A sigh escape Daichi's mouth as her mind mentally notes down what the teacher is saying, as well as his boring voice.

"Such a girl, sitting in his shabby excuse of a room… By no mean could a man have allowed such a thing. Poised atop a cushion without padding…"

The words enter her ears as images form under the description granted. Goddamn, for a teach, Mr. Ishikawa really knows how to bore the hell out of his students. What was his name again, the other Literature teacher? Ahh, Mr. Takeda. She heard he's a real enthusiast with his work. Students seem to like him.

The girl smiles at the tale being read. Such wonderful and gentle emotions for a man. Not many thinks as much as Norio does. And thank God not all people read like Mr. Ishikawa. Bless them all for the existence of audio books.

Daichi likes literature (especially modern time ones), as much as music. They are human's pure imagination and feelings as they are also the only thing she can feels, the only thing she can "see" with her condition.


The girl drops a cold smirk on the word.

They say God takes things for a reason. She doesn't disagree. He took away her vision but gave her an almost beast-like hearing and an amazing memory. That was his compensation. That was the price. Oh, she knows. She knows that in its own twisted sense, there is always a trade off in living, but somehow it's just too sad. Somehow it's just too unfair. Why does she have to be the one to undergo this situation? There is no guarantee that if she rises above her disability she would become anything better, or anyone that people would always look at in awe. This is not a movie, Karasuno is not a high school for genius, hell it is not even in a big city. If she graduates, then what? Go to a university? Get a job? If she manages to accomplish all that, would she be something people refers to as amazing? Extraordinary? Or is she just simply someone who did a lot of stuff despite her condition?

That doesn't feel enough. No, she wants more. A lot more. She wants to be able to do things like normal people would. To know what she is eating without having to smell it, to study without having to listen to the recorded lecture over and over again, to be able to identify herself every time she looks into the mirror… To see his face. To see the smile that is like the sun Enoshita has always been describing to her. To meet face to face with The Guardian God of Karasuno Volleyball Club - Nishinoya Yuu.

The bell rings startling Daichi out of her thought.

Blood rushes to her face as she rises to bow to the teacher.

Class ends and this one is a longer break. She sits down and searches for her wallet. Lunch time starts now, and she will not miss it a second time. It's bad enough that she can't cook for herself (yet, she has been practicing but feeling the sharpness of the knife when she can't really see where she's pointing it at is, more than it sounds, scary), she's not going hungry when she is going to have practice with Keishin later.

The phone suddenly chimes and the girl's attention shifts to the object. Now how can he be so daring to stop her Daichi from her feast?

She takes the phone out and press answer, already knowing who it is thanks to the distinct ringtone.

"Yes, Keishin? You are preventing me from-"

"Hey, kid. I can't help you practice today. Real sorry. I mean it. But I got some business to take care of"

"What?", Daichi shrieks a little, taken aback by the news, "Why so suddenly? Something wrong? Is it your grand dad again? Cuz I can cancel my shift tomorrow and go down to take care of hi-"

"No no. Not at all. It's just a revenge thing and-"

"A revenge thing?". What in the world is he talking about? He's drunk or something? Well he seems to be genuinely sober but…

The line goes quiet for a short instant before Keishin speaks again.

"Actually. Think you can come to the gym at around 4? I'll meet you there. You do know where the gym of Karasuno is right?"



"Yeah, I do", she replies nonetheless.

"Good. I'll see you there. I'm real sorry, kid. Next time I'll give you a pear popsicle for free"

"Make that two and we'll good"


"What's with you?", Ukai sounds shocked, "That's one hell of a bandage! Your face ok?!"

She grunts at the volume of his voice, "My face is fine, ears though, not so much"

Hot damn. Daichi totally forgot about the huge bumps on her forehead from yesterday. That, along with every possible embarrassment she felt. And the whole class kept quiet about this whole day too, not a single question asked (which is why it made her forgot about it). Did they think she looked weird with the bandage?! Did they laugh in silence?! Did Enoshita see it?! Did he laugh in silence?!

"Mr. Ukai, this is?", Comes an unfamiliar voice cutting her thoughts.

"I'll introduce you two", Ukai says, "This is Daichi Kubota. She's a student here. Kubota, this is Mr. Takeda. One of the school teachers, he's in charge of the male volleyball club"

The volley-

"Ms. Kubota, nice to meet you", the unfamiliar voice greets

She nods, feeling a bit too excited to say anything.

