Class time is as long as ever. And it is such a nice day outside too. She can even hear birds chirping outside even from in here. It's too nice a day that class and school seems more like a crime against human race to her than a compulsory daily routine. But a nice day like this, Daichi thinks to herself, would it be possible for me to get a spot on the roof top?

This temperature, the sunlight shedding its warmth on the surface, and the breeze. This is going to be a wonderful lunch break.

That is if she can even get any lunch.

And that in itself is a whole different talk with Karasuno High.

"Darn…", the girl sighs, "No lunch then huh? It's treason against Karasuno's cafeteria best egg burger. And I even skipped breakfast too….."

The fight with Ukai yesterday got to her bad. She woke up when first period ended. She is never late, mind you. Her showing up mid second period speaks trouble.

I'm thinking about this thing way too much, she mentally scolds.

At least there is still the roof top, she tries to cheer herself up, most of the people up there should be done with lunch by now, hm? Least a girl can get is a nap on this fine day without really caring about the next class. Already asked Enoshita to say that she'll be at the clinic. Obviously a lie considering where she is heading to right now but hey, it's not like she is here to actually get a future or anything. She's not failing, that's good enough. And it was gonna be her last class of the day anyway. No one is going to miss her.

Now, where to catch some Zs?

Daichi opens the door and feel the breezes against her skin.

No sound.

Complete, absolute and perfect serenity.

She walks about the place, touching around, trying to avoid any ventilation so not to kick her leg like last week at Ukai's place. Damn whatever she kicked. It was freaking hard as rock. Or maybe it was rock. The girl shivers. The damn sensation sends chill down her spine even as of speech. That is one kind of pain she is not looking forward to facing a second time.

Without warning, Daichi feels breathless, as her body falls backward. It takes a long time for the stinging to start but when it does, oh man. Reaching her hands out touching the object, she feels rough hard concrete. The fuck?!

She lets out a little yelp as of impact.

Tissues on her nose and her forehead flare up with pain as her behind sends out a sensation like she sat on them for threes day straight. For a second there she really did think she was hit by a bus or maybe more accurately a train.

"Wha- Holy- !"

A familiar voice exclaims as Daichi feels her blood freezes piercing through her veins.

"Are you alright?", He speaks with worry.

Scrambling on her feet, she feels like running away.

Why here?!

Why him?!

"Hey, are you okay?! That sounds real freaking loud! You just slammed your whole face into that wall!"

"S-Sorry!", She blabbers, voice almost to the point of shrieking.

Oh rooftop was a great idea huh?

Napping was a great idea huh?!

Fucking brilliant , Daichi. Way to go, genius!

"You're bleeding", she hears him say.

Time seems to stop then as the tint of red blurs in front of her. Oh no. Oh no no no.

"I'm fine!", Daichi squeaks moving her hand around the air to get to the door. That's pretty much what she can think of right now. Pretty much what she wants to do right now is to get the fuck out of his sight. This much of embarrassment is way over the daily dose for her.

"Shouldn't you go to the clinic or something?! It seems serious"

"Really don't mind me-"

"Shouldn't you stop the bleeding first? You gonna get blood all over your clothes if you're not careful. Here"

She feels complied to locates where he is rather than talking to thin air like this, but the thing is she can't fucking see for shit. Given that her eyes are not functional is first, second, she just walked full force into a concrete wall (the result of said dysfunctional eyes), Daichi pretty much can't stand let alone make clear of what is ahead.

A loud landing sound enters her ears and she backs away, unsure of what to do.

"Let's go to the clinic", the boy commands.

The girl literally can feel him coming closer and closer as she herself backing bits by bits further. It's his footsteps, the ones she has been hearing every day, echoing through the hall. The heavy steps that he takes, the little impression on the left (Daichi had come to the conclusion that it was his more often used foot). The only different right now is that they seem so much lighter, almost like he is happy or relief, or excited. Can't put an exact word on it, but it would most definitely a positive feeling he is having. Daichi, on the other hand, can't seem to tell if her heart is still beating or not. The blurry image of his two-colored hair makes her head buzzes like a thousand bees' hive.

