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Romance / Drama
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It was a Friday night , the moon was shining on the medium sized house . Ashley was sitting at the dinner table with her mother and father. Her father worked at the Ministry of Magic, and he was telling his wife about how Lucius Malfoy was acting like a spoiled brat.

Ashley sat there silently eating her food while listening to her father. Ashley knew a little about the Malfoy’s, she was 10 about to be 11 at midnight tonight . She met Lucius’s son Draco once when she came to the ministry with her father. Ashley remembered it perfectly , it wasn’t a bad memory but ......awkward

Flashback :

Ashley was about 8 and her father held her hand while walking in the ministry lobby

“ now Ashley be careful don’t wander off “ her father said stoking her soft,brown,thick hair

“ yes daddy ! “

“ ah ! There you are “said a cold,bitter voice

Ashley and her father turned around to see a man and his son , the man was tall with platinum blonde hair , he had a walking cane with a snake as it’s head. Ashley thought he looked scary and then she saw his son, his height and short hair like his father, it looked greased back. He had grey eyes and a pale skin, Ashley could see that you would be dumb not to see they were father and son

“ hello Lucius “ said Ashley’s father

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