Rule 3

Chapter 19

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"Remember, sir, you have a meeting in three minutes with Sannin Incorp." I said as I set a glass of water down on Itachi's desk and handed him two pills. It had only been three weeks since Itachi first came down with pneumonia, but despite everyone's efforts to keep the stubborn man in bed, Itachi refused to lay around doing nothing. Finally the doctors, with a large amount of bribing I found out later, decreed that Itachi could go back to work, if he only went half days and agreed that someone was to keep an eye on him at all times. Somewhere between the agreement with the doctors and now I had added 'personal nurse' to my long list of duties I performed for Uchiha Itachi; and I wasn't liking it one bit. Itachi was a terrible patient.

As if to prove my point, Itachi tried to give the pills back. I glared at him and pointed my finger at him, "Don't make me shove them down your throat again." I growled. Itachi scowled and absently reached up to rub his throat, probably remembering the day I jammed the pills in the back of his throat and made him swallow. "I still can't believe you did that." He rasped. I gave my boss a look, "You're talking to the woman who steals your cigarettes when she finds them, you know." I pointed out and pressed the pills back into Itachi's hand, "Take these or I'm calling..." I trailed off, there was no one who really had any say in what Itachi did. If Fugaku-sama was still alive, I could probably threaten Itachi by calling him. Itachi smirked, obviously seeing my problem, "Who will you call if I'm uncooperative? My mother? Sasuke, maybe?" I narrowed my eyes at him, then smirked, "I'll call every single one of your ex-girlfriends and say you want to get back together." I said, a smug smile in place. Itachi's expression of pure horror was priceless.

Before I could follow through with my threat, the office door opened and Suki said cheerfully, "Uchiha-sama, Sannin Incorp is here to see you." Itachi tossed back the pills hurriedly, nodding to Suki to show them in. I slipped around Itachi's desk and took my place behind him, notepad at the ready to take notes. Normally I would stay at my desk, invisible to the clients, but Itachi knew how much Jiraiya-sama bothered me so my boss let me stay behind him, away from the creep. Itachi stood, a little more slowly than normal, "Tsunade-sama, Jiraiya-sama, welcome." He said politely as the two Sannin CEOs walked in. I didn't mind Tsunade, her dry humor and rough demeanor was amusing to me, but Jiraiya I could live without. Tsunade, having been a doctor before she became a powerful businesswoman, narrowed her eyes at Itachi, "You look paler than normal, Itachi-sama." Itachi didn't say anything as he motioned the two to take a seat.

After all three were in their seats, Itachi began, "Now, where do you wish to begin?" I poised my pen over my notepad, ready to take notes. Tsunade narrowed her gold eyes, "We're having problems with our former partner, Orochimaru. He's trying to sue us for voiding his contract." I had to say, she didn't waste time with polite niceties. Itachi frowned, "May I ask why you voided his contract?" Jiraiya spoke, "Because he began using the company's profits for his own... personal experiments." The white haired man said with disgust. Itachi stared at the both of them for a while. Jiraiya squirmed, but Tsunade stayed still underneath my boss's heavy gaze, a feat few had ever accomplished. After Itachi had both Sannin uncomfortable, he said, "If you wish to pursue legal actions against Orochimaru, then I need every piece of information you can give me. Otherwise I would not be much help as your consultant and lawyer."

Tsunade's eyes flicked to me, "What he did is rather revolting, perhaps your assistant would like to leave the room." She said. Itachi turned and raised his eyebrows at me, giving me the choice. I shook my head, my place was at my boss's side, as his assistant and personal nurse. I knew if I left the room he would do something stupid. I had already learned that I couldn't even go on a lunch run without Itachi doing something rash.


After the Sannin partners left I went to my desk to type out their case for filing purposes, trying to choke back bile. Itachi coughed and I looked at my boss out of the corner of my eye, "You look a little green, Ichigo." Itachi stated. I glared at him, "If you weren't such a stubborn man, I could have left the room." I snapped back at him. Itachi raised an eyebrow, "What are you talking about?" He demanded. I rolled my eyes, "Shall I list all the dumb things you did when I let you out of my sight? I swear, you're like a little child!" Itachi's dark eyes narrowed and I swallowed, not out of fear but embarrassment at where my thoughts had suddenly gone. I turned away so my boss wouldn't see my blush. I couldn't keep my attraction to Uchiha Itachi a secret forever, sooner or later he would find out and fire me in a heartbeat. I had to get out of that office, if only for a little while, "I'm going to tell Sakura she needs to go on the lunch run." I said and left before Itachi could say anything.

vvv Itachi's POV vvv

My strawberry blonde assistant fled before I could call her back and ask what was wrong. I had never seen Ichigo so flustered before. I frowned, wondering if her attitude stemmed from what I had said while I had been sick. I hadn't remembered what exactly I had said, but I knew that ever since that day Ichigo had acted different around me. I permitted a small sigh as I turned back to my computer, Ichigo was complicated. I had found that out within the week she had been hired seven years ago. As dedicated to her job as I was, and loyal beyond compare, but there was something Ichigo had that I could never name. Something that set my assistant apart from everyone else I knew.

Ichigo came back in before I could ponder anymore on the subject. She looked less ruffled and more herself, but something was still off. It could have been the way she glanced at my almost shyly as she sat back down. I eyed her, once again noticing how beautiful she looked, even in her strictly professional navy attire. I had been noticing that a lot, ever since the Akatsuki business conference a month ago. "Ichigo." I spoke. The strawberry blonde jerked and shot me an alarmed look. I would have laughed at her if I could without coughing, "Remember that the Uchiha Reunion is tonight. My mother wishes for you to attend." I could see her reluctance and added, "Mikoto will be disappointed if you and Sakura don't come." That did it in, Ichigo would never disappoint Mikoto on purpose, she respected my mother too much.


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