Rule 3

Chapter 32

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"Sasuke: 2 Ichigo: 32" I said boredly when Sasuke finally blinked. The man across from me growled, "Would you stop keeping count?!" He snapped, rubbing his eyes. I shrugged and glanced around the cramped closet that Itachi-baka had locked us in, "Not my fault you can't win a staring contest." I said mildly. "That's because I'm not playing, you dumbass." He growled. My foot struck out and it connected with his shin, "OUCH! What was that for?" He snapped, reaching down to rub where I kicked him. I shrugged again, "Stop calling me names. I'm not the helpless little girl from high school anymore, jackass." Sasuke kicked me in the knee, "Hey!" I yelped and narrowed my eyes at him, "Hitting a girl? How chivalrous of you." I growled sarcastically. Sasuke didn't look sorry, "Never stopped me before, why should I care now? Besides, if I'm not allowed to cuss, neither are you. Hypocrite." He muttered the last part under his breath, but I heard him anyway. "Jerk." I shot back. Sasuke gave me a glare which I returned, "Brat." "Spoiled little rich kid." "Trashy commoner." "Duckbutt." "Strawbatty." "Vain." "Worthless." "Arrogant." "Ugly." "Immoral fool." "Righteous hippie." "Antisocial freak." "Bleeding heart idiot." "Cold hearted sadist." Sasuke suddenly smirked, "Infatuated assistant." He said smugly.

"...I hate you." I said blushing when I couldn't think of an insult to top that. Sasuke's infuriated smirk grew wider when he realized he had won, "It's quite obvious, you know. I'm surprised that Nii-san hasn't fired you yet." I raised an eyebrow, "Oh? Then when are you going to fire Sakura?" I asked coolly. Sasuke glared at me, "I am NOT in love with her." He growled lowly. I sneered, "Please. I'm not blind, Sasuke. You've been making cow eyes at her since that business meeting. The dress she wore was lovely... wasn't it?" I cooed mockingly. Sasuke snarled, "I don't like Sakura." He repeated stubbornly. I sighed, "Are all Uchihas hard-heads, or just you and your brother?" "I do not like Sakura!" Sasuke said again. I smirked at him, "Really? You sure about that? You could have fired her at any time if you didn't like her." I teased. Sasuke gave me the infamous Uchiha Glare, which was no where near as powerful as Itachi's, "That bet we have prevents me from firing her." He snapped. I grinned innocently, "You sure? If I remember correctly, the bet was that Sakura wouldn't last a month... The day before the business meeting was the day the bet ended." Sasuke gave me a look and my grin widened when I saw something gleaming in his dark eyes, "But you knew that... didn't you?" I asked, even though I already knew the answer.

Sasuke looked away, "You won the bet, what do you wish. I said you could have anything." He growled mulishly. So he was trying to change the subject. Fine. I could make it work. "My wish has two parts." Sasuke glared at me but didn't say anything. Both he and I knew that I could wish for anything since I won, even wish for more wishes. I held up a finger, "First. I'm going to interrogate you on Sakura, and you are not allowed to lie, or I'm going to broadcast to Tokyo that Uchiha Sasuke lost a bet," Sasuke's glare intensified and I mentally cheered. Sasuke's large ego would keep him honest, he would die if anyone knew about the best he lost. "The second part of my wish depends on your answers to the interrogation." I finished. Sasuke crossed his arms and gave me a hateful look, "Fine. Ask away." He growled. I was starting to like being locked up with my secondary boss, mentally I made a note to tell Itachi 'thank you' later on... after yelling at him first that is.

"First question: why did you start dating Sakura in high school?" I asked, feeling like a show hostess or something. Giggling I held out an imaginary microphone to Sasuke, who scowled at me. "Because she was hot." He said dully, shoving my hand away. I frowned at him, "Really? That's the only reason?" I asked. Sasuke glared at me, "So what?" He snapped defensively and I sighed, "You, sir, are a hopeless prick." I muttered before going on to the next question, "Alright. Question number two: Why did you two break up?" Sasuke frowned, his anger slipping a little as he thought back on the memory, "She thought I was cheating on her. One of the fangirls cornered me and Sakura overreacted when she caught us." I remembered that. It happened only a few weeks before we graduated, but I was too busy trying to get ready for the annual Akatsuki Inc meeting to really care. Naruto was the one who told me about it after I got back from the meeting, not that I had really cared. I had hated both Sakura and Sasuke in high school. I grinned at the Uchiha sitting in front of me, "So... Sakura broke up with you? Must have wounded that unfathomable pride of yours..." I couldn't help but tease him. I got the coldest glare in existence for my trouble. "Next question." He growled.

