Rule 3

Chapter 16

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Shisui shook his shaggy head, "Nothing doing." He said decisively. I glared at him, my hands braced over his desk, "Shisui... you were part of that prank. You should do something. Besides, do you want to be sending an innocent man to jail for something he clearly didn't do?" I snapped. Shisui gave me a stern look, "We don't know that. Until you have evide-" "If you don't pay for my brother's bail, I'm going to the press with that story from three years ago." I said flatly. Shisui frowned a little, counting back remember what evil thing he did three years ago, then his eyes widened as he stared at me, "You wouldn't dare." He said. I smirked, knowing I had won. "Give me the money for my brother's bail and the story will remain untold."

He still didn't look entirely convinced. I tapped my chin exaggeratedly, "I wonder what Itachi would say if he knew... He'd probably disown you or-" "Fine! But don't you dare tell Itachi!" I grinned at him and held out my hand. Shisui, glaring darkly at me, and wrote something down on a slip of paper. "Come to this address at three tomorrow for your money." I smiled, accepting the paper flippantly, "Thank you for your business, sir." I said, unable to keep the smugness out of my tone. Shisui crossed his arms and slouched down in his chair, "You know, you and Itachi would make a great couple. You two enjoy torturing people too much." I stomped down on my blush by saying, "Says the man who videotaped that stupid prank Sasuke pulled." "I didn't participate in it! And it wasn't torture!" Shisui whined. I glared at him, "No, it wasn't torturous. It was malicious and cruel. Sorry, but I think that's worse than torture and blackmail." I stormed out of Shisui's office without another word.


"Aunt Ichigo?" Taka said as I set his dinner in front of him. I sat down beside him at the table and pushed Raion off in the process, "Yes, sweetheart?" Taka kept his eyes on his plate then shot me a nervous look, "Can I stay wif you? I wike here betta than at howm." I blinked at him, "But don't you want to see Daddy?" I asked. Taka nodded vigorously, then said, "But I wike goin' to wok wif you." I smiled and reached over to ruffle the three year old's hair, "Well you still have to stay with me for a while. And we'll see if Itachi-san will let you come to work with me for that time. Okay?" Taka nodded eagerly, his little face brightening so much that I couldn't help but smile at him. He looked so sweet, I was tempted to keep him, but I knew Hayaku would murder me. I tapped his plate, "Now eat. We have to get up early, no more repeats of this morning." Taka grinned and began shoveling in his dinner, I didn't bother to correct his table manners, somehow I didn't think he would listen.

The next day was slow. It wasn't even eight and I had already finished everything Itachi wanted me to do. Sighing I hit send on the notice to inform the people at Sarutobi Industries that Uchiha Corp would indeed look into the legalization of the mile long contracts the company was having to sign for building permits. I slumped down in my chair and glanced over at Itachi and Taka. Having a good night's rest did wonders for my little nephew; instead of sleeping most of the day Taka had been pestering my boss with an endless amount of questions. It surprised me how patient Itachi was being with Taka. Normal people would have lost their temper by now, but Itachi kept that calm polite tone he always used. He had even let my nephew climb into his lap to peer over the desk better as Itachi worked. Both looked so relaxed, like they did it everyday. As I watched them I realized that Itachi would be a great father one day. I blushed when I realized what I was thinking and checked the time to distract myself, only a few minutes had gone by. Three o'clock seemed like a century away, I wanted the money from Shisui and I wanted it now!

At noon I tried to pry Taka from Itachi so I could take him with me on the lunch run, with no luck. My nephew had attached himself to Itachi and wasn't about to let go, I doubted Hayaku would be able to drag Taka away. I tried everything, from bribery to threats, but nothing would work. Itachi seemed amused, "Seems he doesn't want to leave." My boss observed coolly. I glared at him, "I think I can see that, Uchiha." I growled at him. Itachi didn't respond, but turned to Taka, "Aren't you hungry?" He asked. Taka thought hard, "Not if I haf to go wif you." My nephew finally said. I groaned, only six hours and already he was acting like a mini Itachi. That was the last thing I needed.

"Oh for the love of- we're coming back, Taka! It isn't the last time you'll see Itachi!" I exclaimed, throwing my hands out. Taka and Itachi glanced at me then exchanged a look, "Aunt Ichigo is annoyin'." My little treacherous nephew grumbled. Itachi chuckled, "You have no idea, Taka." He said smugly, while staring at me in such a way that I blushed. Itachi leaned back in his chair, "There is a simple way to solve this problem where Taka goes with you, Ichigo." From the look on Itachi's face, I knew I wouldn't like the answer.