Wait... Takeda? As in the other literature teacher? As in the in-charge teacher of the male volleyball club? As in the place that Yuu is?

Why is he here?

No, why is she here?

"Kubota, think you can get some analysis skill of your to work for today? We're gonna have a game with the kids here at the club"

Keishin asks, and she snaps her head back where he is almost instantly.

"A game? Hm. As in the other guys against the volleyball club? You taking your fight against kids now, Ukai?", the girl grumbles. Keishin better not be-

"This team is strong, Ms. Kubota", Mr. Takeda says, even to her ears there can't be no uncertainty detected in his voice, "and the coach said it would only be to assess the team-"

"which is why I called you, kid. And I ain't the coach yet", the man himself finishes.

Daichi freezes for a second before dropping a laugh. What are you doing, Keishin? That's why I said you're too soft in your heart.

She nods, giving the blond guy a fist in the shoulder.

Well, if he's gonna coach this team (for whatever the hell reason it is), he better not fail his granddad's legacy. At least, she won't let him.

"I'll take it. If you're so sure"

Daichi puts on the iPod as she waits for Keishin to be over with setting up the game. The footsteps of ten distinct people makes her feel pumped up. It's been a while since she feels this much people running about, each one of them different from one another. She recognizes the best his footsteps even though they are sometimes masked with a much lighter one. Yuu is here. He is so near that her heart beats are just pounding on her ears. She is sure Enoshita must be here too. Let's just hope he doesn't do anything un-Enoshita today.

Things are a little bit different to her right now actually. She's excited, but having Yuu here isn't the only, and definitely not the main reason.

Keishin said they are going to go up against Nekoma during Golden Week. She will take this seriously as she knows grandpa Ukai will. For the first time in a while, she is gonna put all the "compensation" working to their maximum capacity.

Cranking the volume up on Flumpool's "Become a flower", the girl settles down.

She likes this song. And the lead vocal is handsome (Keishin mother said he is). It was a no-brainer that this track made it her favorite in the device. It makes the atmosphere better before she has to do something important.

"Alright, let's get this thing on the road!", Keishin says and she turns the song off.

There are excited voices, scolding lines adding in between but slowly, they all became blocked by the sounds of feet. The movements are totally different. She realizes the ones that belong to the old men, she heard them so many time now to miss. Daichi instantly blocks them out. They are not important. Not at this moment at least.

All noises become dull in comparison to the footsteps of Karasuno's volleyball club members.

They are distinct. The way they handle the ball is also unique.

There is someone on this team that is like a mountain. So firm, his footsteps. He knows where he is going, he knows what he is doing.

Oppositely, why is there a guy with such a light footsteps? No, he is definitely not someone with a small posture. Why is it that his footstep so weak?


No, not that.


What is he so hesitated about? With his physic, he should be able to play excellently enough. Why is it that his footsteps sound like he doesn't want to stand here?

Mentally noting down, she turns her attention to the familiar footsteps. Yuu, let's see if-


The girl flinches. What was that?, she thinks, bewildered, there was a long pause of silence. Someone jumped. Who?! It takes about half to one second for a person to stay in the air after jumping. For a NORMAL one at least. She counted exactly how many second it took to stay in the air each time someone jumped during the whole game. But the one who just jumped right now, he fucking last three seconds straight!

That's not normal. What the fuck was that?! Did he just fly or something?!

"This team is strong, Kubota". Mr. Takeda's words hits her like a bus.

There is a slight change in the air. What happened?! She got distracted for one second. What changed?!

Yuu. She can't hear the heaviness in his footsteps anymore. It's the same footstep, but it's different. It's like his presence disappeared from the game.


Daichi flinches, all her concentration lost.

That's the first time she heard something that loud. There is solely one set of footsteps. Everyone is waiting. Someone is about to attack.

No, this is not the one with firm movement. Who is it?! She doesn't know this person. This is a different set of footsteps. No wait. There's something similar in these steps. He's trembling. Could it be it's the frailly one?

Something clicks in side of her and Daichi stands up. The ball slams, making almost like an explosion sound on impact.

This is Karasuno huh?


They are not letting her down. Take this team, Keishin. Take it, she thinks, excited to the point that she could have jump up if not for what she must do right now.

The girl sits, once again clearing off all the cheering noise, the screaming, the unnecessary footsteps. She is seeing this game through the end. And when it's done, she's gonna have a field day with analysis.

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