I thought for a bit, "Okay, after she broke up with you, did you try and win her back?" "No." Sasuke snapped flatly. I pursed my lips in disappointment. "Did you regret not chasing after her?" I asked. "...Next question." Sasuke said quietly. I grinned, his actions spoke enough. Sasuke did regret not trying to fix things with Sakura, I knew it. "If you could fix things with her now, would you?" I probed, nudging my boss with my foot. Sasuke shot me a nasty look, apparently he was really starting to hate this game; but his ego and reputation of never losing a bet were at stake, so he answered, "If Sakura wasn't such an idiot to believe a fangirl over me, then yeah." He snarled. I rolled my eyes, of course he would find a way to blame Sakura. I sighed, "You are a fool." I muttered. Sasuke snorted, "If I'm a fool, then so are you. You've worked for Itachi-nii for seven years, you should know him by now."

I frowned at him, "Oh? What's your point?" I asked, my voice cool. What was his point? I had worked for Itachi for seven straight years, I was loyal above all else. Then came that one stupid weekend where I was forced to sleep in the same bed with my boss. After that I began to have feelings for Uchiha Itachi that no loyal assistant should have. Was it all because of that weekend? Was my feelings just something false, made up because of misunderstood signals? Sasuke snapped in fingers in front of my eyes, causing me to come back to the present. My secondary boss looked irritated, "Stop zoning out, idiot. I said my point was that if you know him, you should know that he shares the same feelings as you do." I actually laughed, "Yeah right. Itachi-san doesn't feel anything for me, other than appreciation for doing my job so well... if that."

Sasuke rolled his dark eyes, "Hey dummy, newsflash, if a knucklehead like Naruto can pick up on your infatuation, what makes you think my very observant brother can't do the same? Especially when Naruto never sees you anymore. Itachi-nii sees you every damn day, idiot. The fact that he hasn't fired you yet for breaking the third rule speaks volumes." Sasuke snapped irritably. I didn't really understand why he was so interested in this. After all he hated me. I glared at him, "Why should I even believe you? For all I know you could be playing with me." I said. The younger Uchiha scoffed, "And why would I do that?" He asked arrogantly. "Because you've done it before, you prick! Don't you remember, you bribed Matsuri into finding out if I had a crush on someone, then you sent Suigetsu after me. Because of your childish schemes, I lost my first kiss to a complete and total ass!" I yelled at him. "...Sorry..." The man in front of me muttered, looking down at his lap. I blinked at him, then stared for a moment, then blinked again. Had Sasuke really just... apologized to me and meant it?! Sasuke's dark eyes flicked up to mine before returning to the ground, "I was a grade-A jerk to you in school, all because your family wasn't as rich as mine. Then I teased you even more because you worked for my brother. I can never make up for what I did to you in the past... but I do regret it." Sasuke said quietly.

I crossed my arms, "I still think you have some incurable disease..." I muttered under my breath. To my surprise Sasuke actually laughed. I stared at him again, wondering where the guy that always treated me like trash had run off to, because the real Sasuke definitely wouldn't laugh, especially not like that. Maybe a false chuckle or disdainful scoff at my dry humor, but definitely not a full laugh. I was going to have to warn whoever was processing the Uchiha's body that he was doing it all wrong. "I can see why Itachi likes you, Ichigo..." Sasuke said shaking his head in amusement. I crossed my arms stubbornly, "Itachi-san does not return my feelings." I growled, fully believing what I said. Why would he? I was just a poor girl from Tokyo, I wouldn't have even known him if my parents didn't find out about that scholarship to Konoha Elite, which eventually lead to me meeting Fugaku-sama and getting that job. No, Itachi thought of me as nothing more than an overly loyal assistant. I had to believe that, I didn't want to get my hopes up only for them to be crushed.

Sasuke snorted softly, "You truly are an idiot. Fine, if he doesn't have feelings for you, then why hasn't he fired you yet?" Sasuke asked. I narrowed my eyes at my secondary boss. So he was going to treat this as another one of his legal cases, was he? He was going to make me admit to it by answering his questions leading up to his point, and thus proving it myself. It was how the Uchiha brothers worked. They made their opponents do all the work and get caught in the webs they spun around themselves. But I had been working for Itachi for seven years, I knew the insides and out of the Uchiha's little scheme. "Because I have tenure for three more years. I am legally bound to the Corporation until my tenth year of working here. I can't be fired." I said flatly, glaring at Sasuke to show him I knew what he was up to.

The man wasn't to be discouraged, I'd give him that, "The third rule of Uchiha Corp states that if an worker should fall in love with one of the bosses, their employment is void effective immediately. If Itachi honestly wanted to fire you, he could go into legal actions to make it so. But he hasn't... why do you think that is?" Sasuke drawled. I deadpanned, "What is this, therapy?" I asked drily before sighing and answering, "I believe Itachi-san hasn't fired me yet because he doesn't want to lose a loyal worker. We both know Itachi-san is strategically minded. Why would he want to waste an advantage by firing me?" "Because Nii-san loves you~!" Sasuke actually sang in a childish voice. I glared at him, feeling the heat rise in my cheeks. I didn't want to have this conversation with the man I hated most of my life of all people, even if he was Itachi's younger brother! I shifted on the floor and looked at the door that trapped me in this stupid little closet with Sasuke. Dimly I wondered how much time had passed since Itachi locked us in here. It felt like hours, but it was hard to tell and neither of us had anyway of checking the time.

