It's. Too. Damn. Hot.

Daichi growls as she places her head under the flushing water. The cold substance wards away the burning pain inside her brain so she kneels down on the ground and relax herself under the chilly mercy of the tap.

It's rare for her to not have to think about anything. They just introduced her to Kiyoko-san....

And she is not happy about it. At all. Of course Daichi has no trouble finding her to be pleasant but the fact that this girl is Yuu's target of affection makes her very uneasy.

"SHIT!", a loud voice tears the air and the following yank catches Daichi off guard. She breathes in the water, choking instantly.

"Fuck!", she coughs.

"What the hell were you thinking?!", she heard a familiar voice, "you could have died!"

"Y-Nishinoya. I was just trying to cool down", the girl says, still struggling to get the water off her respiratory system, "Why aren't you with the team?"

"We were waiting for you!"

The libero exclaims and Daichi stands up, grabbing her towel resting by the sink. "Let's go then", she says, walking fast.

It's too damn hot, she thinks, My face is too damn hot.

Daichi turns on the Ipod and leans back against the stage. The vibration from the floor tickles her feet. Somehow she can't seem to focus today. She's been sluggish since morning. It's not really a cold she's having though she does kinda have a light fever. Nothing important. The fever can't be the cause of her unfocused-ness, could it?

Was it because of yesterday and her accidental meeting with the manager? Speaking of which, Kiyoko did say she would help Daichi in any way she can with Yuu-related stuff because she wasn't interested but Daichi keeps being bothered about it. Is it okay to count on the manager? There is no way for her to confirm if she is telling the truth, then again, there is no way to confirm if what she said was lies either. She doesn't know Kiyoko that much.

The girls shakes her head. No, this ain't the time to think about this kind of thing. She's not here to think about romance and such. She made an offer with Mr. Takeda to bring this team to the top, that's why she's here. It is tempting though...

Daichi shakes her head again and blocks away the thoughts, refocusing her mind on analyzing the team. Definitely need work on their receives these guys, she mentally notes.

Oppositely, they are more skilled on the offense it would appear. The wimpy 'ace' and the Hinata kid seem to be quite the weapons this team possess. Tobio is, though, a bliss. With him, they actually can have a chance to step on that fucking Tohru's face and go to the Orange court. That kid, is a genius (it was no surprise for her to hear that he was from Kitagawa Dai Ichi). Though on the contrary, the other setter isn't all that active about it. A third year was he? Meaning this tournament is his last huh? That can be gnarly if not handled with caution.

Daichi cringes.

What would Ukai do?

Knowing him, he might be thinking something gutless again. He'd better not. Granddad Ukai did warn her about this on the phone but, she still thinks as a (temporary) coach right now, the grandson would think a bit more rationally and make the right choice. But until he actually decides, possibilities are open for option. Personally speaking though, if possible, she'd like a closer look at the third-year setter. He isn't active sure, but that doesn't mean he isn't skilled. And who knows what that quiet one has under his sleeves.

"Chicchan, the boys is off for running now so how about we fill up the bottles?", she hears Kiyoko calls. They all just started calling her Chicchan now seeing that she can the freaking captain seems to have the same name's pronunciation. Daichi did suggest that it would be faster to just call her Kubota like Ukai did but the guys wanted something more 'familiar' feeling to it seeing how she's in a closer range of age to them, and a girl (and the brat from first year name Tsukishima told her she has a man's name. That one was this close to earning a punch from her). Plus Yuu agreed that Chicchan is more fitting than Kubota, fucking adding the word "cute" somewhere along the line of what he said. Nearly gave her a heart attack. Hey, maybe that's why she can't stay focus on her job today.

Redid the hair band on her head, Daichi slips on the shoes and follow the manager. Maybe the girl can give her some tips on how to deal with her emotions 'cause they are starting to get in the way of fulfilling her words.

"I heard from Sugawara that you gave everyone a scare yesterday at the training camp", the manager starts and Daichi almost drops the bottle of water she is holding.

Kiyoko, why you go and drop a bomb like that?!

It's not like it was her fault in the first place anyway! And what's with the "everyone" reference?! It was only four or five people at the most!

They were the one who stayed up messing around so it's their fault mind her!

"What were you doing with a knife that late at night, Chicchan?", Kiyoko asks, "I can't imagine you trying to cook all of the next day's breakfast. It's my job to do that so-"

"I!", Daichi cuts her off, "I just wanted to get to know the kitchen ware"

"You mean get used to?"

"Yes! Get used to!", she fixes

Kiyoko bursts out with giggles, and Daichi growls, turning away from the girl to hide her burning hot face. It must be real red right now, and she desperately fights the urge to dip her head under the stream of water again (as the result of what happened with Yuu yesterday). Truth to be told she has been tired. Staying late trying to make sense of whatever clue she collected about mom. And then there's the analysis of this team's individuals too. It's getting out of hand.

"You know you don't really have to stay here and learn about knives and flips", the managers says, "My house is close by so, if you don't mind, you can come by and we can cook together?"

Daichi mulls about the suggestion. It could be safer with Kiyoko as her instructor rather than just her learning by herself. And they can have more time to talk to each other about Yuu. Deciding that it's a great idea, she replies, "If it's not too much of trouble"

"Of course not", Kiyoko replies, a faint sound of smile snuggles between her words, "I'd love to have friend over"

"Then I'd take you up on the offer", Daichi hands out the last bottle and says.

