Coach adviser/ 勧告者


They are moving.

The air seem-

What was that?!

That loud sound came out of nowhere!

Someone did a quick. No…. that was no quick. That is a bloody murder on whoever stand against that hit. It's almost too fast for anyone to stop.

Nearly 0.6 second. Whoever pulled it off they got her respect. That's some sick reflexes.

Daichi smiles, doesn't realize she was holding a breath.

Nekoma, you have some troublesome kids to face this time.

Deciding that she needs a break from all the tension in the gym, Daichi doubles back to the entrance. Cool air hits her face instantly as the many sounds return her to reality. She gotta work more on the durability of her skills. They wear her out too easily this time. Her ears are already buzzing because of how intensely she made them work.

"Excuse me", she hears a voice from the gym as of entrance, "I'm going to toss to this guy next. Please do your best and block him"


The fuck was that?!

Wait. Maybe she is just mishearing it. Her ear is just playing tricks on her. That's gotta be it. There would be no one dumb enough to say something like that to his opponent.

"What is this? Are you calling me out?"


Shit. There really is a guy dumb enough to do that in this team?!

Nekoma, I take back everything I said, Daichi whimpers.

A swift sounds of ball drops and her ears perk up. There is only mixture of color in her vision but that sound she heard so many times, how the ball was handle. Jump floater serve.

Well, that'll end the game for the Karasuno volleyball club. It ain't a serve easy to go up against. Not to mention aside from Yuu, the mountain guy and the "SUGA!" guy, these guys don't seem to advance in receive. That's the end of them.

The old men, such bullies.

Smirking, she sits down on the stage behind court. It sure was interesting though. This is quite a team indeed. "This team is strong". Well, no doubt about that.

And it's no doubt either that the game ends just like she predicted. These guys are strong, but those men are pros. It would be a funny sight to watch if the highschoolers managed to kick their asses though. But that, is something that would fall into the small 14% she calculated. Percentage doesn't lie, sadly.

Well then, time to report to Keishin, Daichi smiles to herself as she walks towards the blond man.

"So", Keishin starts the moment all the team goes to stretch, "what do you think?"

Daichi pulls the stray lock of hair back before giving him her answer, "They're good. Some are like crazy good. But they need more training, especially on receive, I suppose. I couldn't get enough info since, you know", she wriggles her foot that is still shoe-on and the blond man 'hm' gesturing her to continue, "There are some holes in their defense. Like their team work on overall? I get the feeling that something happened between them but I don't know and I'm also not interested. That said, I do believe that if they fix whatever that is hindering them, they will be some force to be beckon with"

"Wow", she hears Mr. Takeda exclaims, "Just one game and you understand that much? Without having to see them?"

"What?", Daichi snaps, didn't expect the statement.

"I know your condition, Kubota-kun", the man says, "Worry not, I will not tell anyone if you do not wish me to. In exchange, please help this team go to the nationals!"

"Woah, woah", she backs up a few steps. Hey she can't do this without Keishin. She might have whatever skill he said she does but she ain't having no eyes to see so he is not gonna cut it with "helping". And the blond man himself he said he'll only be here until the Nekoma game, any longer than that, she is not comfortable (maybe… well, she's not good with people. She doesn't know how to "deal" with them). She can't stay in this place where- but, Yuu is here. By all means if she can help him go to the nationals- No, no, no. Not yet, they are not that strong yet. HE is still here. They have to cross him out first before they can dream of reaching the Orange Court, "Sorry teach, but can you give me some time to think about this? My plan is to stay only until Keishin stay-"

"I told you to stop with the first name", the blond man stresses.

"-so I will need to think a bit more about it", she finishes ignoring him.

"Of course", Takeda replies, somewhat let down.

Well it's his fault for flashing something like that out of nowhere. Sure it is not impossible, but it's not like she's gonna say "Yes, I would love to help. Please take care of me" in one go either! He can't seriously be thinking that can he?!

"Well, I'll be taking my leave now", Daichi bows, unsure if she should take the teacher's offer or not.

"Thanks, kid", Ukai says, "Sorry to cancel the practice all of a sudden like that"

The girl nods, swinging her bag over her shoulder. It's so late now considering how cold it is outside, and to add to it, she didn't even get enough time to eat anything since noon. Dinner is gonna be humongous burgers for sure but she's gotta do something about the daily lunch soon. Maybe a bigger breakfast and no lunch? No, that wouldn't work. Should she stock up on the bread and just-

"Hey!", a voice calls out and she flinches, it's familiar, but she can't seem to jog up her memory of it, "You've been here the whole time. Are you looking for someone?"

"Hinata!", another voice comes, his tone lower than this 'Hinata' (she assumes that's who called out to her) he is referring to, "What are you doing slacking off you dumb ass?! Hurry up and finish mopping the floor!"

"I know I know!", Hinata retorts, "Stop ordering me around!"

The kid (she assume with his high-pitch voice) runs off as Daichi breathes a sigh of relief.

"Kubota! Hey!"

And there goes her relief.

Oh my god Enoshita, I swear for bloody demons.

"Heyyyy, Enoshita", rigidly says, she turns back, "What's up?"

"Nothing", he laughs, "I was just wondering why you are here. Oh right, you want me to introduce you to Nishinoya? He's the one I've been talking about remember? The guy right next door to our class?"

"A-Ah no", her tongue ties, "Another time perhaps. I got some business to take care of today so-"

"Oh! Nosebleed! Wow that's a darn big bandage you've got there. Feeling ok?"

HOLY MOTHER of all fucking, this is just-

"Nishinoya, you know her?"

"Yeah. Chikara, you know her?"

They say at the same time.

Oh no.

"She's my classmate. How about you?"

"She slammed her face to the wall on the rooftop"

It's over.

