Rule 3

Chapter 21

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So... this chapter doesn't have any real relevancy to the plot, it's basically a filler... but I don't care, it's still wonderful!


He leaned in closer to me, his dark eyes smiling. I gulped and tried to look away, but his fingers reached up and grasped my chin, keeping my face immobile. I blinked rabidly, my heart fluttering like a small bird in a cage, frantic to escape. This shouldn't be happening, it was wrong. No, it was forbidden. I shouldn't be letting this happen, it broke all the rules I had been taught, all the rules I had followed to the letter for the past seven years. My mind screamed for him to stop, but my heart sped up, whispering for him to kiss me, to make me his own. Our lips drew even closer, my rational mind had lost all control over my body as my arms reached up to wrap around his neck. This was wrong. This was wrong. My mind whispered frantically, trying to make me see my folly. Closer... closer... we were centimeters apart. Any second now I would be kissing him.

But instead of his lips meeting mind, they moved to murmur two words, whispering them like they were the sweetest phrase on earth, "You're fired." And with that Itachi smirked.


I shot up in bed, spilling a poor indignant Raion to the floor. My breath came in heavily as my shaking hand rose to calm my racing heart. Frantically I pawed to look at my clock: 2:37 in the morning. I let a shuddering breath go free and buried my face in my hands, it was too early for this. Though, there would never be a right time for any of my useless and empty dreams. They were nothing, just a hope that was left to mutate on it's own into something frightening. I shouldn't let it bother me, but I did. I could only pray that it didn't start affecting my work. That was the last thing I needed on top of all my unwanted emotions. Sighing I laid back down and closed my eyes, hoping that by some miracle I would be fall back asleep and not be bothered by unwelcome dreams anymore.

vvv Itachi's POV vvv

I took off my glasses to rub at my tired eyes. The clock in the corner of my laptop read two thirty-eight. It was rare that I stayed up that late, but every time I laid down to go to sleep, I was plagued with annoying distractions. The most recent distractions were centered around memories of Ichigo, though for the life of me I could not fathom why. In an act of frustration I yanked my hair tie out and buried my fingers in my hair, my palms pressed to my forehead as if trying to squeeze the images of Ichigo out. If anything, my actions made the images appear before me, like a switched and been flipped.

It was two years since Ichigo had become my assistant, back when I was still the junior partner of Uchiha Corporation. The strawberry blonde had finally started catching on to her duties ad began executing them with precision. Looking back I don't know how she managed to juggle high school and what should be a full time job at the same time. The fifth of January was the day I found out. Ichigo always woke up at five in the morning so she could be at my office, setting it up the way I liked it then leave to make it to school by seven. I never really cared about her high school life until the day she came staggering into my office early, blinking back tears. It was the first time I ever showed outward concern towards my assistant. I shot to my feet and helped Ichigo to sit down, asking what had happened. To this day I still can not understand what made me do so.

Ichigo sniffed and managed to whisper how my own brother and his friend had humiliated her in front of the entire school population. That was the day that I learned that Sasuke was Ichigo's personal tormenter. I never felt so angry before, but for all the wrong reasons. I hadn't cared that Ichigo was being bullied, I cared that Sasuke was disrupting her work by making her cry. If Ichigo told me that now I had no doubt I would murder my own brother.

I gritted my teeth at the memory, hating myself for being so emotionless to Ichigo. She didn't deserve any of my indifference; she had worked so hard for seven years, yet I hadn't even considered her feelings until recently. I was ashamed of my behavior, there was no way I could ever make up for my past actions. Sighing I laid my head down in my arms, was I to suffer from my dark thoughts all night? I hadn't a moments peace since I saw Ichigo at the Uchiha reunion earlier. She looked so beautiful in that gown with her hair piled high up on her hair, her expression sweet but cunning. There was no denying that all the young men at the reunion had their eyes on my assistant for most of the night. It was hard to believe that just seven years ago she looked ever inch of a geek. I had the privilege of watching her transform from the ugly girl she was to the gorgeous woman who seemed to be in me mind's eye every where I turned.

vvv Sasuke's POV vvv

I sighed boredly, stretched out on my bed, the light of my cellphone illuminating my face. *U bstard i hate uferevr.* Sakura must be drunk, she wasn't one to misspell anything, even after a few drinks. Of course, I had seen her guzzling down glass after glass of champagne with Kasumi at the reunion. But it had seemed impossible to get as drunk as Sakura apparently was by just champagne. I couldn't help but wonder if she and Kasumi had continued their drinking contest after the reunion. *Regardless of your hang over tomorrow, I expect you to be at work* I texted back then tossed the phone on the nightstand and threw an arm over my eyes. I had just been slipping off when my cell buzzed again. I suppressed the groan building up in my throat and grabbed my phone, expecting a respond text. Instead, Sakura was calling me. I rolled my eyes as I accepted the call, prepared for whatever drunken rant awaiting for me.