My blush seemed permanent, "I swear if I have to hear another cute family comment I'll scream." I growled to myself. As if to test my proclamation, yet another old woman cooed over how Itachi and I must be so proud of such an adorable boy like Taka. I had given up trying to explain that Taka was my nephew and Itachi was my boss, seeing the pointlessness of it after the eighth time it had happened. My blush only deepened a little more, I was surprised I had any blood left in my body. I noticed Itachi watching at me, "What?" I snarled at him. He gave me a small amused smile, "I'm waiting for you to scream." He said in a mockingly cheerful voice. My eye twitched, to hear Itachi teasing was like hearing Seimei offering to take care of my cat, the world had to be ending. "Aunt Ichigo, Itachi-san, can I haf candy?" Taka asked then. "No." I said just as Itachi smiled and said, "Yes." We both glared at each other while Taka looked between us, confused.

"He'll spoil his lunch." I started, to which Itachi counted with, "So hold it until afterwards. Aren't you supposed to be the best aunt in the world?" Taka cut in before I could answer, "Aunt Ichigo is the bestest aunt in tha world!" I was ready to forgive him for betraying me for Itachi when he said, "I wish you was my unwle, Itachi-san." I couldn't help the small grown escaping my throat as I buried my face in my hands, "Oh Taka..." I moaned, not knowing if I should laugh or cry. My poor clueless nephew was looking confused again. Itachi cleared his throat, "Um... thank you, Taka." I shot my boss a surprised look, was he really at a loss for words? Laughter bubbled up when I saw the pale rosy hue dusting across Itachi's cheeks. Maybe the trip to the mall with my boss wasn't so bad if I got to collect blackmail material from it.

Unfortunately one of the women who came to the mall in the soul purpose of man hunting spotted Itachi. "Heyyy, why haven't I seen you here before, handsome?" She said in what she thought was a silky voice. If I had been Itachi's girlfriend/ mother of his 'child' I would have been offended that she didn't even glance at Taka and I; as if by not looking at us, we would disappear. I couldn't help but feel a little offended anyway, but I refused to believe it was because she had Itachi's attention. Itachi's nearly invisible blush disappeared in a heartbeat, "Hn." Was his only response. The woman looked a little surprised that he wasn't falling for her before she recovered, "So my name is Kin, what's yours?" She started again. Instead of responding this time, Itachi turned to me and asked, "Where are we eating for lunch?" I smiled at him, "I'm in the mood for onigiri myself." I knew Itachi hated onigiri, but he would do anything to get away from rabid fangirls. As I predicted, Itachi shot me a dirty look, but nodded and practically dragged Taka and I away.

When we got back to the office, both Sakura and Sasuke were glaring at each other while the rest of the employee's looked uncomfortable. Itachi and I exchanged looks, whatever had been between us was gone by then, leaving behind the working relationship I was used to. Taka stood behind us, too busy stuffing his face with gummies to pay attention to the drama unfolding right in front of his face. "I told you..." Sasuke ground out. Sakura huffed, "I don't care what you told me. You may be my boss, but you're not the boss of me. So what if I'm having lunch with Kiba, that's none of your business!" I rolled my eyes, hoping to God that Sasuke really wasn't acting like a jealous boyfriend, especially after the stunt he pulled. "I don't care who you suck the face off in your free time, but while you're at work, you are to go to your lunch breaks and come back, no wasting time with idiot males." Sasuke growled. "Ichigo can do whatever she wants on her lunch break!" Sakura whined and I heaved a small sigh while Itachi shook his head in disappointment. Sasuke rolled his eyes, "I'm not her boss, Itachi is. I am, however, your boss, and you will do what I say." They returned to silent glaring.

That was when Taka decided to speak up, "Aunt Ichigo, do they wike each other?" He asked, turning his candy smeared face up to me. Itachi actually snorted, his shoulders shaking with silent laughter while I scowled at him. I ignored both him and the two blushing hot heads in favor for my nephew, "Why do you say that, honey?" I asked sweetly. Taka squirmed not liking being the center of attention, "Daddy says people stawe at each other wike dat when they wuv each other." He finally said. I couldn't help but sigh, "Your father has a twisted mind, is what." I muttered to myself then turned to Taka, "No sweetie, they..." I trailed off then shot a smirk at Sakura and Sasuke, "Actually yes they do like each other, but they just don't want to admit it." My second boss and best friend yelled my name, but I was already fleeing into Itachi's office, knowing if I didn't disappear they would strangle me. One the bright side, it was the first time I ever heard Itachi really laugh before.


"Shimo Ice Rink?" I asked out loud, looking down at the scrap of paper Shisui had given me yesterday. Itachi, who had come at the demands of Taka, shrugged, "Kasumi is a figure skater, this must be where she practices." I huffed, "Great... the last person I wanted to see." I grumbled to myself. Itachi raised an eyebrow as he held the door open for Taka and I, letting a blast of cold hit me like a slap in the face, "She's not that bad, just obsessed with pranks." He explained. I hummed, I would be the judge of that. She had been a part of the prank that broke my friend's heart, my respect for her wasn't off to a good start, "Let's just get the money." I said dully.

