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Chapter 12

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Who's ready for some fluff? Both humor and emotional(ish)! Mwahahahahahaha!


I groaned when the sun hits my face, I was not ready to wake up yet. Just as I began to slip back into my beautiful slumber, something moved underneath me. I forced my eyes open, and looked directly into a pair of coal black eyes. I blinked, confused, dimmly wondering how drunk I had to be to not remember going to a bar and getting picked up by some guy when I suddenly remembered... I was in bed with my boss.

And I was laying on top of him.

I stared at Itachi for a good minute before I remembered something else... he never did tell me what was bothering him last night. I stayed where I was. Itachi raised an eyebrow, "You're not going to surge off the bed with a scream?" He asked arrogently. I poked him in the chest, somehow his shirt had been removed during the night, by my doing or his own I didn't know and I didn't care to know. "Not until you tell me why you were so upset last night. Don't think you'll distract me." I snapped. Itachi's eye twitched. To anyone who didn't know him, it would be unnoticable, but I noticed and smirked, "Annoyed, Itachi-san?" I asked coyly.

He did the surprising thing and turned the tables, flipping both of us over so that I was underneath him, "You could say that." He growled. I glared at him and tried to struggle, but his body pressed into mine, keeping me pinned. When I moved to slap him, Itachi grabbed both my writs and trapped them above my head with one hand. He smirked, "Annoyed, Ichigo?" I narrowed my eyes to slits, "Stop it." I hissed at him. His smirk only grew larger, "Why?" I tried to struggle, but the best I could do was just wriggle underneath him. Itachi's face grimanced slightly and suddenly he was off me, as if he were never there. I blinked at the ceiling for a minute before turning to look at my boss, "Will you tell me now?" "No." He snapped over his shoulder, walking towards the bathroom.

I glared at the back of his head, "Fine. I'm calling Sasuke." I grumbled under my breath so he couldn't hear me and stop me. I pulled out my phone and dialed my second boss's cell phone. "What?!" Sasuke shouted as a way of greeting, I had to jerk the phone backwards to keep from losing my hearing in my right ear, "Hey Sasuke-san, sorry I called early, but I need to know what's gotten Itachi-san all worked up. He won't tell me and is sulking around like a-" The phone disappeared from my hand and I turned to see my boss glaring at me. Still scowling at me, he told Sasuke, "Never mind." Then he hung up and crossed his arms, the stance made I feel like a child again when I had done something wrong and my dad was about to chew me out. I crossed my own arms, "Now will you tell me?" He shook his head and walked back into the bathroom, taking my cell phone with him. I followed soon after.

Itachi was bent of the sink, brushing his teeth, his dark hair still loose around his shoulders. I scowled at him for hogging the sink and grabbed my brush from my vanity bag and began the long and complicated task of brushing out my tangled hair. My hair was always unruly, even with half a bottle of conditioner everytime I washed it, ointments to smooth out the tangles, and tying is back before I went to bed. I was just lucky that I had the time to care for my hair now, when I was in high school it was even worse.

My boss was still brushing his teeth when I finished gathering my hair in a tidy but stylish bun. I glared, I knew he was doing it on purpose now. I stood there for another minute, toothbrush in hand ready to be used, in case he decided to be nice and let me at the sink to at least wet my toothbrush. If anything he got more in my way. I growled a curse under my breath and nudged him aside with my hip, running my toothbrush under the still running water (which bothered me to no end, but when you're a millionare like Itachi it really didn't matter) before he could shove me aside again. I glared at him through the mirror while I scrubbed my teeth. We had a glaring contest the entire time both of us were brushing our teeth. I spat the foam out of my mouth and gurgled water to wash out the remainder. Itachi, being the germ freak that he was, seemed disgusted. I only smiled and patted my mouth dry before prancing out of the bathroom.