Instead she sobbed, "Sas-suke? C-can you c-c-come an-and get m-me?" I blinked, my mind drawing a blank. Not even when we dated back in high school did she ever ask for help. I sat up, "And why should I do that?" I asked, mildly interested. I wanted to hear why on earth did the stubborn, strong, and annoying Haruno Sakura needed me for. She continued sobbing and I felt a twinge of guilt, she sounded terrified. After a moment of listening to her sniveling I exhale and threw my pride out the window as I asked quietly, "Where are you?" I got another round of crying before my pink haired assistant was able to stutter out where she was. My eyebrows rose in surprise, I knew Sakura liked going to bars, but I didn't expect her to be in the worst one of them all. No wonder she sounded scared. "Give me fifteen minutes." I said quietly and began to hang up, but Sakura begged, "N-No! Please! I-I-I'm so s-s-scared, do-don't h-han-hang up. Puh-please!" I couldn't believe that I felt sorry for her, but to hear Sakura begging was the thing I expected least in the world. I stayed on the phone, trying to reassure her that everything would be fine, as I quickly dressed and raced to my car, hurrying to the club for reasons I couldn't begin to explain.

vvv Sakura's POV vvv

The minute Sasuke's sport's car came to a skidding stop in front of Kikan Na Kurabu, I nearly fell to the ground with relief. I had been stupid and drunk when I came wondering into the club, looking for a 'good time' but quickly learned why Kikan Na Kurabu had the reputation of being the most dangerous club in Tokyo. I hadn't known who to call. I would have gotten a lecture from my parents and Ino for sure. Ichigo would have killed me for waking her up. Hinata was pregnant and shouldn't be bothered, and I knew Naruto should get his rest having to deal with a pregnant woman all day, even one as placid as Hinata. I didn't know of anyone to call, until I got a text from Sasuke talking about how I would have to go to work tomorrow regardless of my hang over. I didn't even have it in me to be angry, I just wanted to get out of Kikan. So I called my boss and begged him to come and pick me up.

Sasuke got out of his car, looking more handsome and dangerous than I had ever saw him. He strode towards me with a purpose in his step and anger in his dark eyes, but his ire was directed at the men bothering me, not myself. I wanted to cry all over again, this time from relief. The men who had been picking on me, making lewd remarks among other things, backed off when they saw the fury burning deep within Sasuke's eyes. When the men had disappeared back into the club, Sasuke finally turned to me. I blinked up at him, stunned at the expression of concern. He gently raised my chin towards the light, inspecting my face for bruises. I wondered what would have happened had one of the men laid a finger on me. Then Sasuke smiled, "You idiot..." He said teasingly, just like he used to when we dated and I had done something stupid but adorable. My chin trembled and I did something that neither he or I expected.

I threw myself in the arms of Uchiha Sasuke and cried.

vvv Itachi's POV vvv

My eyes flashed open when I heard the front door open then shut quietly. I frowned and shook the mouse to wake my computer back up, the clock read five minutes until four. As far as I knew I had been the last one in the family to fall asleep, and the help never stayed past midnight. So who was coming in at such an early hour? I went to investigate. In the left parlor I found the culprit, my younger brother was bent over one of the couches facing away from the entrance way. I frowned at him, "What are you doing up?" I asked quietly, careful not to wake Okaasan. Sasuke jumped a foot in the air and jerked his gaze up to me, his dark eyes wide, but clear. At least he wasn't out drinking.

Sasuke glared at me and pressed a finger to his lips before returning to his task. Raising a curious eyebrow I walked over to him and was surprised to see a sleeping Sakura laid out on the couch, a blanket tucked around her. I shot my little brother a nasty glare, "And what is she doing here?" I growled, feeling strangely protective for a girl I barely knew. Sasuke matched my glare and silently gestured for us to take the conversation out of the room. I narrowed my eyes but followed him. When we were out of danger of waking Sakura I repeated my question. Sasuke crossed his arms, glaring into the distance, "She called me to come and get her from Kikan Na Kurabu." My mind blanked for a split second. Even when Sasuke and Sakura had been dating, she was never the one to ask help from anyone. I shook clear of my thoughts and asked, "Why you? Why not someone else?" Sasuke gave me a look, "Who else could she call and avoid getting murdered or lectured at?" He did have a point.

Still, this couldn't go ignored. I shoved a finger in my brother's face, "You are not to go near her, understand?" I hissed, there had been too many cases against Sasuke this year, I didn't want another one. Sasuke stiffened and opened his mouth to respond, but I poked him in the forehead, "Don't wake her, and go take a shower. You smell like a night club." I ordered, my lack of proper sleep making me short with him. Sasuke glared at me mulishly but did what I asked without another complaint. Once Sasuke was gone I went back to stand over Sakura. I smirked as I watched the pink haired woman sleep peacefully curled up on the couch. I always thought she was a perfect match for my little brother, and it seemed that fate agreed with me. Now if the two would just realize it themselves.


Okay so basically this is a romance developing chapter (not that I mind ;3). Lol the irony of that last sentence XD. Now back to the main plot!

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