away.

"Who was that?", she hears the libero asks.

"The former coach Ukai", bluntly she answers.

Yuu did something of a gasp she supposed, can't really hear him over the aching in her ears. Darn, Granddad has some vocal cord.

So apparently they need to work on both the ears AND the eyes. Then rather than making him listen to the sound ONLY, she should start letting him see how each spike would sound?

Well that is a different way to go about it but it might just work on him.

Evidently since he has a sight, contrary to her.

"Hey, Nishinoya", Daichi voices, tugging on his messenger bag, "Do you have any matches on DVD?"

"Yeah I do", he says, "What about it?"

The girl nods, "Good", she smirk, "Re-watch them all. If you have a headphone, use it. Observe how the sound is different with each hit on the ball. Don't miss anything. At practice, do the same. You've got your eyes. It's better to use them. I don't so I'll have to leave with this", she points at her eyes, "Also, this time the four power house is Aoba Josai, I hear you had a practice match with them? There's Dateko too, and Shitarorizawa, and Wakutani Minami. So far that is"

The libero "hmmmm" seemingly pondering about this. "Coach told us about this the other day too"

Daichi clicks her tongue and crosses arms in front of her chest. "Coach told us my ass", she growls, "I handed him those research mind you"

Yuu snickers and she finds herself instantly embarrassed. It's been a week already but she still can't get

used to this feeling yet, having him next to her side. He did say that it's dangerous for her to walk home alone but still…. (Kiyoko on the other hand seems really excited about this. "Take the offer", she says…. "Be bold about it", she says...)

Who knows that the quiet Kiyoko can be so bold…

Well, the manager did help with the lucky charm and the cooking lesson so it isn't her place to complain or anything…. Arghhhhhhh! It's not that easy ok? When your crush is like literally ten centimeters away.

"Well, we're here", Yuu states

The girl nods. They reached her apartment sooner than she thought.

Saying a "goodnight", she goes inside. Well, there are still those charms to work on anyway. Tomorrow, she'll bring them to the guys. Hope they like it. Daichi smiles and begins her work the moment she set down her bag pack.

"Enoshita, do me a favor and drop dead", Daichi says the moment she sees her classmate walk out the club room.

SO she finished the lucky charms, and so she brings it with her like right now. And yet, thanks to him and Tanaka the dumbass, her excitement of giving these babies out dropped like a bomb.

And like a bomb, it explodes, big time.

Her classmate seems surprised at her outburst. Well he's not the one staying up all night picking needles into his hands. So he has no right to be anything but sorry.

Growling, the girl drags herself back to the gym.

"Nishinoya", she half calls half yawns, "Grab a ball. We're practicing elsewhere today"

"Alright!", he responses and Daichi nods, waiting for him to get what he needs.

Wonder how Yuu is doing with his practice. Even though she did tell him to watch all the DVDs he have, the girl isn't really sure how he's holding up. This really is the first time she ever teach anyone like this. Even Daichi herself didn't practice like this.

"How did you do with the DVDs?", she asks splashing water on her face to wake herself up. Damn Enoshita, those freaking charm took her the whole night!, "Is it too hard for you?"

"It is kind of hard", Yuu answers, "But it feels really possible"

Daichi smiles, "'s that so? That's the right stuff then. Alright. Today I'll show you a principle that I base my skill on. It's really easy to understand. Just don't let the ball touch the ground. The end. Here, I'll show you"

She takes the ball from him, touching the side wall of the gym to make sure she doesn't crashes into it herself before moving away around five feets for safety measure. After Daichi determined that it is safe, she doubles back to the space behind the libero. Taking in a deep breath, she tosses the ball up high and make a jump. It sting where her palm touches the rough surface of the object but she buries the feeling to the back of her head and pushes the force out of her arm.

The ball hits the wall, ricochets and she dashes forward, assessing. It's too far to for her to do a proper receive with her arms. Legs it is then.

Daichi crouches down, spreading her left leg and kicks the ball back to the wall. Again, it ricochets going for the right and she rolls towards the drop point slashing her arm at the object.

