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Meanwhile Chapter 3

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The last chapter of the Meanwhile Back at the Office mini-series. Kasumi still belongs to Fernlight.

vvv Sakura's POV vvv

I practically skipped to the office the next day, I hadn't felt this happy since I had started working for Sasuke-kun. At first I had been suspicious of his attention, but there was no way Sasuke would ever say such things he did last night unless he meant them. Maybe he had really changed. Or maybe he always felt that way for me, but couldn't show his feelings because of his brother. I really didn't care! He liked me and that was all that mattered. Sasuke even let me come in late, not even normal bosses did that!

"Good morning!" I chirped to Suki, the Uchiha receptionist. She only grunted, not looking up from her fashion magazine, but that didn't faze me. I was on a mission! Walking to Sasuke's closed office door, I intended to walk in with the best smile and happiest aura I could muster, it wasn't too hard since I was already floating on Cloud Nine. I gripped the handle and tried to turn it only to find that Sasuke had locked his door. That was odd. Sasuke never locked his door during office hours. Could it be that he wasn't here yet? I turned back to Suki to ask her when I heard a girlish giggle coming from inside.

Frowning I pressed my ear to the wooden door and concentrated on listening. Whispers, giggles and soft cries of ecstasy left no room for doubt what Sasuke was doing in there. I blinked as I stood there, feeling the hot prick of tears against my eyes. I blinked quickly to clear the blurriness clouding my vision, but it was hard. All of what Sasuke said throughout the weekend, it had all been a lie. Sasuke didn't want me back, he just wanted someone to flirt with and I had been the foolishly eager target. He had done it again, made me believe that I was the only one and turned around to cheat on me. As I stood there, cursing my stupidity, the cries from inside slowly became louder until everyone in the lobby could hear it. I took a step away from the door, glaring at it as if trying to burn a whole through the wood. I clenched my fists, whoever came out first was going to get it.

The cries died down. There was a few more whispering and two pairs of footsteps walking towards the door. I cocked a fist back, ready. This was going to be the surprise of the century. As Sasuke's office door slowly slid open I could hear the girl he was with asking, "So tell me more about this girl." She seemed haughty, as if she couldn't believe someone was foolish enough to love Sasuke. Then I realized... I was the girl they were talking about. Sasuke chuckled warmly, something I hadn't heard since high school, "She's my assistant and actually believed I cared about her. She was only a momentary distraction until you got here. It's ironic she ever thought I could love such a flat-chested creature." I gritted my teeth and clutched my fist tighter until my fingernails dug painfully into my palm.

The minute the door was all the way open I let all my anger and hurt stream through my arm as I swung my fist. I saw the briefest glance of blue eyes and for a moment I thought it was Ichigo. The girl ducked as I automatically pulled back, trying not to hit her since I thought she was my friend. But it was too late, even though I didn't hit her I slammed my fist right into Sasuke's chest.

vvv Ichigo's POV vvv

"I'm so glad that this weekend is over with. Now we can both forget this ever happened." I sighed as the elevator opened to the top floor of Uchiha Corp. Towers. Itachi didn't get a chance to respond since yelling filled the air, "You little bitch! Why did you punch me?!" We could hear Sasuke clearly. Sakura shouted right back, "Because you strung me along then turned you back on me you little man-whore!" "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!" Sasuke near-about shrieked. Itachi sighed. I could tell by his expression that he didn't want to deal with this. "I quit! I'm not going to work for a womanizer anymore!" I stiffened when I heard Sakura shout. Itachi and I exchanged glances then walked forward, splitting the crowd that had gathered like they were nothing.

"What is going on here?" My boss asked and everyone froze. Sasuke was on the floor just inside his office, a hand over his gut while Sakura towered over him, murder shining in her eyes. A girl I didn't recognize was clutching the door frame, laughing uncontrollably. All three stopped what they were going to turn to Itachi and I. My boss raised an expectant eyebrow. Sasuke cleared his throat, but before he could speak Sakura cut in, "This little player made me lose my job." "You quit, you dumbass." Sasuke corrected her hotly. Sakura whirled on the younger Uchiha, "Why you little-" One glare from Itachi shut Sakura up.

In the tense quiet I heard muffled hysterical laughter. I glanced down at the girl that seemed to had caused the whole problem, but it wasn't her. I tilted my head and followed the low sound to a janitors closet, everyone's eyes on me. As I stood outside the closet door, I suddenly recognized the laughter and yanked the door open to reveal a breathless Shisui and a video camera. He grinned and held up two fingers, "Greeting!" He said smoothly for just being caught red-handed. Itachi looked from his cousin to Sasuke, who looked down mulishly.

I returned to Itachi's side, Shisui in tow, as Sasuke finally explained the prank. Sakura looked more and more embarrassed with each word until she was as pink as her hair. I glared at my second boss, furious beyond belief. Even though he didn't admit it, I knew this was all because of our stupid bet. He was so focused on winning that he didn't even care if he shattered Sakura's heart in the process. My hand moved before I knew it.

I slapped Uchiha Sasuke hard across the face.

Before he had even time to react, I was in his face shouting, "You dare hurt someone all because of your reputation for never losing?! That's a new low, even for you, Uchiha! I can't believe you would stoop to such a level, leading your ex-girlfriend and my best friend on like that for your own f***ing personal gain! I swear if you ever try something like that again I'll-" Before I could finish Itachi yanked me away from his younger brother and into his office, slamming the door shut.

Safely inside the quiet dark office Itachi glared at me, one hand on the door to prevent anyone from coming in, "Don't you dare yell at him again." He hissed. I glared right back, "Why? He deserves it after what he did." Itachi kept his scowl for a few moments longer before shaking his head and looking down, his shoulders shaking. For a moment I thought he was crying, but then I heard a smothered noise and knew he was trying not to laugh. I crossed my arms, "Glad it's so amusing to you..." I muttered. Itachi shot me an amused look, "I'm not laughing at the dilemma. You should have seen your face..." He said before snickering. I growled at him, but didn't say anything.

Itachi straightened, all mirth gone from his face. He stared at me with a deadly seriousness that I stopped sulking and waited for him to speak. "I can keep Sasuke from firing you, but only if you don't attack him again." That was an almost impossible order. It would be ages before I could even look at the man without having the urge to strangle him. "And what about Sakura? She's the real victim." I asked. Itachi nodded, "I'll talk to my foolish little brother... in the mean time, will you promise to refrain from even glaring at Sasuke?" I waved a hand, "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just keep him away from me and we have a deal." My boss didn't acknowledge my answer, he just glanced out the clouded window at the blurry crowd outside, waiting for him to reappear and cast his final judgment. He turned back to me, "In the meantime, take the rest of the day off and try to cheer Sakura up." He left without waiting for my answer. I just blinked at the door he had closed behind him... did Itachi really just give me the day off? In the seven years I had worked for him, he had never done so.


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