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Chapter 22

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The door to Hayaku's house opened just as I raised my fist to knock. I stood there blinking at the person standing in the doorway who was blinking back at me, "Are you with social services?" The question that left both our mouths at the same time. We only blinked even more at that, then answered at the same time again, "No." More blinking. Hayaku came to the rescue then, "Oh good, you've met. Ichigo this is Ayame. Ayame... Ichigo." He waved his hand between us before disappearing again. I shot the woman a suspicious look and slipped around her to follow my brother, "Hayaku, who the heck is that?" I demanded. Ayame followed and asked, "Is Ichigo the babysitter? She looks a little old." I glared at Ayame and she glared right back. Hayaku stood to the side, grinning, his eyes flicking from me to Ayame and back.

He answered Ayame first, "Yes Ichigo is the babysitter. She's the only one I trust with my kids besides my brother Ryuu." Ayame still looked skeptical. I checked my watch, "Haya I have to get back to the office soon, can you gather up the kids please?" I asked, completely ignoring Ayame. She jumped at the opportunity, "You're going to let a woman babysit your kids when she already has a full paying job?!" I glared at her, "My boss is okay with me taking the kids to work." I bit out. Ayame shot a nasty look at me. Hayaku in the mean time looked very amused by us. Ayame's upper lip twitched, "And where to you get off calling him 'Haya'?" She asked.

Just then Taka, Umi and Misa came barreling in, screaming at the top of their lungs, "AUNT ICHIGO!" I forgot my irritation with Ayame and knelt down to accept my nieces and nephew's greetings. I laughed, "That's probably the best greeting I've ever gotten. Why for?" I asked when they finished hugging the life out of me. Misa grinned, "Taka won't stop talking about when he stayed with you!" Umi pushed her twin out of the way so she could say, "Yeah! Did you really let him stay up as long as he wanted and feed him ramen only?" I stiffened when I felt my brother's glare at my back. I pressed my finger to my lips, "Shhhh!" I hissed exaggeratedly, making the three kids giggle. Sheepishly I looked up at my brother glowering down at me, "Ichigo..." He growled.

I smiled at him, "Hey, I wasn't nearly as bad as Itachi-san. It's a wonder Taka was willing to leave after my boss spoiled him like that." Ayame, who I had forgotten was there, asked, "Wait... you're their aunt? But- Hayaku said he hated his sisters." I glared at Hayaku who looked away sheepishly this time, then turned to Ayame, "I'm Hayaku's younger sister, Ichigo. I work at Uchiha Corp for Uchiha Itachi." Ayame's face brightened, "Oh I remember you! You were the one who broke the case of Taihen no Vs. Uchiha." I eyed her, wondering where the snappy woman ran off to. Ayame held out her hand, completely friendly now, "I'm Miyoshi Ayame, a reporter for Konoha Magazine. When I heard about how a woman turned her back on her sister to win a case for her boss, I had to do a piece on her! So I looked up your brother." At that she went a little red and giggled.

Crossing my arms I glanced at my brother, who was also blushing, "Let me guess... I'm babysitting because you finally got a date?" I asked him. Hayaku glared at me, his blush turning a little darker with anger, "What do you mean finally?!" I laughed and pulled out my phone casually, as if checking my messages. Discreetly I pressed the call button and pretended to be listening to a voicemail. "Hello?" A man asked. I didn't waste any time, "Hayaku has a girlfriend!" "ICHIGO! Give me that phone!" Hayaku roared and lunged for me, I laughed and avoided his out reaching arms. Meanwhile I could hear Ryuu laughing over the phone, "So my baby brother's finally grown up. Now all that's left is you and Kayo!" I blushed, suddenly wishing that I hadn't called Ryuu. He just had to bring up the fact that I was single. It made me think of a certain boss back at the office, probably imagining my demise if I was late another minute, "Well I gotta go. Hayaku is trying to strangle me." Ryuu laughed and hung up without another word.

Ayame was laughing along with the three kids, while Hayaku loomed over me, looking murderous. I smiled up at him, "Get in line, brother, because I guarantee you, Itachi-san is going to be the first one to kill me if I'm late another minute."


