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Meanwhile Chapter 2

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My excuse for not updating: Too busy with Rediscovering, my brother came home, and lastly I was sick with a major case of FREAKIN' WRITERS BLOCK! And since I'm forcing myself to write this, It could possible be VERY short.

And so the Meanwhile Back at the Office mini-series continues. Kasumi still belongs to Fernlight.

vvv Sasuke's POV vvv

The weekend flew by the way it always did, except that I made sure to be extra nice to Sakura. It was actually pathetic how much something so little like saying 'please' and 'thank you' made Sakura blush. Really. We weren't in high school anymore, it was embarrassing how obvious she was. She was falling in love with me all over again. Tomorrow Itachi and Ichigo would return to the office at lunch. I had to get rid of the pink haired brat before then. Last night after work I had gone over to Shisui's house and outlined the plan to both Shisui and his girlfriend. All I needed to do was to get Sakura to admit to her feelings tonight.

"Sakura." I said as we left the office. The woman had a hard time meeting my gaze, another sign that my plan was working. "Do you want to go to dinner with me?" I asked. Sakura's head jerked up as she stared at me with her wide, and beautiful, green eyes. I tilted my head, waiting for her answer. She turned away for a minute, nibbling at her lip, weighing the consequences in her mind. Finally she met my gaze again and slowly nodded. I flashed her one of my winning smiles. So far so good. "Seven then. Wear something nice." I said as I slid into my personal car. I watched as Sakura climbed into the company car that I had permitted her to use. I smiled, everything was going to plan.


"...and that time when Ino accidentally fell into you, pushing you into me, do you remember that?" Sakura asked, laughing. Apparently a little wine was all that I needed to get her to talk. I smiled, that was one memory I actually remembered fondly. Sakura and I hadn't been the best couple, but we still had our share of good times. Like being able to tease Ichigo without having to suffer from my brother's wrath. Itachi believed that if Ichigo worked so hard to help both of us, she shouldn't be harassed. I dare not mention the fact to Sakura, since she was actually friends with the brat now.

Sakura looked at me, "You're awfully quiet." She commented and took another sip of her wine. I smiled and reached over to push a stray lock of hair behind her hair, "I was just admiring your beauty." I said softly. Inwardly I wondered why women liked such stupid comments. Most of my former assistants were fired because they kept fishing for compliments and I had grown tired of it. Sakura, of course, blushed. We fell into a silence that was neither awkward or comfortable.

Finally Sakura looked up at me, her sea green eyes serious, "Sasuke... what happened to us?" I paused, my fork half way to my mouth. Slowly I set the utensil back down. I knew what happened, Sakura had broken up with me because she thought I was cheating on her, but I couldn't tell her that without making her mad, "I don't know. We were young and foolish." I said. Sakura seemed to mull over my answer, then she spoke again, "Why are you being so nice to me?" I kept the smirk off my face, now was my chance. Instead I reached over and cupped her cheek, "I want to correct past mistakes." I stated calmly. Sakura's eyes widened and her pale cheeks turned rosy.

Everything was going to plan.


FINALLY! *gasping* Finished!

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