Rule 3

Chapter 25

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Shisui and Sasuke's jaws actually dropped when I was shoved out of the bathroom. "Daaaamn, Ichigo!" Kankuro said then wolf-whistled. Itachi, who had been talking to Gaara, turned when he heard my brother-in-law. His eyes widened when he saw me standing there, my back pressed up against the bathroom door, hands clasped in front of me. In the silence that descended I could hear Kasumi and Sakura laughing from inside the bathroom. Gaara was the first to recover. He slipped past my boss and gave me a small bow, "Ichigo, may I have this dance?" He asked coolly. I blinked at my brother-in-law, which he took as a yes and twirled me onto the dance floor with practiced ease. Suddenly I could breath easier.

Gaara chuckled, "You looked like you were about to hyperventilate." He commented. I shot him a nasty look, "You know I hate being the center of attention." I snapped. The red head smiled down at me, "Yes, I'm aware. Still, I cannot recall you freaking out like that..." My look turned into a scowl, "You try being in a skimpy dress surrounded by three handsome men, all staring at you." Gaara smirked, "I'm flattered you think I'm handsome, Ichigo." He teased and I flushed red, "Excluding family." I added belatedly. Gaara smiled a true smile, which I returned. My red headed brother-in-law was always more laid back around me, being that I was probably his only friend in high school (besides Naruto, who was friends with everyone). "Well don't look now, but not only do you have the eyes of Uchiha Itachi, but practically ever male in the room." I blushed and looked down, but secretly I was pleased that my boss was watching me. Maybe Sakura was right and every girl needed a little black dress, if this was the results.

As Gaara twirled me around, I happened to glance towards our group, if it could be called that. Kasumi, Ino and Sakura had finally left the bathroom and stood with the men watching as Gaara and I danced. I tilted my head in confusion, did Itachi look... angry? Gaara, following my gaze, snickered, "Maybe your boss is jealous." He commented. I rolled my eyes at my brother-in-law, "And why would he be?" I asked. Gaara grinned, "Because I'm dancing with you, and he's not. Whether you like it or not, Taihen no Ichigo, your transformation from a pretty nicely dressed assistant to beautiful mysterious woman has caught the attention of everyone in the room." I fluttered my eyelashes at him, "You think I'm beautiful? I'm flattered to death." Gaara blinked, as if he hadn't realized those words had just come out of his mouth, then smirked, "I'm not the only one... a certain Uchiha trying to burn holes in my head thinks so too." I gave him a dirty look.

After the dance ended, Gaara escorted me back to the Uchihas, made his excuses, and dragged a reluctant Kankuro away. "Awwww... I wanted to dance with Ichigo too!" Kankuro complained as my family walked away. I didn't hear Gaara's response, but whatever he had said stopped his elder brother from arguing. The three girls pounced on me, "That was perfect! Now every single man in the room will be salivating after you!" Ino squealed and I grimaced, wishing she had chosen a better phrase that didn't make me sound like a feast for men. I glared at her over my red cheeks, "Who says I want men staring at me?" I growled. Kasumi chuckled and shoved me in the shoulder, "Too bad, you have no choice!"


"...great profit... practically will run itself... wonderful... technology of... new and improved..." I sighed boredly and made another tally, that was the thirtieth time 'new and improved' had been used tonight during the new business seminar. I glanced up from my notepad at the table, Ino and Kasumi didn't even bother trying to stay awake, they both had their heads down, asleep. I rolled my eyes at their unprofessional behavior, but then they weren't assistants to the two Uchiha brothers. Even so, after the first twenty presentations, everyone, even the Uchiha, were looking pretty bored. Sighing I ripped off a blank page from my notepad and scribbled down, When is this seminar over?! before passing it to Itachi. He took it without flinching and unfolded it, then he wrote something down and passed it back. So eager to dance with me, Ichigo? I glared at Itachi's neat handwriting, feeling the blush starting to creep up my neck, I'm not even going to answer that Itachi-san. I slid the note back. Itachi smirked when he read what I had written.

Oh really? I guess I'll take that as a yes then. My blush only deepened and I glared at my boss, but he seemed exceedingly interested in what was being said. My hand flew across the page as I wrote back, my letters becoming jagged with embarrassment, Believe what you will, even if it's a lie. I practically tossed the paper at the back of Itachi's head, but he caught it. As his dark eyes scanned over my response, they filled with amusement, then he wrote back, It can't be a lie when it's written all over your face. I wanted to pull a Hinata and faint. Did he guess how I truly felt about him? Or was Itachi just teasing? I eyed my boss, trying to get a read on him, but even after working with him for seven years I could never know what exactly Uchiha Itachi was thinking. You never answered my question. I wrote down and passed the note back to him.