True to my words, Itachi was standing in the middle of the lobby, arms crossed over his crisp white dress shirt, glaring at me when I herded my nieces and nephew off the elevator. Taka ran for him immediately, "Itachi-san! I back!" He said, proudly puffing out his chest and trying to stand taller. Itachi lost his glare to smile warmly down at Taka, "I see that, welcome back." He said ruffling my nephew's curly dark brown hair. Taka grinned hugely, like he had just won the biggest race of his life, and I took the opportunity to herd the twins into Itachi's office while he was distracted. As I passed the open door of Sasuke's office, he called out, "Ichigo, may I see you for a moment?" I groaned, but did what my second boss told me.

Sakura lit up like a Christmas tree when she saw the twins, "Oooooo kids! I'm going to steal them and take them home with me!" She squealed. Umi and Misa pressed closer to my legs, eying the strange crazy lady before them. I really didn't blame them either, "Yes Sasuke-san?" I asked politely. Sasuke didn't look up from his paperwork. After a full minute I cleared my throat loudly so that the younger Uchiha looked up, and repeated my question. Sasuke smiled, "I figured I would give you a few more minutes free of my brother. Itachi is pissed." I frowned at him, unable to believe that the man you tortured me from junior high to present day would do me any favor. Sasuke, apparently not only was he a jackass but also a mind reader, said "People change, Ichigo." He looked pretty sincere.

"Yeah and I was the most popular girl in high school." I retorted. Sasuke was still smiling, "You were very popular... to tease." I glared, but he didn't even look smug. Sasuke honestly looked like he was just kidding with me like a friend would. I crossed my arms, "Alright, what incurable disease have you got? There is no way in hell that your being nice out of the goodness of your heart." I snapped. Sakura snorted and slapped her hand over her mouth. Sasuke and I both looked at her, but she was busy scribbling away, her head down so that her pink hair covered her face. "My assistant convinced me that you have changed... I'm merely testing if she is right or not." Sasuke explained. I raised an eyebrow, then reached down to grab my nieces' hands, "Thanks for the chat, Sasuke-san, but I need to go before Itachi-san kills me." Sasuke finally smirked, "Leave the kids." He said in a false cheerful voice. I glared at him, but reluctantly let go of Misa and Umi. Sasuke was right, no kid should see their aunt be killed by her boss.

Itachi was back at his desk when I walked in, niece-less. Taka was already settled in my boss's lap, his head poking up over the fancy desk, brown eyes wide as he watched everything Itachi did with avid enthusiasm. I only got one black glare, but that was enough to last me until Itachi laid into me. "You said there were three children." He said, his voice devoid of emotion. I shook my mouse to wake up my computer as I said, "Umi and Misa are in Sasuke's office, Itachi-san." Out of the corner of my eye I saw Itachi's eye narrow, from what I didn't know. Trying to get a read on Itachi was harder then teaching a cat to bark. Itachi spun his chair around and nudged at Taka, "Why don't you go check on your sisters. And tell my younger brother Sasuke to buy you a snack." He said kindly. Taka didn't even hesitate, "Okay!" He said and hopped off Itachi's lap and hurried away.

I slowly turned to face my boss fully, prepared for the ranting of a life time. Itachi was rarely furious, but when he was it was very frightening. I could count on one hand how many times Itachi shouted at me, and every time was one I didn't want to remember. "Did you file away the Yaezaki report?" He asked instead of chewing me out. I blinked, usually Itachi never beat around the bush when it came to yelling at me. I eyed him, "Yes sir... Do you want it back?" Itachi just shook his head as he wrote something down. I frowned, was he not going to yell at me? Itachi, seeming to read my mind, said without looking up, "It would be foolish to yell at you over something infinitesimal, would you not agree?" I eyed my boss, "Yes... but that doesn't make you any less pissed at me." I pointed out. Itachi glanced up at me with his dark gaze, to which I actually blushed and turned away. I was really going to have to teach myself to stop blushing every time that unfathomable gaze met mine.


Kinda short and pointless... but it's the best your getting with my mild case of Writer's Block. I hate these, I'd wish they would crawl back into their hole and DIE!

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