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An Omega, me?


Mitch is an omega who doesn't listen to anyone. He does his own thing. One day an Alpha takes him in to teach him some manners, will he obey or will he stand strong?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: History

Hey guys! This is my first alpha/omega/beta story so bear with me please.

Have fun reading!

Mention of cursing.


Mitch POV

Hi, my name is Mitch, I’m 20 years old and I am a male omega. I’ve cut my hair and unlike other omegas I dyed it purple. I don’t care about others and I do what I want. I listen to no one and my answers are sassy or rude. I have no friends because no one likes me and they think I’m weird and disobedient. Well, they are not wrong about the last one. Anyway, I live in a house for difficult Omegas. HDO for short. But before we continue this story you first need to know some things about my past.

20 years ago:

″It’s a boy! Congratulations ma’am.″ A nurse says. She smiles and gives the screaming boy to his mother.

″Is it an alpha?″ She says to the nurse while feeding the baby with a smile.

“I don’t know ma’am. The doctor will test the baby. I will get her now.” She smiles again and leaves.

The baby is finally quiet as he drinks at his mother’s breast. He looks with his brown eyes into the eyes of his mother. She hums a song for her son while waiting for the nurse to return with the doctor.

The door opens and a woman in a white coat comes in followed by the nurse. ″Well hello Mrs. Grassi. Shall I look at your baby and which rank your little boy has?″

The woman nods and gives the baby to the doctor.

The doctor places the baby on a towel and pricks the baby in the heel. The eyes of the baby immediately turn blue and he starts to cry. The doctor write some things down and gives the baby back to his mother. ″It is an omega.″ She says slightly surprised.

″An omega?! A male omega?! This can’t be true. I don’t want a male omega. Absolutely not. I don’t want him. I want an alpha. Are you sure? If so, I want to give him away.″ The woman says with a disgusted look on her face.

The doctor looks shocked. “Okay... I will get the papers” She walks out of the room shaking her head in disappointment.

The mother gives the baby to the nurse and looks away.

The nurse puts the baby into some clothes and asks softly. ″What is the name of the baby Ma’am?″

She sighs and says softly, ″Mitchell Coby Michael Grassi...″

The nurse nods and writes it down.

The doctor comes back with some papers. “I need you to fill in all the papers please.”

The woman does it without hesitation. When she is done she gives the papers back to the doctor.

“Okay, now you have officially renounced your baby.”

″Can I leave now?″ She asks, her voice devoid of any emotion.

″Yes, you may. But you need to rest for a few days at home.″

She nods and leaves without looking back.

Okay, now you know what happened when I was born. But the story doesn’t end there. It continues in the omega orphanage....

5 years ago:

″Mitchell!!! Come down immediately! You didn’t do your chores! Again!”

I sigh and put my phone away and walk downstairs with an annoyed look on my face. “I’m here Sarah.”

" For the hundredth time, it’s Mrs. Graff for you mister. Now, go and do your chores. Everyone needs to do them, including you.” She sighs and looks a bit angry.

“No, I will not do some stupid chores! It’s stupid and boring. Go do them yourself... Sarah.” I say. Challenging her.

“Okay, that’s enough! Go to your room. And do not come out until I say so. You will eat your dinner there.” She Angrily grabs my arm and pulls me to my room and locks the door. Knowing if she doesn’t, I will escape. She walks downstairs and asks some girl to do the chores. Which she does immediately.

When it is dinnertime she grabs some food for me and goes upstairs. When she unlocks the door she sees me sitting on the bed listening to music. She puts the plate on the desk and sighs before sitting next to me on the bed.

I pull my earplugs out and looks at her blankly. ″What?″

″Why Mitch? Why don’t you want to listen? To me, to the other kids here?″

I shrug. ″Because I don’t want to. I only listen to myself. Everyone else needs to mind their own business. I don’t give a fuck about them. They are stupid and so obedient. It’s disgusting! We are not some kind of maids who clean, cook and are there to get fucked when the alphas want to!″

“Mitchell! Language! Don’t say that. It’s not appropriate for an omega to say such words. You want to get adopted right? Then you need to do something about your attitude. No alpha wants a bratty omega, so for God’s sake behave when someone comes to adopt one of you. Then you make a chance too.”

I shrug and looks away. ″Whatever... Can you leave? I want to eat.″

She sighs and leaves. Locking the door again.