As I waited for his response, Shisui leaned over and hissed, "Are you two really passing notes?!" I blinked and looked around at our table. Everyone, even Ino and Kasumi, was staring at both of us. Itachi silently passed the folded note back as if nothing was wrong, I unfolded it to reveal his latest message: Tell Shisui to mind his own damn business. And the seminar should end in about an hour or so. I smirked at Itachi's cousin, "Itachi-san said to mind your own business." I hissed back, which earned a snicker from Sasuke and Kasumi. Shisui just blinked at me. "I actually said 'damn business'." Itachi corrected nonchalantly, causing Sasuke to choke on his laughter. Shisui blinked at us again, "Still... the thought of Itachi passing notes." My boss shot his older cousin a withering glare. I quickly scribbled down something and passed it to him. Itachi actually chuckled and looked at Shisui, he held up the note, "Even Ichigo thinks you're annoying." He said before folding the note and sliding it into his jacket pocket. I stuck my tongue out at a pouting Shisui and turned back to my tally marks.


The last dance before the Joushi-joshu Dance finally ended and I returned to the table what my 'group' had staked out. Itachi and Sasuke were the only ones sitting there, the others having gone off to dance. I would have stayed too, except Kasumi had practically forced me into the arms of a man I didn't even know... and he didn't let go until I finally got fed up and began stomping on his feet every chance I got. At least he was decent enough to blame my 'accidents' on himself before he limped away. I flopped unceremoniously down in my seat and snagged the first drink closest to me, not caring to check what it was. Itachi snatched the half full wine glass from me with a glare, "Water or nothing." He growled. I glared back at him as I reached for my glass of water. Sasuke was grinning easily from across the table, "So kind of you to watch over your assistant, Nii-san." He said cheerfully and got an infamous Uchiha Glare from his older brother, "One more comment out of you and you're on In-office Suspension." Itachi threatened. Sasuke stiffened, "You wouldn't dare!" He snapped. Itachi gave him a look that said try me. I giggled at the two and took a sip of my water, it wasn't often that I got to see this side of either of my bosses, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

"Well you three look cozy over here." Shisui said as he plopped down in his chair, "But then you've always been close knit." I eyed the older Uchiha, wondering how drunk he had to be to think that the Uchiha brothers and I were close knit. Itachi appeared to be thinking the same thing, since he asked, "How many drinks have you had?" Shisui grinned easily, "None. And I can take the breathalyzer test to prove it." The chief of police shot back before leaned back in his chair, his arms crossed over his decorated police jacket, "And you three are close knit. I mean if I asked Sakura, who is Sasuke's ex and currentassistant, what Sasuke liked to do in his free time, I'd probably get some general answer. If I asked Ichigo the same question she'd probably give me a minute-by-minute play of his schedule, then Itachi's schedule, the phone numbers of all his ex-girlfriends, and health records." Sasuke scoffed, "So? You're just proving that Ichigo is an excellent assistant." I couldn't help but stare at the youngest Uchiha, surprised he would compliment me offhandedly.

The chief of police smirked, "Would an assistant tease her boss? Or passes notes during a meeting?" Shisui asked. I rolled my eyes, so this was what it was about. "What has got you so upset about Itachi-san and I passing notes? We've do it every year during the seminar." Shisui blinked at me, surprised. Itachi and Sasuke chuckled at their older cousin while I groaned, "You never noticed, did you?" I asked, though I already knew the answer.

Shisui was saved from answering when the music stopped and the orchestra director said quietly into the microphone, "Ladies, gentlemen... please clear the dance floor for the Joushi-joshu Dance." I watched mildly as everyone returned to their tables while the bosses lead their assistants out onto the dance floor. Most of the assistants were female and pretty, all giggling and blushing as their bosses turned to face them. The assistants didn't seem to mind if their boss was old or young, handsome or ugly. To them, being invited to dance the Joushi-joshu with their employer was like being named prom queen. It was a show that their boss actually did care for them on a level that wasn't strictly business. I smiled at the lone male assistant as he wrapped his arms around his female boss, who looked almost as closed off and cold as an Uchiha. Her assistant leaned down and whispered something to her, making a small smile edge up on her face. I smiled at the dancers as they waited for the music to start, tonight there was no rank between them. Tonight they wouldn't be bosses and assistants, but just women and men dancing.

Movement entered my peripheral and I glanced at the hand outstretched towards me. Slowly I drew my eyes up the arm to meet the eyes of my own boss, his expression something akin to amusement and... something else that I could not identify. Itachi smiled and bowed a little, "May I have this dance?" He asked teasingly. I blinked up at him, blushing ever so slightly, I had completely forgotten that Itachi had asked me to dance the Joushi-joshu for the first time. My eyes went back to Itachi's hand, still waiting for me to place my own in his grasp. Slowly I reached up and timidly laid my fingers in my boss's palm. His small smile grew a little as he helped me out of my seat and lead me out onto the dance floor. My own mouth twitched to mirror his smile.

Just for tonight, the third rule didn't apply.


You're going to kill me for putting the dance off again, aren't you?

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