Sasuke tapped my forehead with two fingers, hard. I snapped my head around to glare at him as I raised my left hand to rub at the spot, "What was that for?!" I snapped. Sasuke rolled his eyes, "You have a horrible problem of zoning out, you know." He sighed. My glare intensified, "Then stop being so boring, Uchiha-san." I growled. Sasuke didn't react to the insult, which only irritated me even more. "As I was saying... if Itachi didn't love you, would he let you bring those brats here when your brother needs you to watch them?" I kicked Sasuke's shin, "Don't call my nieces and nephew brats, you brat!" I shouted. Sasuke glared at me as he reached down to rub his shin again, "...Brat." He muttered under his breath.

I crossed my arms and leaned back, "Anyway, why do you care about all this? The way I see it, if you hate me so much shouldn't you be looking for ways to make me believe that Itachi-san hates me?" I blatantly changed the subject. Sasuke sighed and leaned his head back against the wall he was sitting against, "When it Itachi-nii letting us out of here? I'm getting hot..." He said to himself. I had to admit he was right, though I hadn't noticed it until then. But it was very hot in the little cramped janitor's closet, especially when our two bodies were emitting heat of their own, adding to the stuffy room. "I'm going to strangle Itachi-san for this..." I grumbled under my breath, bowing my head. Sasuke gave a humorless chuckle, "No you won't, you love him too much." I shot the man a nasty look, "You still haven't answered my question. Why do you care?" Sasuke stared at me for a long time. I shifted, uncomfortable under his dark gaze. It was almost as bad as Itachi's stare, but Sasuke's stare wasn't as fierce at his older brother's; still it was intense enough.

"I care because I love my older brother, and I want him to be happy. If Itachi-nii finds his happiness in you, then I'll do everything I can to make it possible." Sasuke finally said quietly, I almost didn't hear him. I stared at Sasuke, starting to see him in new light. Maybe... maybe this guy wasn't so bad after all. He was trying to help me, even if it was to help his brother. Maybe the kid I knew, the one that tortured me throughout middle and high school, had matured. Maybe... "Even if you are trash." Sasuke finished with a smirk. My expression fell flat as I stared at him, "And here I was ready to forgive you, prick." "Oh you love me, you know you do." Sasuke said in a teasing tone. I mirrored his smirk, "No I don't, but Sakura does~!" I sang mockingly. Sasuke actually blushed a little, to which I burst out laughing.


When Itachi finally unlocked the door at six in the evening, Sasuke and I were sitting propped up against opposite walls of the closet, arguing about whatever came to mind. We had gone from whether or not Itachi loved me back to the interrogation about Sakura; which Sasuke seemed more reluctant to answer with each passing question. When I finally had Sasuke almost confessing about his true feelings for Sakura, Itachi finally let us out. It didn't surprise me that the second the door started creaking open Sasuke burst from the closet, trying to escape me. I growled and chased after him, "Sasuke, get back here! I'm not finished with you!" I yelled. "Yes you are!" Sasuke snapped back as he reached his office and slammed the door in my face. I barely avoided slamming into the door myself. I pouted at the closed door, then turned to Itachi, who was still standing by the now empty janitor's closet, looking amused. "Itachi-san I almost had made him confess to his feelings." I whined. My boss chuckled and shook his head, "I trust that you are over your petty rivalry, then." He stated. "If I say yes will I be able to work for you again? Because even if Sasuke-san and I are on better terms now, I still don't like working for him." I said, eying my boss for any hint that he would make me continue working for his little brother.

It surprised me that Itachi smiled softly, "Very well. I won't force you to work with Sasuke anymore." He said. I opened my mouth to thank him, but Itachi interrupted me, "I believe Sakura and Ino were going to invite you for your annual girl's night out... if you hurry you might catch them." Then he walked back into his office, leaving me standing there in the darkened lobby, staring after him. Since when did Itachi know about Sakura, Ino, and my girl's night out?!


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Penny for Your Thoughts: Zasshi Shigeko is one of the most ruthless reporters for Konoha Daily, her column is dedicated to degrading a certain government agency known as the Akatsuki. But when she is put in danger by a criminal lord out for blood, the men she has discredited are suddenly her only means of protection. ItaOC

Falling out of the Narukoverse: Why oh WHY is my luck so horrible?! Sure I get dragged all over the place with Naruko, she is my friend after all. Sure my family got wiped out by my own sister. Sure the guy I have a crush on doesn't know I exist. Sure I get sucked into a magical portal... wait, is Naruko a dude here?! AU SasuOC (Universe Crossover with a major twist. XP)

Both are Modern Era fics... though you really can't tell with Falling out of the Narukoverse... Anyway Penny for Your Thoughts is more drama and Falling out of the Narukoverse is more comedy. If you have any questions just leave them with your review or PM me and I'll try to clear it up. Thanks so very much for your input!

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