It wasn't strong enough of a force it seems since the ball stop bouncing the moment it hit the wall again. It falls on the ground, rolling slowly before actually coming to a stop.

"That's awesome, Chicchan! You're like, awesome! Like "Whoose!" and stuff!", the libero exclaims and her face heats up.

Grabs her drink, she immediately opens the cap and lean her head back a bit before pouring it down her face (gotta find a way to cool the redness away from it without the libero knowing). She thought her plan would work until the substance got inside her freaking nose.

The girl chokes, instantly coughing and sneezing the water out of her system. Wheezing, she grasps for air, each time she breathes, her lungs burn.

"Whatchu do that for?!", Yuu squeaks

"T-There's no tab nearby so… I just", Daichi says embarrassed.

"Well don't look up then! Why you go pouring water into your nose like that for?", she hears him scolds and right after that, something soft lands on her head and touches the skin on her face as the feint feeling of his hand lingers on her head. A towel, she confirms after physical contact with the thing, "It's almost summer so don't do pouring cold water on yourself in this kind of heat. You'll get a cold, got it?"

"Sorry. T-Thanks", Daichi smiles (or at least try to), nodding rapidly

"There's no need to nod so many times either", the libero chuckles, "You looks like the dog decoration they put on the car"

The fuck?, she pouts. Just seconds ago it was so sweet and now suddenly he's comparing to a decoration? A dog too at that?!

And to add to that Yuu saw her whole bloody coughing, sneezing, and gagging act.

Daichi feels like crying. Her most unsightly self shown right in front of the one she likes so much. Look down, you dumbass!, the girl chastises herself, why you fucking went and look up?! You can pour water on your face looking down too can't ya?! Fucking retard!

"I heard you ask the coach to film the other members' serves and spikes?", Yuu starts as she shrugs at his words.

She got the idea from Tobio so it's not really her original idea or anything. She also did suggest Ukai to let them so some stamina training but it seems the only place they can do that is going to Hinata house it seems (which make it kind of impossible during the Golden week). But the blond man did say he would try that during the training from now on before they enter the Inter High. Well, it's up to him then she supposes.

"Anyway, Nishinoya, you trying practicing like this for about three or four hours before moving back to train with the team okay?", Daichi instructs.

"What about you?"

She waves at the direction of Sugawara who greeted her before saying, "I got some stuff to do so I'll run home first. See ya"

"See ya, Chicchan", and the libero replies.

"Yes?", Daichi picks up the phone throwing the charms under her bed. No use for them anymore thanks to Stupid Tanaka and Enoshita the retard….

"Ms. Kubota", the other line says

"Oh. Yes, what is it?", she asks

"We found clue regarding your mother. I'll send it to you as soon as I'm done recording them"

Smiling, she replies, "Thank you. I'll be looking forwards to hearing it"

"Ms. Kubota this isn't good news. I'm sorry. I tried to contact your father first but I can't seem to reach him", the sound of her helper turns grave

She sits down, her brain starts to hurt. Speaking of which she haven't been able to contact her father since Golden Week either. She just assumed that he went on a vacation like usual or maybe even a business trip but recently the bank gave her a call too about his account.

"What do you mean this is not good news?", she demands answer

"The last lead we have on your mother was from an inmate who claimed to be your mother cellmate so I'm just saying this to prepare you, Ms. Kubota. Your mother might not be the woman you think her to be"

"Deciding that it's my job", the girl scoffs, "Thank you for your work. Good night"

Putting the phone down Daichi crawls into bed. What the guy said earlier haunts her mind, defeating all and every one of her attempts to put his words out. She puts on the head phone and forces herself to sleep.

"Sayonara no natsu" plays and she block all thoughts out of her mind just focusing on the music.

It's fine, she thinks, Mom has never fail me when I was a kid. It'll be fine.

And slowly, her eyelids fall heavy with each second ticks by of her thinking about practice menu for the Karasuno lots.

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