Daichi smiles, enjoying the slight breeze on her face.

"When I was walking down a slope in the morning, I saw you smiling innocently ahead. Today, too, I couldn't bring myself to say "Good morning" to you. Just why can't I act normally in front of you?", she sings.

"You seem happy." Yuu's word rings through the silent air and she tilts her head towards him, pulling the stray lock of her hair back behind her ear, unconsciously biting her lower lip with a grin, "That's a nice song by the way."

"It's in the disc that Koushi-san gave me." she says, "First match debut memento he said. What about you? You stay back late to practice too right?"

"Yeah, well it's almost the start of the tournament," the libero laughs, "too fire up, ya know! I'll be ready for anything come my way!"

"'S'gonna be my first official game." Daichi nods at his word, whispers to the air, "Would I be ok, I wonder?"

"You won't be ok," the boys clicks his tongue, "You'll be awesome, Chicchan. We'll do this together okay? The team is here for you too"

The girl chuckles, pushing her feet off the ground and letting the swing she sits on swing back and forth, back and forth as the gentle wind from before now turns to be sudden night gust. Summer days are coming with the constant heat as a reminder. And yet, without fail, night fall always manage to slip into the atmosphere some of the spring's lingering icyness.

"You alright?" she hears the boy asks and stops the swing. Jumping onto the ground, Daichi rubs her arms and crack an awkward chortle.

"Colder than I thought." she answers.

And instantly Yuu offers, "Want my coat? It stinks though." he says with a laugh. She blushes, her face warm. Her heart races but with a deep breath she instantly calms it down. Yuu... Being closer to him days by days, exposed to his personality make her happier. She feels lighter and it seems that everyday when she wakes up, there is something to look forwards to. Daichi starts to trust people a little bit more, laughing at the smallest and simplest things, chucking almost half the times Hinata and Tobio have their silly fights. Though she is well aware of how the defense she set up before is coming down, she let it. She started to reply to the simple "Good morning"s from Yatsumoto, and despite the fact that this caused the boy to be spooked, it is undeniable that he too is happy with her change of mood as well.

Cold wind swishes past and her body reacts, shuddering.

"It's fine." Daichi wanted to say, turning down Yuu's offer but was not able to.

She didn't have to.

The smooth fabric touches her skin just moment before a overflowing scent of outside enters her nose. A little bit foggy, muddy, and a lot of refreshing. It is true that along the line, there is a hint of sweat but it might be faint or it might be that she got used to the gym where they trained too long already. And she thinks to herself, "I can get use to this"

"T-Thanks." Daichi mutters, pulling up the zip of his coat. The fiber that absorbed the libero's body temperature hugs her skin, spreading happiness deep into her heart, wrapping the scent around her as well. Contrast to her imagination, Yuu's jacket seems to fit her just right . And here she thought guys' coat would be bigge-


"Nishinoya?" the girls calls.

"Yeah. Whassup?" he replies.

"How tall are you?"

"159.3 cm."

"Tiny." she blurts out, instantly covering her mouth with her hands. Though it was most likely a vain effort. Yuu didn't say a thing. Unlike what she thought. Thinking that he would jump up and down shouting at her for it, but he did nothing. "What's wrong, Nishinoya?" the girl touches his hand, tightening her grip around his wrist once she locates it.

"It starts in just a few more days." Yuu utters.

"Yeah." she nods, muttering. His head is in the game now, Daichi can tell. Yuu is always like that. He is loud and hyper and energetic and all the things that anyone would call him with that hair of his (even with her eyes she can still make out a tint of blonde amongst the dark shade of his head. Yuu ain't no goody fucking two shoes, that's for sure.) but whenever he stands on that court, when the crowd cheers and screams, his voice dies down, only his passion speaks. The way he compresses all that power, all those reactions, all that instinct of his into a silent and overwhelming aura that allows him to stop balls that go at speed too fast for the eyes to see, and the sounds that his footsteps make then, they always manage to nail her heart. So beautiful that it hurts. It makes her want to stand up with her hands awkwardly covering the subconscious smile plastered on her face, breathless with excitement and joy. How the sound of the ball hitting the ground where she predicted never comes and instead it was Yuu's almost unrecognizable footsteps that left its blank interval within the air as if he flew to where the ball was with the speed of light to save it. Magical, is all she can use to describe it. He makes her wants to play again. He makes her want to stand on that court, to compete, to do something more than just accepting her condition and sit there waiting.

And now that they have Asahi-san back with all the first-years alongside them, Karasuno has a whole arsenal to use. Just thinking about the possibilities have her pumped up.

Be ready, Tohru, she smirks, We'll beat you to crap.

Nishinoya doubles back and forth in the club room. He should have called her. His house is five minutes away from hers and for some reason he didn't call her.

"Anything?" the coach asks and Nishinoya shakes his head disappointedly.

