Rule 3

Chapter 3

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The first thing Itachi said to me when he got to the office at ten was, "Sasuke fired his assistant. I want you to personally look into a new one." I raised and eyebrow and jotted down the note. I did many things for the Uchiha Corp, but hiring was not one of them. Itachi, sensing my unasked question, said, "You are the most senior employee here." I gave him a look, "Usually Sasuke choses his own assisstant." Itachi actually snorted, "And how has that turned out?" He retorted. I rolled my eyes and stood, "Fine, but I get a raise." "You're already the highest paid person here!" He snapped as I walked out the door. There were things I got away with, talking back to my employer was one of them.

Suki, the receptionist, was cleaning her nails as usual. She didn't even look up when I stopped by her desk, "So what are the masters making you do now? Give them a son?" She asked dully. I glared at her, Suki was one of those people who got along with no one. "No, I need the records of hirings." I said and Suki sighed as if it would kill her to turn around and give me a folder that sat by her elbow. She pushed the foot thick folder down the desk in front of me, "Here, take it." I didn't even bother to thank her.

For the next hour I sat through interview after interview, most of them being fangirls trying to act like they didn't like the Uchiha men. They all horribly failed. At lunch I was furious. I stalked into Sasuke's office and slammed the folder down on the desk, shaking it. Sasuke didn't even look fazed, he just raised an eyebrow, "Why can't you freaking keep a hold of a stupid secertary?! Is it really that hard!?" The youngest Uchiha just said, "Hn." I shoved a finger in his face, "I'm going to get you an assistant, one I pick out and you can't do anything about it. If you fire her, I swear to God I'm quiting right then and there! Do. You. Understand. Me?"

Sasuke didn't seem very thrilled with the threat, "And what if she turns out to be another phycopath?" I scowled, but answered anyway, "If that happens, and I mean IF, I'll go two months without pay. Deal?" I held out my hand. Sasuke looked unused to have his employees getting the final say in anything, but I had been working at Uchiha Corp longer than he had. Besides Itachi-san didn't mind, in fact he prefered my opinion in somethings. Reluctently he shook my hand and I grinned. Already I had the perfect canadit for the job, hopefully she would actually want to work for Uchiha Corperation.


"WHAT?! You want me to work where!?" Sakura shouted. I cringed and waved my hand, "Keep your voice down, I have a headache." Ino sniffed, "If you had ignored that call last night, you would feel better." I rolled my eyes and turned to the blonde, "Unlike you, I have to work to keep my job. I just can't sit around and look pretty." Ino blushed and Sakura snickered dispite her her mood.

Before any of us could say anything else, there was a gasp and suddenly arms were around my neck, "Berry! I haven't seen you in forever!" I yelped in surprise and leaned back to look at my attacker, then jumped up and hugged Hinata properly when I saw it was her. "Hinata! I haven't seen you since graduation! How are you?" Ever since I had taken the job at Uchiha Corp, my life prior to that went out the window. I only saw three people I graduated with on a regular basis, Sasuke (granted it was against my will), Sakura and Ino. Hinata waved away my question as she sat down, "Same old. Same old. Oh wait, you don't know the same old!" She laughed.

I stared at her, "You don't stutter anymore?" The Hyuuga woman smiled, "Nope. My father forced me to go to speech therpists all through college, then I married Naruto which made everything-" I shook my head and cut her off, "Wait, you married Naruto?!" I really was behind. It was Hinata's turn to look confused, "Yeah, I sent you an invitation, but you never responded. Sasuke was the best man, I thought he might have mentioned something to you, but were too caught up with work to do anything." Ino laughed, "Four years later and she's still caught up with work! Ichigo never has time off." I groaned, I remembered that Sasuke was in a wedding a few years ago, but it was during one of those converance meetings that Itachi always dragged me to.

Hinata shot me a concerned look, "Really?" I shot Ino a glare, "She's exaggerating." Sakura smiled at me, "Yeah, sometimes Ichigo has a lunch break." I rolled my eyes and gave up, I wasn't going to win against both of them. I turned back to Hinata, "So you married Naruto. What else did I miss?" Hinata gripped my hands and squealed, "I'm going to have a baby!" Apparently that was news to Ino and Sakura too, because they screamed, bringing the attention of everyone around us to them.