I grab my food and start eating mindlessly. Thinking about getting adopted someday. But I know deep inside that it will never happen. No one wants a male omega...

A few days later some people arrive at the orphanage to adopt an omega. I put on some baggy clothes and walk downstairs. Every question I get I answer rude or sassy. And soon they leave me alone.

I get a disappointed look from Mrs. Graff as I walk upstairs to go to my room. When I plop on my bed and turn on some music I suddenly feel a bit down that I didn’t get adopted again. But I shake it off quickly and focus on my music.

2 years ago:

Finally, I turned eighteen! Now I can leave this stupid place and discover the world. I grab my stuff and put it into a suitcase. When I walk downstairs Mrs. Graff calls me into her office. I sigh and walk towards her. ″What?″

“I have some news for you. Since you turned eighteen, you can’t stay here anymore. But because you failed your omega test, I am sending you to the HDO.”

“What?! You can’t do that to me! I am an adult now! You can’t force me! I’m not going. No way.” I cross my arms and look at her angrily.

“No, I can’t force you. But the council can. And they agreed to sending you there. The cab who is taking you there is waiting for you outside. Good luck Mitch. You deserve the best. If you’d only obey...”

I stand up and run outside. There is a cab waiting there but I keep running. I’d rather live on the streets then going there. After a few blocks I stop running and look for a place to stay.

Suddenly two cops are coming towards me. ″Are you Mitchell Grassi?″

I shake my head .‘No, I’m not. Now can you step aside? Then I can leave.’ I try to get past them, but they grab my arm.

″Not so fast you disrespectful little shit. Let me see your ID.″

I groan and give them my card. Fuck.

″Just as I thought. You are coming with us.″ They pulled me with them.

“No! Leave me alone! Get off me! You jerks! Don’t touch me! Son of a bitch!” I struggle in their hold.

“Shut up! Enough. Don’t you dare to curse at us again omega.” He shows me his red eyes and growls.

I shiver and try not to let my eyes turn blue. “Whatever.” I roll my eyes but stop struggling.

They bring me to the HDO. “Hello, we have your lost omega here. Good luck with him. He is a feisty one.”

A woman looks worried and nods ″Of course gentleman. Thank you for returning him.” She takes my suitcase and grabs my arm.

The policemen nods and leave me alone with this woman.

“Come on, we don’t have all day. Follow me.” She leads me to my room. “Please change into your new clothes. I will pick you up in ten minutes.” She smiles and leaves.

I put my stuff in the closet and sigh. I go lay on my bed and listen to some music. I toss my new clothes on the ground.

When the ten minutes have passed she comes in again. ″Why haven’t you changed?″

″Because I didn’t want to.″ I stare at her, daring her to challenge me.

“Well, you have to, are you going to do it yourself or do we have to help you?″

“I am not going to change into that stupid outfit. Its ugly.”

“I’m sorry it doesn’t please you. But if you are not going to do it yourself...” She motions a few nurses over and they grab me and start taking off my clothes. Despite my cursing and an attempt to attack them they put on my new clothes.

“Now that is settled you are going to see the Head nurse for a quick health check and then I bring you to the director.” She walks away.

The nurses make sure I follow her and after the health check she brings me to a wooden door with a name on it: Mr. Ho....The door opens before I can read the sign.

She walks inside and pulls you with me. ″Sir? The new omega. He ran away, but the cops found him and brought him back.″

I observe the director as he is speaking with the woman. He is tall, maybe 6 feet and he has blond hair. Suddenly he turns to me.

“Hello Mr. Grassi, finally we meet. I hope you like your room. Because you will stay there for a while.” He smiles as he looks at me. ″Good luck and I hope the training works for you.″

I shrug and look him in the eye. “Yeah, sure.”

“Yeah, sure sir. Don’t disrespect alphas.”

I sigh annoyed. ″Whatever.″

The nurse scoffs and leads you away. ″You are a tough one, aren’t you. We will see how long you will last. You will stay in your room until further notice.″ She brings me to my room and closes the door behind me.

I sigh loudly and I listen to my music on my bed. I see some books on the desk. I read the titles: ‘How to be obedient.’ ‘Omega rules.’ ‘Omega etiquettes.’

Yeah whatever. I am never going to read that. I try to plan my escape. I want to leave immediately. This place sucks. I hate it here...


Who is the director?

What will happen to Mitch?

If you like the story, you know what to do below :)

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