"Sure thing, I'll just have to clean up a bit after dinner and then how about we meet up?", the manager offers.

And she nods.

"Sounds like a plan"

So the Hinata brat got too fired up and mistook the road. And Sugawara-san went to find him.

Daichi suspected it somewhat already seeing how the team got back without the usual loud remarks of either Tobio or the kid about who won how many time. Which, brings her to the position she is right now: waiting for them to come back for lunch.

It's not too bad. She would like to have a talk with the third-year anyway, seeing how Ukai might potentially breaks the team apart.

"I'm so sorry!", she hears the little one say, "I caused all of you so much trouble!"

"Hurry up and go get your lunch, Hinata", she says, "May I have a word, Sugawara-san?"

"Sure, Hinata, you go ahead and save me some lunch if it's not too much of a trouble", the third-year replies.

Daichi waits until the footsteps of the boy can no longer be heard before she speaks. "Sugawara-san", she utters, "I would like to see you in a match. I know that Keishin is still thinking about choosing a setter but I don't really care much about this particular match. It's his choice and your. What I want is think about future matches. I want to see what you are made of. I want a full scale analysis on your ability because I feel that there are more to you than you showed us. May I?"

It was quiet before the third-year starts to speak.

"Thank you, Chicchan. It means a lot to me hearing that from you", the setter chuckles, "I already decide I would do my best no matter what happen. And I do appreciate your feelings so I'll be in your hands"

"So it's a yes then?"

"Yes, it is a 'yes'"

The girl smiles and words her thank towards the setter. He seems like a nice person at least with how he tends to behave around everyone. But she can't be certain of his personality and how it affects his play until she witness it herself. Tobio has the mind for the job but Sugawara has the experience. And in a lot of cases, experience wins. Nekoma isn't a normal team. If they live up to how well Granddad Ukai praised them then it is no doubt that the Karasuno right now have less than five percent chances of winning against them. It's not necessary a bad thing but still… to win against that Nekoma… Hell, she'll might even get Ukai's part from his granddad's inheritance. That alone amuses Daichi to no extent.

"Hey, Chicchan", suddenly the Sugawara says

She turns her attention towards the guy, a bit surprised that he had not leave. "Yes?", she replies.

There is quite a pause of silence before Sugawara says something again. He seems hesitated about what he wants to say next.

"Don't think badly of Enoshita but I heard"


Daichi did not expect him to say that.

"Please don't be mad. He was just-"

"It's fine", she blurts, not even sure why she isn't feeling as angry as she thought she would. Truth is she did not instruct anyone to keep a secret about her eyes so she can't blame anything on anyone. Sure she doesn't want anyone to feel bad for her because "she's not as good as them (physically)" but she doesn't particularly plan to advertise her disability in any way. She thought she would be mad after what Enoshita did a few days earlier (she did get mad though too fleeting) but right now having Sugawara-san here talking to her about it, it doesn't feel embarrassing or anything negative at all.

"Why do you stay to help, Chicchan? Enoshita said you weren't interested in volleyball, and you don't even plan on joining any sport club", Sugawara asks.

Daichi answers him after a shrug, "I've been practicing, just don't feel like telling anyone about it. As for why I stay to help, well… I'll be honest and say that I don't want his dream to disappear"

"His dream?"

"The former coach Ukai's"

"Wait", the third year exclaims, "I might be wrong on this but are you the granddaughter in the koto club he always talked about?"

"So he did call me his granddaughter huh?", she chuckles, "well we aren't related but I did take care of him for a couple of months ago and stay with him whenever it's summer so he's kind of a granddad figure to me. I quit the koto club after he had to go to the hospital. Weird enough he never actually talks much about you all"

"We aren't much to talk about before I suppose", Sugawara laughs, bid her a goodbye with a small pat on her head and a gentle "Good work" escapes his mouth.

Daichi turns the tap on as she shoves her face under the cold stream. God fucking damn it, she thinks trying to suppress the beating of her heart. That's the first time in a while anyone pat her head. She didn't expect the act to be this…. affecting.

"HOLY-Not again!"

An abrupt yank from behind and quick pain flares from the back of her head.

Daichi winces as she falls to the ground, still flabbergasted by the force.

"Shit! You ok?! I didn't mean to-"

"I'm fine! I'm fine!", she shrieks as soon as she realize the voice, "Did you need something Y- I mean Nishinoya?"

"Yes, aren't you coming for lunch? We're starting practice again in the afternoon. I'm so sorry about it. I thought- are you okay? Does it hurt?"

"It's ok really. 'm fine. I'm fine", Daichi waves him off smiling, "Thank you, Imma go get something to eat right now. Don't go jumping after mkay? You're gonna get a stomachache"

She hears the libero saying "yeah" and dashes towards the cafeteria. The dull pain on the back of her head still bothers her but she tries willing it away.

Maybe I'll ask Kiyoko-san to take a look at it later, she thinks

And Daichi smile, feeling a bit proud about herself for not freaking out too much when talking to Yuu. Guess having him finding her in the state that makes him think she's dead by drowning is the worst possible case of embarrassment already. It can only get better from now right?, the girl supposes, unaware of the orange-hair first year hiding behind the wall of the gym, face white as sheet.

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