Shisui was easy to find, he was the only person in the whole building sitting at one of the tables, tapping his fingers nervously against the scratched surface of the wood. Taka walked right up to him, "Awe you tha man gwiving Daddy the money?" He asked. "Taka..." I hissed at my nephew. Shisui looked down at the three year old with surprised eyes then up at Itachi and me, "Yours, Itachi? I didn't know Ichigo and you were so serious." He asked sweetly. We both glared at him, "You watch it." I growled. Shisui just smirked, "Is that a blush I see?" He asked the air, then looked at Taka, ignoring our glares, "Yes, I'm the man giving your father the money."

"Hey." A breathless voice sounded behind me. Itachi and I turned while Shisui stood, a large smile on his face. The girl I remember from the prank stood behind us, panting slightly, her hair curling over her ears in wisps. Except her hair being more blonde then red and her eyes being a lighter blue, we almost looked alike. It was kind of freaky, like seeing a paler version of yourself. She smiled and stuck out her hand towards me, "So you're the girl who has an infinite amount of blackmail on my boyfriend. You've gotta share some with me." Kasumi said, pumping my hand. I gave her a small smile and managed to shake her hand off without seeming too rude, "Then I can't make him do everything I want." I said in a polite tone. Itachi shot me a knowing look, he knew I was trying to make an effort to be nice, and failing. All I could think of was this girl in front of me laughing at Sakura as she nearly cried. Shisui smirked, he saw right through me too.

Taka peeked around my leg, "Aunt Ichigo... who dat?" He asked me shyly. I patted him on his head before turning to Kasumi, "Taka, this is Kasumi... Kasumi, my adopted nephew Taka." Kasumi squealed over Taka, "Ohhhhhh you're just a cutie! I just want to take you for myself!" She suddenly perked up and turned to me, "Can I?" I dropped the painful politeness, "What?! You expect for me to just give up my nephew?!" Itachi and Shisui looked amused while Kasumi pouted, "It was just a question..." She said then bounced right back into her happy mood, "So anyway, I've been trying to get Shisui to tell me everything about you, but he won't tell me anything besides you've worked at Uchiha Corp as long as Itachi-san as his assistant and that, surprisingly, neither of you are dating yet." Itachi and I glared at Shisui again, but he didn't seem fazed, as always.

"We're not dating, and have never considered dating." I growled at Shisui, who seemed suddenly interested in his fingernails. I reached over the table and poked him in the middle of his forehead to get his attention, "So. Get. That. Through. That. Thick. Skull. Of. Yours!" I said, poking him after ever word for emphasis. Shisui smacked my hand away and rubbed at the red spot appearing just above his nose, "One of the reasons why you two would make a great couple. Both of you are the only people I know who poke foreheads." He commented. Itachi narrowed his eyes, "You're on a one way to being dead, Uchiha Shisui." My boss snarled, with more venom in his voice than usual. Shisui pretended to shiver, "Ohhhh so scary!" He teased, Itachi scowled darkly and Shisui shivered for real. Kasumi laughed at him, "You're such a phoney."

I rolled my eyes and held out my hand, "Just give me the money before I tell everyone right here what happened three years ago. You have three seconds before I head to the intercom. Three... Two..." I started dryly. Shisui held up his hand, "Wait, wait, wait, wait! Before I hand the money over to you, don't you want to have fun first? Can you skate, Ichigo?" I narrowed my eyes, "Two and a half..." I said as my response. Shisui sighed and dug out a fat envelope, "Here it is, all 100K. Seriously, I think you need to have some fun though, all that serious work at Uchiha Corp is going to make you into a sour puss." I gave Shisui a look, not appreciating his joke, "I'm already a sour puss, give me the money. Or I'll tell Itachi where happened to Ryota." Shisui growled at me and slammed the envelope in my palm, "Fine, dictator." He growled at me. I gave him a smile, "I've been called worse." I said sweetly.

The whole time, Kasumi had been laughing and Itachi smirking at our exchange, "Oh Ichigo, you're freaking hilarious! Who knew?" Kasumi said between giggles. I shrugged, counting out my money, "Some people." I responded dryly. Taka suddenly tugged on my slacks, "Aunt Ichigo? Can you tweach me to skwate?" I looked down at my nephew, I had almost forgotten he was there. "Uhhh..." I couldn't skate myself, never having found the time. Kasumi took over immediately, "I'll teach you, Taka! And Itachi can teach Ichigo!" I glared at the girl, but she was already talking to Taka about the basic points of skating. Shisui snatched the money back before I could react, "Go on, let Itachi teach to to skate." He said cheerfully, leaning back in his chair. I eyed Itachi, but he didn't seem incline to refuse. I wondered why...


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