"That's why you got that huge bandage on you head?", the blond shopkeeper asks, and the girl can fucking vow to tall gods of all green earth that the freaking man is hiding a roar of laughter behind his sorry excuse of a question.

"Keishin", she scratches her eyebrows, mentally laughing at how fucked she is right now, "For all intent and purposes, I suggest you not saying another word"

And of course he does exactly what she said, honoring her wish by fucking laugh his ass off!

Ohhhhh she'll kill him. She'll kill him the moment they meet alone. Speaking of killing, she's been wondering for a while now but, where is that woman name Kiyoko Shimizu? Yuu seems to be taking quite a liking to her according to what Enoshita said.

"H-hey, Kubota", Ukai starts, "Since you'll be around until Nekoma anyway, how 'bout you introduce yourself too?"

"What's this? What's this?", the one name 'Hinata' comes suddenly, "Is she the new manager?"

"Eh? What about Kiyoko-san?", Yuu responses as many other footsteps come closer.

Hell, somehow it gets all jumble up now. Great. Her life seems to be messing up quite a lot these days no matter she looks at it huh?

It should have been just another good day with good weather and good old serenity. Why the hell is it all messed up now? Where did getting involved written in her agenda?

"Second year, class 4", the girl starts, reluctantly, "Daichi Kubota. I'm with the blond guy over there. I'll be in your care until the Nekoma match. Please take care of me"

"So you're… the manager?", the guy, who she recognizes, scolded Hinata just a few minutes ago speaks up. If her memory serves right, according to how his footsteps sound, he's the setter on the team of the mountain guy. This kid's good.

Daichi shakes her head. Waving at the blur of blond next to her.

"Hey", the girl whisper, "What do you think of this guy? The setter?"

"He's what you categorized 'crazy good' earlier I'd say", the man answers, "From what I saw, he tosses the ball exactly into that Hinata kid's hand. They do some crazy quicks"

"I see", she mules. So he's the one she has been noticing from the start huh. And that Hinata kid too. They seems to be on some good term, they're friends perhaps?

Turning back towards the club members, Daichi gives the kid his answer. "I'm not a manager, I don't even know what I'm qualified as-"


"Hinata, stay quiet for a moment would you", an unfamiliar voice intervenes, "Sorry, please continue"

"Basically, she's here to help you improve on the receives that you lots suck at", Ukai steps in, saving the day. Or not. Until he shuts up, she'll probably never know, "maybe it's faster to show you? Kubota, think you're up for it?"

"Do I have a choice anymore? Actually don't answer that", Daichi grunts.

She feels a hand gripping on her shoulder. Enoshita, she supposed. "I'm fine", the girl tells no one in general, "don't go doing unnecessary things". She wards his arm away, taking her shoes off. Damn her for not bringing any practice clothes. School uniform isn't really that easy to move in either. And be noted that she is wearing a skirt. She does not like it when her movement is limited.

"Are you the captain?", she hears Ukai says, "Anyone on your team with strong serve or spike?"

"Yes, but-"

"Well, send her a serve would you? You'll see what she's made of right away. It's hard for me to explain anyway"

"I'll do it", Enoshita butts in. And there she told him to don't do anything unnecessary.

"I said don't do unnecessary things", she growls, cracking her neck, "I can handle myself"

"You step on the court with no shoe", the boy says, "You can't expect me to-"

"Just toss the ball", the girl commands.

Daichi feels him walking slowly into the court, almost laughs in disgust.


The same soften movements. The same hesitation. The same pity. Just like those old shithead friends of Ukai.

"Here I go, Kubota", he declares and as soon as the sound of his hand hit the ball, she dashes to the left. He's aiming at her more dominant side. Did he think that since she is left-handed it's easier to receive? Kind, some would say, but not the smartest moves.

Daichi slashes her left hand just a bit above her head. Enoshita, I've had just about enough of you and your shit. She feels the skin of the ball hitting her, how it's pushed away with speed and force that strike back at her arm making it sting for one fracture of second.

"What the-?", she hears Hinata squeaks as he dodges the stray ball. That kid got reflexes.

The ball taps along the floor and rolls for a few moments before it entirely comes to a stop.


"Enoshita", the girl cuts him off; walking towards the door, "you're starting to annoy me. Setter kid, you wanna give it a shot? Actually no. I'm tired of this shit. Good night. I'm out"

Daichi slides in the shoes and pushes pass all the members. She gotta get out before the anger blows her up. Fuck this place. Fuck Enoshita, thinking he's so high and mighty just because she can't see shit.

A phone call comes unexpectedly right after Daichi gets out of the bath.

"Yes. Kubota speaking", she says swinging her towel over the bathroom's door knob.

"Yoho, I heard you're back in town. How's your father?", the other line cheers. And she feels like she could vomit right then and there.

Her heart loses a beat before she gets the composure needed to answer. Daichi growls, "What do you want?"

"What do you mean?", he seems hurt, "I just wanted to check on you since you're living alone that's all. Is Mr. Kubota still in Hakata? Or is he back to New Zealand?"

"How about you mind your own business? I've got nothing to do with you. Not anymore"

"Please don't say that. I still care about you, even though you might think I don't"

"I don't think, I know. Now, fuck you. And goodby-"

"I heard you're in Karasuno now?"

"Yeah? Well everybody is a detective now huh?", she asks, very close to the blow-up point.

"Don't be so tensed. I'm just taking an interest in an opponent team, dear"

"Well you should be, dear. They'll step on your face and advance to the nationals, Tohru. Now fuck off before I shove the phone up your ass, you donut!"

Cursing, she punches the end call button and smashes her hand on the desk. Out of the sting, she dials the phone again.


"Mr. Takeda. I'll take your offer from the other day. Please take care of me"

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