She can't take this anymore.

So she makes a run for it.

Yet again, straight into the freaking door!

"Oh my God!", she hears him says. Of course, it could have been something totally different but to her ears which are still ringing from the sudden impact; that is what it sounded like.

Daichi cringes. This is not her day. "mmhmm hine!", she realizes how much of a lie is must have been to his ears as soon as it escaped her mouth. She is definitely not fine. Her face hurts like shit!

"Please, just don't go near me", the girl squeals, fidgeting the door knob to open.

Decides that she has had her fair share of embarrassment for one day, and in disregard with how much her face is screaming for doctor's care, the girl palpates for the door, makes a run for it, being careful not to further digging her grave by tripping over the steps.

"Nishi… Nishinoya-senpai!"

The girl cracks a smile at the sound. He must be very happy to hear that. Heck, any one here would be happy to hear that. To have the new kids refers to you in such high status right off the bait.

With how long she knows Ukai, status and such don't really mean anything. It's a part of daily life, but it doesn't matter much, at least to someone like her. But to Yuu (she takes the liberty of calling him first name, it just sounds much more natural for her that way), he seems to be the type that would like that kind of status stuff. Pride and all that shit. And hey, she just lost all of her in front of him today.

"Kubota", a voice brakes her concentration and she turns her head to the source of it.

"Yes, what do you need, Yatsumoto?"

"Would you like some home-made cookies?", the guy laughs, "I got too much from the girls from the class next door, and frankly, I don't really like sweet stuffs too much so if you don't mind, please have some"

"Thanks", she says with a smile, "but how about you tell the truth that you don't need it to those girls from the beginning anyway, Yatsumoto? It's faster that way"

"I can't I can't I can't. Definitely a no-no", Yatsumoto speaks flabbergasted. He's always like that. Rather than being a gentlemen like the others deem, he's more like a liar to her. Stop keeping up image already would ya, Yatsumoto. It's pathetic you know, laughing like you are happy when you not.

Promptly turning away from the now quiet Yatsumoto, Daichi finds herself trying to listen on again the conversation between Yuu and the new kid, only to be annoyed that they are no longer there.

Bloody Yatsumoto, he'll have hell when school finishes.

"Hey, old man"

"I told you stop being so persistent, you bastard!"

"Yo, what's the deal with you, Mr. Ukai?", the girl flinches, almost drop the phone at how loud Keishin was.

"K-Kubota… Darn it, sorry", the shop keeper stutters for one second, "What's up?"

"Nothing", instinctively her shoulders shrug. "Just checking if we're doing practice tomorrow afternoon. I got the class off since the teacher just had an accident"

"Right, how 'bout spike training? You can do some work on that"

Daichi nods to herself, feeling a bit sad. It's true that she all she can do with herself right now is pretty much receives, and they not even volleyball-y kind of receive. Though Ukai seemed really impress with how she did it, receives isn't everything there is to volleyball, and as far as she is learning, her receives doesn't seem to qualify much for official matches, as the blond man would say.

Well, she ain't gonna get to play in official matches anyway. So there's no need to worry about that.

Saying good night to Keishin, Daichi hangs the phone. Her grip on it doesn't loosen. One good heave and she picks it up again, punching in the numbers.

"Hello?", the other side answers after the long waited signal transmission.

"Hi, this is Daichi Kubota"

"Oh? Miss Kubota, how may I help you?", the high-pitched voice asks

"I contacted you before?", Daichi replies, "About my mother?"

"I am sorry but you have to stop doing this, it's-"

"Are you investigating it? Tell me"

"You need closure"

"You damn right I do", Daichi growls, "And this is it. Now find me my closure"

"Please take care of yourself, I will do everything I can"

The other side hangs up and she slams the phone down.

Still nothing.

Just like every damn days before.

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