He has been trying to phone her for nearly an hour now and if she doesn't reply they'll have to go without her. "I'm not your manager or anything, why wait for me?", she'll probably say something like that. Knowing Chicchan and her tendency to thinks about stuff like this...

"Damn it," the libero scowls, "why didn't I call her?!"

"There's no helping it then." the coach finally claims, confirming what he fears most, "we're going without her."

"Wait," Nishinoya voices, just in time to notice Suga-san was saying the same thing, "Just another five minutes. Let's give her another five minutes"

"We have the first game, Nishinoya." the blond man shakes his head. "We can't wait any longer. It's not right to make the team late because of one person. Teacher, if you please."

"Alright." Takechan says with saddened eyes as they climb up the van.

Hesitantly, Nishinoya sits down, unhappy with the coach's decision, but understood. They should wait for Chicchan still. What is she gonna do when she found out they left her and went ahead? Her image of the team is bad enough already they shouldn't make it any worse.

"I know what you're thinking, Nishinoya." Suga-san's voice rings next to his ear, "Have a little faith on her. Chicchan will be there. It's true that she feels left out but she understands this team enough to know how much we are counting on her. And I think that even just a little, she is trusting us more now. She'll be there."

He nods, opening his phone to leave Chicchan a voice message. That's right, he scolds himself, I should not doubt her. She's our friend. She'll be there. The word "friend" startles his heart for a short while before he shakes the feeling off. And as the bus runs the libero settles himself into the seat. What they have to focus on, what he has to focus now, isn't Chicchan. It's Tokonami. They'll win the first match and once again face Datekou. This time they won't fail.



First day of the freaking tournament and she's late! Like an hour late!

Yuu said they were already on the way to the gym and they wanted her there. And she is not even one percent ready or at least even in her right mind at the moment. Fuck the fucking alarm clock!

Daichi dashes out of the room, instantly doubles back for her bag that she forgets in her moment of rush.

A phone call comes from Ukai as soon as she runs out of the apartment and Daichi curses, punching the answer button.

"Yeah?" she says

"Where are you, brat?! We're almost reaching the gym now!"

Aw shit he sounds pissed.

"I'll take the bus! Sorry. I'll be there in about half an hour."

"Alright. We'll head there first. Make sure to call me when you're there"

"Alright." Daichi nods to herself, "Sorry again."

Settling herself down on the seat, she waits for the bus to run. Half an hour, that'll be a little bit later than the first half of the first set. Will the boys be oka- No. They are strong. They'll be fine. Besides she isn't their babysitter or anything. It's their job to win, not hers. She's the one there to support them, not the other way around. They are the main star of the show today.

Pulling out her phone, she speed dials number 3. The wait eats her patience up but as soon as she hears his voice, her heart calms down.

"Koushi-san?" she greets, "I'm sorry I'm running late. Can you pass the call to the Captain for me?"

"Give me a second, Chicchan." he replies

As she waits sounds of the two third-years talking to each other enters her ear before the Captain actually picks up.


"Captain," again, she greets, "How is everyone? I'm sorry I made you all worried with my tardiness. I might miss at least half of your game."

"We'll survive. How are you though?"

"I'll be there soon. But before that, I have something to ask you."

"Sure, go ahead."

"Did you receive the USB from Koushi-san?"

"Yes, I did. Thank you for the information."



"Captain, this might come off very cocky but I gathered all that information for the sake of this team. Do you understand me? Even if this is your friend, this doesn't mean you can back down even one step."

"I know. I am the captain of Karasuno, I know my job"

"Then alright. I won't be accepting any less from you. Sorry for the rude remarks."

"It's fine." The kind boy replies, the sound of his voice almost felt like there was a smile dropped there somewhere in the sentence, "We'll be in your care. I'm looking forward to your emergency counter plan actions."

Daichi hangs up, and punching the bus's "STOP" button. She gets off and dial Ukai's number. Sendai Gymnasium huh? This might actually be her first time seeing an official game.

"Yes?" the man says as she smirks leaning against the gate.

"It's me, Keishin. I'm here."

"Alright." He huffs. "Shimizu will pick you up. Hurry, the game has already started."

Daichi can't seem to contain herself at the match. Karasuno is destroying Tokonami. Even though Hinata and Tobio haven't done the freak toss yet, they are pretty much putting up a really good fight against the other team.

Just as she thought, Tokonami isn't a match for the team right now. Knowing so, the fact that Karasuno isn't being careless or obnoxious in their play makes her very happy.

Tokonami isn't backing off either. They too are doing their very best to hold off Karasuno, and she compliments that.

The referee sounds the end of the first match and Daichi slips on her shoes. This might be arrogant of her but in the long run, she can't allow herself to get tired. When (and she means "when", not "if") they win this game, she has to be fresh and ready for the next. She isn't someone like Hinata, that's for sure, so unlike his kind, Daichi is gonna have to save up energy. She's gotta be prepared for Dateko or worse, a team thats stronger than them.

