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Meanwhile Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Nope I don't own Naruto!

Okay, Fernlight gave me this wonderful idea and Silent-Himitsu approved it, so... I reveal to you... wait for it... a... series of Meanwhile Back at the Office chapters! In other words, this takes place during the weekend Itachi and Ichigo are all cozy in that single bed hotel suite ;P

Kasumi belongs to Fernlight.

vvv Sasuke's POV vvv

I yawned tiredly, already irritated. I didn't understand why I had to be at the office early since Itachi was gone, it wasn't like Itachi never came in before noon during the weekends, but then he had Ichigo, the perfect assistant. I had little Miss Incompetent and Rude. I had no idea why I made that stupid bet with Ichigo, I couldn't right out fire the pink haired menace, she had to do something first. I tried everything I could think of, but Ichigo apparently calmed Sakura down before she could make a mess of things each time. I knew this was my chance to win the bet. I needed Sakura to make a scene. I grinned, remembering a time when we were dating that resulted in our break up.


"Why don't you take the rest of the day off? You look tired." I said at normal quitting time to regular businesses. It was true, Sakura looked like hell with her usually perfect hair frizzing around her large forehead and the shadows under her eyes more prominate than usual. The pink haired woman shot me a cautious look, "I can-" Whatever she was going to say was cut off my a huge yawn. I rolled my eyes, "Go home. You look exhausted." Sakura blinked surprised then stuttered. "O-okay... uh.. good-night Sasuke." I didn't correct her on the absence of the honorific, I knew she hated that. I smiled, "Good night Sakura." My assistant disappeared. I grinned when the door shut behind her and pulled out my cell phone, scrolling through the names until I reached the one I wanted.

"Yo! You're lucky enough to call Uchiha Shisui, what'chya want?" My cousin shouted over the noise in the background, "It's Sasuke, I need Kasumi to help with a prank." A overly hyper voice shouted in the background, no doubt Shisui's girlfriend, "Did I hear my name and 'prank' in the same sentence?!" Shisui yelled back an answer before saying, "Well, hey, little Cuz. How's the business treating you? Heard you got in some woman out for your money, but what else is new? Oh wait! Did Itachi finally ask Ichigo out?!" I sighed, everyone, myself included sometimes, thought that Itachi and Ichigo were a perfect couple. It was amusing that the two didn't realize everyone wanted them together. "Put Kasumi on the phone, I need to discuss-" "Hey Sasu-kun! So what's the plan? You know I'll agree to anything if I can get a laugh out of it." Kasumi interrupted him. Shisui snapped something about theif, but Kasumi didn't react to her boyfriend's accusations. Sasuke quickly explained the bet and what he had in mind. The woman on the other side laughed and wholeheartedly agreed.


Sorry that it's super short… The Back at the Office chapters will be short because it's 8:16 on Monday morning and I don't care… :D Sorry I'm NOT a morning person.

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