I never thought it would take Itachi longer than it took me to get ready. But then all I did was brush my hair and teeth and get dressed. Itachi had to take a shower, dry his hair, brush it out, tie it back, brush his teeth (four times), dress in a business suit, and shave. Though he still did all that faster than a woman doing the same thing, Itachi came out twenty minutes later looking as crisp as ever. I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him from my seat on the bed. I had on my dark grey pencil skirt, white blouse, feminine suit jacket, red heels and a floppy bow that hung around my neck. Itachi raised an eyebrow at my standard apperance, "You know the formal dinner is tonight." I nodded, I had the dress I wore to my high school reunion for the dinner hanging in the hotel closet along side one of Sakura's old prom dresses for the charity ball that took place tomorrow night. While Itachi packed his laptop I asked, "Are you going to tell me now?" He shook his head and I sighed, "Then can I have my cell phone back?" Again he shook his head. I clenched my fists. So far today was worse than yesterday and it wasn't even seven yet!


At six that night Itachi and I both arrived in the hotel's large dining room for the formal dinner. The formal dinner had become a tradition four years ago when Nagato had proposed to Konan, it was kind of their anniversery. Being the closet romantic that I was, I thought it was sweet... but still hated it because I had to wear a floor length dress every year. All day Itachi and I had been arguing more than usual and glaring every other second. It was safe to say that the other Akatsuki Incorperated represenatives were very amused by our attitude towards each other.

It got worse. Since I was his assistant, I had to sit beside him for the dinner. He sat on my right with Hidan, the Akatsuki represnative that I could stand the least, to my left. I just wanted to have a sudden heart attack and die. All night I was glaring at my boss and then turning to ward off yet another advance from the white haired pervert. Hidan's actions seemed to make Itachi even more irritable, but then that could be because of my constant question if he would tell me what was bothering him or not.

After the dinner I snuck back to the room, I was more antisocial than Itachi and I hated most of the represnatives anyway, and all of their fangirl assistants. I was not going to mingle with a bunch of business people, one of which I wasn't on speaking terms with anyway. I was already dressed for bed and in the process of climbing into said bed when Itachi stormed in, his usually stoic face a thunder cloud. "Do you know how rude that was?" He snapped. I could only assume he meant me leaving after the dinner.

I crossed my arms and slouched down under the covers, glaring, "It's also rude to keep secrets from your assistant, and stupid." Itachi looked like he was about to pop a vein, but I continued before he could say anything, "I mean, I am you assistant, I'm here to make your life easier and less stressful. If you won't tell me I can't help you, thus I can't do my job." It was twisted logic, but it seemed to make sense. Itachi stood there glowering for a minute before sighing and sitting down to until his dress shoes. I waited. When it was apparent that he wasn't going to say anything I spoke, "So... are you finally going to tell me or not?"

It seemed that that was the last straw, Itachi twisted around and shouted, "My father died, okay?!" I jerked back and accidently fell off the bed. Poking my head over the edge of the bed, I watched my boss sitting there. I blinked, I didn't know Fugaku-sama well, the only time I really talked to him was during my interview to be Itachi's assistant. I frowned, it was weird that Itachi was angry that his father was gone, but then it was Itachi. Who knew how his mind worked.

I cautiously came around the bed and sat beside him. Itachi glared at the floor, refusing to meet my gaze. Being around him almost twenty-four/seven for the last seven years I had learned how to read my boss, but I still couldn't see what he was thinking now. He blinked several times before turning his head away. My eyes widened as I realized that Uchiha Itachi was trying not to cry. I bit my lip and looked at my feet, then glanced at Itachi out of the corner of my eye. I could remember when my dad died, I had locked myself in my room and wouldn't come out no matter what my brothers said. When I finally had come out both Hayaku and Ryuu tackled me with hugs, I had never felt so loved until then. As I watched Itachi sitting there, looking so lonely even though I was sitting beside him, I couldn't help it. I hugged him.

Itachi stiffened in surprise then turned to look down at me. I pulled away, "I'm sorry about your father... he was a good man. I-I'm sorry if I bothered you too much, if I had known I wouldn't have-" I shut up when Itachi pulled me into his arms. I blinked several times, then smiled and hugged him back. Sometimes even the most successful, richest and stoic people needed a hug.


Mwhahahahahahaha! Couldn't help it with the ending! AND there's a surprise in the next chapter!

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