Rule 3

Chapter 26

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There was a brief hush that fell over the crowd as Itachi lead me out onto the dance floor. I giggled a little, despite the blush forming underneath my make up, "I take it you've never danced with your assistant before..." I said teasingly as he spun me around to face him, the skirt of my little black dress wrapping around my thighs. Itachi's hand gripped mine firmly as his other arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me flush to his chest. I gasped, all teasing forgotten. The only other time I had been this close to Itachi was during the Akatsuki conference a month ago, when we were forced to share the same bed. Thinking back on that fated weekend, I wondered if it was then that I had started to develop feelings for my boss or if they had just surfaced. I blushed at the thought.

Itachi smirked down at me, "Nervous?" He asked arrogantly and I shot him a dirty look, "You're enjoying this." I accused him. Itachi's smirk turned into a soft smile as the music started and he began the first step of the Viennese waltz, "Yes I am, but not for the reasons you think." He murmured. My eyes widened as I met his onyx ones, was he trying to tell me something? No! I shook my head and looked down, he was just being nice. There was nothing behind his words, it was just wishful thinking on my part. I turned my thoughts away and concentrated on not stepping on Itachi's feet. I wasn't a horrible dancer, having taken ballet classes when I was small, but being in the arms of my boss and crush was making me extremely clumsy and nervous. Luckily, Itachi was skillful enough to evade all my stumbling feet. "You dance well." I managed to say. My boss chuckled humorously, "My mother thought dancing was a necessary skill to know, especially when I grew up knowing I would take over Uchiha Corp when my father died."

I blinked, was it just me or did Itachi sound... resentful? I glanced up at my dance partner and found his expression, which had been open most of the night, was as stoic and emotionless as a statue. "Itachi... was your life really planned out for you?" I asked, not bothering to add the honorific to his name. Itachi glanced down at me, a flicker of surprise flashing through his eyes, as if he had forgotten I was there. Instead of answering me directly, Itachi spun me out, my dress swirling out like a black fan, before drawing me back in, my back pressed to his chest. There was a few moments of silence as I concentrated on not accidentally stomping on my boss's toes, before Itachi said lowly, "Yes. From day one, I was expected to be the next CEO of Uchiha Corp." He spun me back out again before I could answer, then returned to the first position with me pressed up against him.

"It must have been hard, giving up on your dreams." I said sympathetically. Itachi raised an eyebrow at me, "And what about you? Don't tell me your dream was to be an assistant all your life." He said, though not unkindly. I blushed and shook my head, "I never knew what I wanted to be. And after I graduated from high school, I was so used to being your assistant I never thought of trying to be anything else." I confessed. Itachi didn't say anything as we twirled around the dance floor. Somehow we ended up in the center of the floor, a soft spotlight narrowing on us as Itachi continuously spun me around and around. I didn't fear of tripping over something or getting my dress tangled between my legs, with Itachi in control, I didn't have to worry about anything.

Finally he brought me back into his arms, "I wanted to be police officer or detective. I liked helping people; but then my father convinced me that becoming a lawyer would help more people so I gave up on my dreams." Itachi said. I stared wide eyed at him, surprised that he even told me what he wanted to be when he was a child. In the seven years I had known him, Itachi was not one to share his secrets. He smiled at me, "And what about you? I'm sure there was you wanted to be something when you were younger." He said teasingly. I blushed and looked down, "It's embarrassing..." I mumbled trying to dissuade him from asking. If anything Itachi was more interested, "Oh?" I blushed, "I... I wanted to be a ballerina." I said softly, knowing he wouldn't let it go until I told him. I had might as well get it over with. Itachi chuckled as he once again twirled us around, "You're right, it is embarrassing. Especially since you can't barely move three steps without stumbling." As if to prove his point, my left foot got tangled around my right and he was forced to drag me a little before I found my footing.

I glared at him, "Normally I'm a good dancer! I'm just nervous!" I snapped. Itachi smirked and spun me again, "About what?" He asked when I was back his arms. I panicked, there was no way I was telling Itachi that I was nervous because of him! That would lead to questions I didn't want to answer. "Be-because I'm worried that if I step on your feet I'd lose my job." I said hurriedly before he thought I was lying. Itachi grinned, "Good thing I can avoid your clumsy feet then." He said easily and I stared at him with an open mouth, "You mean you'd seriously fire me if I stepped on your foot?!" I asked, shocked. Itachi actually threw his head back and laughed. I noticed almost everyone in the room was staring as Uchiha Itachi, a man known for his stoic nature, laughed at something his assistant said.

vvv POV Change vvv

Sakura sighed dreamily while Itachi-san and Ichigo danced. It was like something from a fairy tale where the rich handsome man taking a notice at someone who wasn't part of his social class. It was every woman's dream to be noticed by someone like that. And Ichigo was living her dream right now, in the arms of her boss. Sakura could see it on her face, even from far away, the pink haired woman had never seen Ichigo look so happy before, nor could she recall a time when she saw Itachi laugh, not even when she was dating Sasuke. She deflated a little at the thought. Though Sakura wouldn't tell anyone, ever since that stupid prank Sasuke had pulled on her when Itachi-san and Ichigo went to the Akatsuki conference her feelings for her ex-boyfriend had reappeared. Sakura looked at Sasuke out of the corner of her eye, wishing that he had asked her to dance as well, but knew that would never happen. To Sasuke, she was just a ex-girlfriend turned assistant. She wasn't even the ex-girlfriend, just one of many. Sakura hadn't been Sasuke first girlfriend and she certainly wasn't the last, but she was the 'high school sweetheart' that had to count for something...right?


Gaara smiled softly as he watched his sister-in-law dancing with her boss. He was glad that she was enjoying herself. Gaara knew how rare it was for Ichigo to be happy, having been friends with her since grade school when Sasuke and his group started picking on the both of them. He had seen first hand what those jerks did to Ichigo everyday, for no reason except that she was vulnerable as a kid. And then when she started working for Itachi-san their second year, it turned ugly. Luckily, soon after that Naruto had become her friend so the teasing died down a little, but not by much. Sasuke still took personal joy in torturing his elder brother's assistant. It didn't help that Ichigo's hygiene had deteriorated during those last few years, having almost no time to take a bath.

Gaara shook his head to rid himself of such memories, tonight was Ichigo's night. The red head could tell that his sister-in-law was enjoying herself immensely in the arms of her boss. Mildly Gaara wondered when exactly did Ichigo fall in love with the man she had worked for so diligently without fail for seven years.


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