When everyone calmed down again, Hinata asked, "So what's up with you?" I sighed, I really didn't want to discuss it, but I said, "Uchiha Corp." My friend laughed, "No I mean besides that." Ino put in for me, "She almost got laid last night! Then her boss called and she left." Hinata had that concered expression on again. I sighed, "My boss is very demanding, but as long as I have a job. Actually..." I said, darting a look towards Sakura, "Sasuke needs a new assistant and I'm supposed to hire her. Now I think Sakura would be the perfect person for the job but..." "NO! I'm not doing it!" Sakura yelled, "As you can see, she doesn't think so." I finished.

Hinata perked up, "Sakura, I think it's a great idea! You'll be working with Ichigo and you'll finally have a good-paying job. You can finish college and get that medical degree you were working for!" Sakura hesintated at the mention of her on-hold degree. "Well, that's true..." She said to herself and I ran with it, "Perfect, all we need is a personal interview and two letter of referances." I stood before Sakura could protest and chirped, "Hope to see you there!" I could hear Hinata and Ino laughing behind me as I left.


I pushed Itachi-san's door open with my hip, holding my cellphone with my shoulder while trying to write what the client said down. Itachi didn't offer to help me and I didn't expected him to. The minute he started acting like a gentleman was the minute I had a heartattack and died. "Yes ma'am... Mmhm... Yes, we do try to- what?... Oh... yes, I am... That's nice, but... I understand that... Yes... But... WE'RE NOT HIRING!" I flipped the phone shut and set my things down on my small desk by the door.

Itachi asked without looking up, "Who was that?" I hung my coat on a peg by the wall (I wasn't allowed to use the coat rack) and said, "Another offer for Sasuke's assistant." Itachi looked up, his onyx eyes empty as always, but when he spoke I knew he was angry, "You threatened to quit..." I sighed, I should have known Sasuke would blather to his older brother, "Yes I did. I'm tired of having to train new girls, then being blamed for not training them well enough. I told Sasuke that if he fired the girl I chose then I woud quit and only then." Itachi returned his eyes to his paperwork, "And have you found this perfect assistant?"

I pursed my lips, "I have a few people in mind, but I'd like to keep my options open." The Uchiha met my gaze again, "Like you did when you started working here?" I glared, "Well with this company's reputation of hire and fire, I had wanted to make sure I had a job to go back to in case you did fire me. I was after all a sophomore in high school." Itachi let the subject drop and I moved on to more pressing matters, "The Takashima client wants to meet with you personally before they make any deals and you have a meeting at four to discuss the rise in the net gross. Oh, and apparently our news agent heard a rumor that the girl Sasuke fired today is claiming he raped her." That brought Itachi's attention up, "What?" He asked in a deadly quiet voice that always scared me. Silently I gave the notices over to him and walked out.

"What do you mean, you had to come here?" I heard Sasuke snap. Curious I peeked into his clouded window and saw a blur of pink that could only belong to one person. Without knocking I opened the door, "Sakura, glad you could make it. If you'll come with me, we'll get to the interview just as soon as-" Sasuke cut me off, "What's the meaning of this?" I smiled innocently, "Sakura is here for an interview as your assistant." "I know that! I don't want her working here, get her out." He growled, his hands pressed against his desk. I waved Sakura towards the door, "We have a deal, sir. I get to pick your assistant and you can't say anything about it." I closed the door, not giving Sasuke a chance to respond.

Sakura spoke as soon as the door clicked shut, "Just let me walk out of here and we'll forget this ever happened." She begged as I lead her to Itachi's office, "He's waiting for you." I said as I shoved her in Itachi's office and closed the door behind her. There was a few minutes of low murmuring and the door opened again. I raised an eyebrow, "That was quick. What did he say to you?" Sakura glared, "That if I got this far then it was obvious that I was a perfect pick for Sasuke...san..." I grinned, I knew it killed her to give an honorific to Sasuke and that just made my job all the sweeter.


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