Rule 3

Chapter 29

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"Where are the conversations from July 7?" Sasuke asked, searching through the papers spread across the large oval meeting room table. I glanced up at my second boss as I highlighted yet another line, "I put them by the May 2 conversations. Why, are they not there anymore?" I asked curiously. Sasuke shook his head, "I don't see them. Are you sure you put them there?" He asked snippishly. I glared,"Yessss..." I hissed before returning to my own stack of papers to sort through. Let the little prick find his own stupid papers, if he was going to be incompetent than he should blame himself and not me. Beside me Itachi shot me a dark look, probably warning me to be nice. I was tempted to stick my tongue out at him, but refrained. After Taka's very embarrassing marriage questions, I had been acting awkwardly around my boss, like I was a new employee still unsure of what I could get away with.

Sakura shifted nervously beside me, "Uh... I think I checked July 7 for the July 11 conversations." The pink haired woman said nervously. We all stilled and turned to her, trying to figure out is she was joking or not. As big a case as this was, where both Sasuke and Itachi worked as joint lawyers, we couldn't afford to have any set backs; and mistakes were huge set backs. Sakura sunk lower in her chair and nudged the papers she was talking about towards me. Before I could check to see if she was right, Sasuke snatched them away. His dark eyes quickly scanned the documents before he cursed, loudly. "Damn it! You imbecile, you just set us back by weeks! If our client withdraws the case because you screwed up, I'll sue you for everything you own!" Sasuke shouted, coming to a stand and towering over his poor assistant. I inhaled sharply, intending to defend Sakura; but Itachi shot me a sharp look, his message clear. It was not my place to interrupted. Once clear that I wasn't going to say anything, Itachi calmly returned to his note taking.

Sakura, being Sakura, didn't back down though, "I didn't know, you jackass! If you wanted me to do a good job then you should have been more specific and told me which conversations were supposed to be highlighted!" Sasuke looked livid, his pale skin was starting to turn red with rage. Taking one deep breath he prepared to lay into Sakura, probably with enough profanities to make Hidan proud, but Itachi cut him off with his cool tone, "I do believe that is enough." Both Sasuke and Sakura stiffened before turning to Itachi and I. I rolled my eyes, it was hard to believe that those two idiots were actually a few months older than me. I felt years older than them at the moment. Itachi finished writing out his thoughts before looking at his younger brother and Sasuke's assistant, "Perhaps a change is in order if you two are going to act like children." I struggled to hold back my laughter at Sasuke and Sakura's equal expression of shame. They did indeed look like two kids being reprimanded by their parents.

Itachi smirked and shot a quick loot at me. I had a dreadful feeling that whatever he said next none of us, myself included, would like. "Sasuke, you seem to want an assistant with experience... take Ichigo for a while." "WHAT?!" Both of us shouted at the same time. "I am not working with her!" Sasuke shouted, his hands planted firmly on the table as he leaned over to glare at his brother. Itachi remained unaffected. I was tempted to clobber him for coming up with such a harebrained idea. Sasuke and I would kill each other before lunch was over! And that was a fact! I glared at my boss, "Itachi-san... do I need to check you into a hospital... because that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard come out of your mouth!" I shouted. Itachi's bangs actually fluttered a little from the power of my yelling, but he didn't seem to mind. Sasuke however, turned his glare on me, "Respect your boss." He snapped. I just snarled at him before turning my glare back to Itachi. My fight wasn't with Sasuke... yet. Itachi didn't seem at all troubled about the murderous intent coming from Sasuke and I, "I've watched you two for years. You've never gotten along, now is a perfect time to lay the past to rest. Starting tomorrow, you two will work together until you can get over your differences." Sasuke opened his mouth but a glare from Itachi made him shut it, "No arguments." Itachi said in flat tone. I crossed my arms and sulked while Sasuke made a face that seemed awfully similar to a pout.

Sakura looked nervous, her skin pale, "It-Itachi-sama, what about me?" She asked. I could tell by the look of fear in her green eyes that she was afraid she was about to be fired. A month ago she would have jumped at the chance to quit this job, so what had changed? Itachi shot an impassive look at Sakura, "During the time Ichigo works for Sasuke, you will be my assistant." Sakura turned even paler and her right eye twitched at the thought of having Itachi as her immediate boss. Itachi stood up, "Effective immediately. Come Sakura, we need to correct your mistake." Itachi said, his voice once again devoid of all emotion. Sakura gathered the conversations she had messed up and ran after my boss, her pink hair waving behind her as if in a mocking good-bye. Once they were gone, Sasuke and I glared at each other with equal amounts of hatred.

I wondered which one of us would kill the other first...


Oh I love rivalry between those two! XD And I know some people are going to ask, so I'll just go ahead and say it: I know Sasuke was being nice for a few chapters and now we're back to Base One with Ichigo and Sasuke. It'll be explained in the next chapter!

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