Rule 3

Chapter 11

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Both Itachi and I stood in the doorway of our hotel suite, staring at the single bed that graced the room. I flung my bag down on the comforter before Itachi could and shoved a pillow at him, "Boy that couch looks very comfortable! Have fun." I said in false cheer. Itachi just glared, "There's a meeting in two hours." He stated as he let his own bags slid off his shoulders to the floor. I growled, my fists clenching at my side, "What's the rush? They usually wait until tomorrow!" Itachi narrowed his eyes, "Just go get ready." He snapped. I was sorely tempted to stick my tongue out at him, but decided that that would be childish. I locked myself in the bathroom and took my time freshing up just to annoy my boss. I pulled my strawberry blonde hair out of its ponytail and brushed it out before tying it back up.

After I had finished I sighed and leaned against the bathroom sink, staring at my reflection. I hadn't realized that Itachi and I got on each other's nerves so easily. At the office we had work to seperate us, and usually I had a room to myself at the yearly conferances. This weekend was going to be difficult, I could already tell. Itachi was sitting on the bed, arms crossed and looking very annoyed at my slowness when I opened the bathroom door. He grabbed my wrist and dragged me along, "Come on."


When Itachi first started working for Uchiha Corperation, the business was almost dead. Itachi, a fresh graduate from college and full of new ideas, talked his father into using the last of their budget and to buy shares of Akatsuki Inc, a then new international business. Because of his quick thinking, Itachi had managed to drag Uchiha Corp out of the ground and build it into the most successful lawfirm business in Japan. Up until last year, both Sasuke and Itachi had gone to the Akatsuki conferance, while Fugaku stayed behind to take care of the homefront. But while both Uchihas were away at the last conferance, their father suffered a heart attack and was forced to retire early, leaving the business to his sons. This was the first year that Itachi would be making the trip alone, and so far it was a complete disaster.

The first thing out of Hidan's mouth when Itachi entered the meeting room, dragging me behind him, was, "So did you finally f*** the girl?" I glared at the albino represenative from Jashin and Co, but nothing was compared to Itachi's dark scowl. Hidan actually shut up and slouched down. I was the only assistant allowed at the meetings, since I had worked for Itachi ever since we joined Akatsuki Inc. Most of the Akatsuki represenatives usually slept with their assistants then fired them (one of the reasons why Uchiha Corp had the third rule in place), so most of their assistance were too new to keep up with the conferances. The only other woman was Konan, and she was the wife of Nagato, the chairman of Akatsuki Inc. Being the only females we always managed to keep each other company.

Looking at all the represenatives from the branching companies, I really couldn't figure out what Akatsuki Inc stood for. There was Uchiha Corp, which was a lawfirm, among other things, Red Sand Puppets, Explosive Art Supplies, both of the companies were pretty self-explainatory, Jashin and Co, I had no idea what that company was, Stitching Ecomonics, apparently that company helped people recover from economical trouble, Shark Bitez, a well known shark-themed club, Niwa Herbs, a floral/herbal company, and Amai Sweets, a candy distributer (A.N. Can you guess what company belongs to who? XD). There had been another company, but the head of that company was arrested and put in the psychcotic ward for doing unspeakable things to corpses, or so the rumor goes.

Because I was the only assistant, everyone except Itachi had to take their own notes during the meetings, or bribe Tobi into taking the notes like Deidara did. Since most of them didn't have my skill, a few years ago they made a bargin with me. I would take notes for everyone and sale copies for $100 per page. When Itachi found out about my deal, he made me give him a cut since I was under his employ. Only Kazuku, the head of Stitching Ecomonics and a major cheapskate, Tobi, who actually enjoyed taking notes, and Deidara, who enjoyed torturing Tobi anytime he could, didn't pay me.

My phone rang loudly, interuppting Nagato as he went over this years income. I sank down in my seat sheepishly as both Itachi and Nagato glared at me, the other Akatsuki represenatives snickered. I glanced at the caller ID, surprised that Sasuke was calling. I stepped into a corner of the room to accept the call, "Hello?" "Put my brother on, Ichigo." I narrowed my eyes at the wall, "Why can't you call his cell instead of embarrassing me?! We're in the middle of a meeting." I hissed. I could just imagine the younger Uchiha rolling his eyes, "Because Itachi is smart and turns off his phone, idiot. Put. Him. On." I sighed, grumbling under my breath, "If your in trouble again..." Luckily he didn't hear me.

