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Chapter 2

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I moaned and rolled my head back, giving him better access to my neck. Feeling his teeth on my tender skin sent shivers shooting down my spine. He moved to cover my mouth again, pressing his tongue against mine, enticing me to fight back. I moaned again and he leaned farther agianst me, pressing me into the wall. I knew we were going to end up in a room tonight, the way he kissed me told me exactly what he wanted and so far I was willing to give it to him.

My cell phone buzzed in my pocket and I groaned. The man I was with pulled back in confusion, his pearl colored eyes wide and filled with lust. I held up a finger and glanced at the caller ID, Itachi. Sighing I answered it, "Hello?""Ichigo, do you have the files from last week?" Was it bad that I knew exactly what he was talking about? "I'm sorry, boss, I don't." "Bring them to my house now." Itachi continued like I hadn't said anything. I supressed a sigh and said, "Right away, boss." Flipping my phone shut I turned to the guy, "I'm sorry, something came up." He pouted, "Can't you spare ten minutes?" I shook my head and ducked under his arm to avoid anymore questions.

I waded into the sea of dancing club members and found Ino and Sakura dancing with their men they had chosen for the night, "Hey, I have to go." Sakura paused long enough to ask, "Why?" I said over my shoulder, "Boss wanted something, see ya!" I ran out of the club and hailed a taxi, "Uchiha Corperation, please. And step on it." I told the driver as I shut the door. I could have used the company car, since I had worked there long enough, but all the drivers for the company were probably at home by now. I didn't want to interrupt their night like Itachi was interrupting mine.

The driver mused from the front seat, "Uchiha Corp, huh? Must be nice working there?" I quirked a smile, "It is, if you don't mind having no life." The man glanced out of his rearview mirror at me, "Demanding bosses?" I shrugged, "You could say that." The driver let the conversation drop. Luckily the driver got there quickly and I made him wait for me so he could drive me to the Uchiha mansion. Running into office I took the stairs, the elevator would take to long. Besides, after working for Itachi for seven years, I had grown used to running up and down seventeen flight of stairs in the middle of the night, sometimes only in my pajamas. I zoomed into Itachi's dark office, grabbed the files he wanted plus the ones I knew he would need with them, and ran back down to the taxi just as it stared to rain.


I knocked on the door of the Uchiha mansion while the taxi that carried me sped off, it's driver twenty-five dollars richer. Seiji, the parlor maid, answered the door. She took one look at my dripping self and rushed me in, "Come with me." I followed her maid down the marble hallway towards Itachi's personal study on the ground floor. Seiji knocked gently and cracked the door open, "Uchiha Itachi-san? Ms. Ichigo is here with the files." I could hear Itachi's low voice say something, but I couldn't make out what. Seiji opened the door wider and stood aside to let me in. Itachi silently held out his hand, waiting for the file.

I opened my rain soaked briefcase, which I had thought to grab at the last minute at the office, and pulled out the files from last week. Just as I gave them to him I sneezed. Itachi flinched and finally met my gaze. I sniffed and shuffled though the briefcase for the other files, "Here are the ones from that file to the present, Itachi-san."

Itachi narrowed his dark eyes and cast a suspicious look at the files in my hand, "You're not sick are you?" Itachi was a major germ freak (A.N. XD) and wouldn't come near anyone who had so much as the sniffles. I shook my head, "I'm sorry, Itachi-san, I was caught in the rain on the way here. It's nothing." To me it may be nothing, but to Itachi, it was the worst thing. "Shizuko!" He called and Shizuko, another maid, came in bowing. Itachi waved towards me, "Get her out of here." It would sound rude to anyone else, but I knew he didn't mean it like that. I followed the girl out of Itachi's office, passing Seiji, who was kneeling on the floor wiping up the water I trailed in. I felt sorry for her, I could only hope that she didn't hold it against me.

As Shizuko lead me back to the front door, Mikoto came out of the parlor, "Ichigo!" She said softly, surprised. I smiled at her, "Mikoto-san, I was here to give your son something from the office." Mikoto frowned, she didn't like any of the men in her family bringing work home. Her expression changed when I sneezed again, "Oh dear, you're soaked to the bone! You can't go back out like that, come." Silently I followed her. Though the Uchiha men were closed off, Mikoto was nothing like them. She actually treated me like a human being and not another robot.

"So, how's work been?" She asked as she poured me a glass of hot chocolate. I rubbed my hands in front of the fire she had ordered built for me, "Same old." Mikoto laughed, "I'm sure you don't want to talk about work do you? Not with you living it twenty-four hours a day!" I smiled, I truly liked the Uchiha woman, she seemed to know what I was thinking all the time. Mikoto handed me the mug filled to the brim with warm chocolate. I blew on it to cool it down and took a long sip. That was another thing I liked about the older woman, she had so many servants, but that didn't make her any more arrogant. In fact the place you could find her most often was in the kitchen, helping. If only her good nature had passed to her sons, even in the smallest amount. Those two took after their father: stern, stoic, and jackasses.

We talked for a good hour until my clothes were dry and I felt better. Mikoto walked me out and called for their personal driver. When I tried to turn her down she insisted, "It is the least I could do, after Itachi made you come all the way here in the rain and didn't even send for a driver to pick you up. Have a good night and happy birthday!" She said as she closed the door. I shook my head, while it weas a surprise for Itachi to remember my birthday (let alone my name) I always knew Mikoto would remember it.


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