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Chapter 10

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Two weeks passed before I knew it. I was too busy prepared for the yearly conferance that each night when I got home I fed Raion and then fell into bed, fully clothed. I hated this time of year, Itachi was always extra busy and as his assistant I was busier. I had talked to so many people the past two weeks that it was a wonder I was able to speak at all. I was just glad that Itachi had put making the reservations Sasuke's job, it was one last thing I had to worry about. I was still wore out from the trail. After I had presented the tying evidence against my sister the whole trail went downhill from there. The prosecuter tried to salvage what he could, but it was a hopeless cause. Seimei lost the trail and was fined for false charges. Immediately after I returned to the office the next day, Itachi put me to work preparing for the conferance.

My phone buzzed, jerking me out of my blissful sleep. I glared at the screen, Itachi was calling. Accepting the phone I snapped, "Unless you want me to faint at the office, leave me alone!" It was rare that I ever shouted at my boss, but interuppting my sleep did just that. Out of habit I couriosity I checked my alarm clock. "4:30?! What possessed you to call me at four in the morning?!" I shouted into my phone. Itachi's overly calm voice responded over the phone, "The fact that our plane leaves in an hour." I blinked and flicked on the lamp, flinching at the sudden light. Plane? Was I still dreaming? Then I remembered. Cursing I flung back the covers and scrabbled for the bathroom, accidently tripping over Raion in the prosess. "Sorry, I forgot that we were leaving for the conferance today. I'll be there in fifteen minutes." I shouted over my cat's indignant yowling. Itachi hung up without another word.


The taxi I had snagged skidded to a halt in front of Uchiha Corperation and I leapt out, "Are you trying to kill me?!" I shouted at the driver. He shrugged, "Hey, lady, you said to get there fast. You should pay me double." I glared and yanked out my suitcase, snapping, "You're lucky I'm paying you at all." I slammed the door shut and he roared out of the parking lot, I kicked a stone at the taxi. Suddenly my suitcase disappeared from my grip and I spun. Itachi shot me an irritated look as he shoved the bag into the trunk of the limo that was going to take us to the airport, "We're already late." He said. I glared at him and took a large drink of my coffee, trying desperately to wake up.

Sakura and Sasuke were yawning sleepily under the awning that covered the enterance to the office. I tossed Sakura my apartment keys as Itachi stuffed me into the limo, "Make sure you feed Raion! You can stay at my apartment too if you want." I said over Itachi's shoulder. Sakura nodded, though I didn't know if it was from her agreeing, or just nodding off. Itachi slid into the limo and shut the door. The driver took off immediately and I took another long drag of my coffee. Itachi watched me out of the corner of his eyes then turned to the driver, "Stop at a coffee shop on the way." He ordered. I shot him a nasty look, but secretly I was grateful. We both knew from experiance that I was not a morning person before five o'clock. I laid my head back against the head rest, "Wake me when we get there." I murmured.


Five hours later the limo that had picked us up at the airport pulled up in front of Kokana Hotel. I sighed, climbing out of the limo. Finally I could get some proper sleep, if Itachi didn't decide to work on something. At least I had a room to myself. While Itachi retrieved his briefcase from the limo, and ordering the bellhops around, I went to check in. The boy at the desk was a flirt unfortunately, "Hey, cutie, haven't seen you around. Where've you been all my life?" I nudged my stylish sunglasses down my nose and peered over them at the guy, "Tokyo, hiding from you. I have reservations for Uchiha Itachi." The name dropping didn't work. He turned away for a minute the type something into the computer, then shot me a grin, "So babe, I'm off at three. Gonna be around then?"

I gritted my teeth, "Just give me the room keys and leave me alone." I growled. I had to admit he was determined. He leaned over the counter, dangling the room keys, "What's your name, hottie?" I rolled my eyes and grabbed for the keys stupidly, he jerked them away shaking his finger in a 'naughty, naughty' gesture, "Not until you tell me your name, cutie." Before I could punch him, his manager came out of the back room, "Kaibu! Stop flirting and get back to work!" The rotund man snapped. The boy, Kaibu, jerked, slammed the keys down on the counter and began typing frantically. "Yes miss, you have a one room suite, tenth floor, room 1087. Thank you for chosing Kokana Hotel and have a nice day." I frowned, "Waiiiit. Did you say one suite?" I asked and leaned over the counter to look at the computer.

The manager jerked the computer around before I could see, "Yes miss. It appears that the reservations for one Uchiha Itachi is a single bed suite. Why, is there a problem?" I tapped my fingernails against the counter, pursing my lips, "Yes there's a problem! I need a room for myself!" The manager typed something into the computer then shook his head, "I'm sorry miss, there appears to be no rooms avaliable at this moment." There was no way I was going to stay in a room for the weekend with my boss! I glared at the man, "Now see here, I'm not-" "What's going on?" Itachi asked behind me. I whirled on my boss, "Apparently there is only one room under your name!" Itachi frowned and took my place at the counter. The manager said the same thing he told me, there were no other rooms available.

After ten minutes of arguing with the manager, Itachi finally gave up and grabbed me by the wrist, pulling me to the elevator. As the elevator closed around us I snapped, "If there's only one bed you're sleeping on the couch!" I had a suspicious feeling that this wasn't an accident.


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