Spikes and receives. They keep going on and on. The sounds deafen her ears quite a bit and as far as she's concerned this match is over. Neither of the teams want to lose, but based on what her ears are picking up right now, the way they move, the skills, the physical capability of it, Tokonami is still a long way from Karasuno.

A sound of impact on their side cheers are heard from members of Tokonami. Yeah, well... Karasuno ain't Dateko. Still need to work on defense, she mentally notes.

"DAMN IT!" Yuu shouts startling Daichi, "Next time I"ll definitely save it."

"One more! We'll turn this around!" commands the Captain and simultaneously the team roars in reply.

Show 'em, guys. Daichi thinks, hardly able to restrain herself to the bench, Win this

A spike hits Tokonami's court and she smirks pulling her hair back into a high ponytail. They won. Next is Dateko. And she's ready for whatever attack they got.

Chugging down the bottle of water, Daichi slumps down against the wall. Even now, her heart is still beating fast. What is this feeling? What is this excitement thats almost bursting her heart? What is this happiness, this wholeness that she's feeling?

"Karasuno sure was great huh?" She hears someone say from a distance.

Oh… that's right. They won. So this is what winning feels like. She hugs her legs and smiles, her chin leans upon her knees. Her hands twitches. She wants to go out there. She wants to feel how it is to stand with others on the court. She wants to know what it is to win after fighting like everything depends on it. Not just sitting on the bench, not just seeing the game through her senses, through the black and orange blurs. She wants to feel it directly, the tension, the excitement, everything.

Dateko also won the first round. That means they'll be going up against them next. The girl wonders how the others are doing since apparently they had quite a counter with that school before she got to the gym. It must be nerve-wracking from them. But that's what she's here for. If they break down she'll mend them up. Daichi is their emergency counter plan and she doesn't intend to be anything less than that.

A sudden vibration from the phone in her pocket causes her to jerk, swearing when her elbow slams into the wall behind. Now who would be calling at this moment?

"Yes?" she answers, "This is Kubota speaking."

"You won against Tokonami right? Congratz!"


The girl growls at the phone, her grip tightening on the object. "What is it now?"

"I just want to congratulate my sister-"

"I ain't your fucking sister. Now if you have nothing to say I'm going back to th-"

"I want to talk" he blurts.

"Well I don't.", and she scoffs back.

"I'll be at the back of the gym, waiting." were his last words before hanging up. The hell is this fucktard thinking she'll be running to where he is?! He has got to be kidding right? He can't be seriously thinking that she's that easy to fool right?!

That being said...

Tohru might be an asshole but he doesn't do needless things. The bastard has always been like that…

"Captain," she calls out pushing herself off the ground, "I'm stepping out for a bit."


Daichi nods at the Captain's response and stands, cracking her neck. Well, since she's gonna listen to what the jerk has to say anyway, might as well go all the way and spill all the thoughts she has about him and cut it once and for all. The girl'd rather him not calling her again, ever.

"What is it?" Daichi grunts, "What talk?"

"Oh~ You really do come", The bastard responds and she can fucking swear she's hearing a smile from his words. How many people have you hurt with that smile huh, you punk?!

"Be quick about this. I have a match next."

"Dateko right?" he chuckles, "Do your best, lil' sis. Karasuno is lucky you're the-"

"I don't plan on being anything close to a family with you, Tohru." Daichi sneers, "Last time I did that, it ended up pretty nicely don't you agree?"

"There you go again with that story," another laugh, "That's the story of our parents, not us-"

Daichi coughs a scoff, "Your mother and my dad, punk. Don't group them together-"

Memories flashes through her head. Just blurry colors but the sound were real enough for her blood to boil. That house, the smell, the furniture, the tone, all of it, she detests it, just as much as she hates the people living in it. The more those memories dashes through her mind, the angrier she becomes.

She tried to live. She cooperated. Dad said it would be better. And she was foolish enough to trust him. The one time she actually thinks that this might just workout...

"If I remember correctly it was your father that looted our mother's heart wasn't it?"

Words come from Tohru and Daichi snaps, reaching forward with a punch.

It's his fault.

"Hey." an unfamiliar voice steps in the moment she feels a tight grip on her wrist stopping her fist from landing at the asshole's face. "What do you think you are doing to our Trashy Oikawa?"

"Iwa-chan… Stop with the nickname would you."

"It's your fault, Oikawa, you scum, that we're running late. Now pick your ass up and get back in the gym. As for you… You're with Karasuno right? Why would the manager of Karasuno try to attack our setter, hm?"

"None of your damn business!" she scowls at the uninvited one.

"Run along, little girl, before I report this to the league." the unfamiliar voice threatens.

"See you, little sister." she hears Tohru says along with his 'friend'.

She shouts as the bastard's footsteps dissapear from her hearing range, "Tohru! Karasuno will end you!"

"I'll be looking forward to that." And his voice rings back from the distance, taunting her mind the whole time she makes her way back to the team

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