I tapped Itachi on the shoulder, earning yet another glare from him, and held our the phone, "It's your brother." Itachi accepted the call, looking annoyed. He didn't say much, but whatever Sasuke said made him even more irritable. He hung up and pratically shoved the phone at me, glaring. Everyone were either amused or uneasy. Itachi was reputed as the most level headed of the Akatsuki Inc represenatives, to see him angry was rare... at least to people other than me.


"Are you going to tell me what's going on, or do I have to guess?" I asked as Itachi unlocked our hotel room, still angry. It was late and I was asleep on my feet. Nagato had kept the meeting later than usual, so we didn't get out of there until nine. Itachi walked in our room without a word and pulled out his own phone to make a call. His side of the conversation didn't reveal much, not even who he was talking to. I watched him cautiously out of the corner of my eye while I made copies of the notes from today's meeting. I decided to make a wild guess, "Did Sasuke sleep with another married woman?" I asked, half jokingly.

Itachi finally snapped, "Would you shut up?!" I jerked back in surprise. Itachi never ever shouted at me. Even on my first day working for him, Itachi had been painfully polite when I messed up. The only sound in our hotel room was the quiet wirr of the copy machine, courtesy of the hotel, as it spit out the notes. My boss sighed and sat down on the bed, looking downcast. I frowned, Itachi never showed emotion too much, he never shouted unless under extreme stress, and in the seven years that I had known him, he had never looked sad before. "Itachi-sama..." I said cautiously, taking a step towards him, "Is something wrong?" He didn't respond, but stood and locked himself in the bathroom.

Now I was getting angry. I pounded on the door, "Would you stop being childish and tell me what's wrong!?" "Nothing's wrong." He snapped through the door, his voice muffled. I snorted, "I've known you too long, Uchiha. So don't lie to me." Itachi opened the door again and I took a step back, blinking. He looked so different in a plain grey shirt and black pants. It hadn't occured to me, but the only thing I had seen Itachi wear was a suit. It didn't escape my notice that the shirt was very tight, I diligently tired to ignore the fact.

My boss pushed past me and dragged out his laptop, "Get ready for bed." He said. I narrowed my eyes at him, "Fine. But when I come back out, you will tell me what's gotten into you, or I'm calling Sasuke to find out." Itachi opened his laptop at the desk and didn't say anything as he turned it on. I watched him for a minute before escaping to the bathroom and locking the door behind me. I leaned against the closed door, wondering how I could possible miss how hot Itachi looked. No. I shook my head, thoughts like that would get me fired faster than the speed of light.


I came out of the bathroom one steamy shower later, towel-drying my wet hair. I stopped, blue eyes wide as the towel slipped from my fingers to the floor when I saw my boss... under the covers on the bed. "You promised to sleep on the couch!" I snapped. Itachi spared me a brief glance before looking back at his laptop screen, his fingers never pausing, "I never made a promise. You just assumed." "Get out of my bed and go sleep on the couch!" I shouted, pointing at the couch behind me. Itachi finally turned his full gaze to me, yanking off his reading glasses in the process, "Don't order me around, Ichigo. You are not my boss, I am yours." He turned back to the laptop again, "And you can sleep on the couch."

Seething I stalked up to him, "I can't." Itachi just rolled his eyes, "Yes you can, it's not that hard." "If it's not that hard then you do it!" I retorted and earned a glare from Itachi. When he didn't respond I stomped my foot, "You don't understand, I can't sleep on the couch." "If it was good enough for me, it's good enough for you." My boss said dully, never taking his eyes off the laptop. I growled, "I can not sleep on any couch, it's impossible! I've tried before, Uchiha, but I just can't go to sleep." Itachi suddenly smirked, "You're welcome to join me." He said in a way that I knew he was trying to scare me into sleeping on the couch. I eyed him, seriously considering his offer, "Promise no one will find out about it? And I won't be fired?" Itachi stared at me for a moment before shrugging, "I promise." Still cautious I climbed into my side as if climbing into bed with a snake. I laid so far on the edge that if I tipped an inch forward I would have fallen off, my back to Itachi.

The last thing I heard was his amused chuckle before I drifted off.


Hmmmm... why's Itachi so upset? And what will happen in the morning when they wake up...? *nudge nudge, wink wink*

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