Rule 3

Chapter 34

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vvv Itachi's POV vvv

Where the hell was she?! I checked my watch again, exactly fifteen seconds had passed since I last checked it. It was almost nine. Ichigo was never this late, not even when Taka first stayed with her. If this was revenge for locking her in with Sasuke yesterday, I was going to strangle that woman. Suddenly the phone rang and the receptionist, Suki, answered, "Uchiha Corporation. Office Reception Desk, how may I- Oh. One moment please, miss." Suki took the phone from her ear and opened her mouth, I glared at her, "If it is some fangirl, hang up." I snapped, "And call Ichigo while your at it to tell her she has twenty minutes to get here or start looking for another job." Suki blinked in surprise, she wasn't used to dealing with my anger, no one was except for Ichigo and my family, if even then. "Sir... it is Ichigo, she's calling to tell you that-"

"Give me that." I snapped and snatched the phone from the poor receptionist's hand. I knew I was being stupid, but this was ridiculous. I be nice to the girl who has been my assistant to seven years and she repays me by not showing up, "Taihen No, you had better have a good reason for-" She cut me off, apparently everyone was interrupting everyone today. "Sorry, Itachi-san, but I'm-" Ichigo broke into a horrible retching sound. I couldn't keep the grimace from my face, it sounded like she was trying to empty her stomach in one sitting.

After several minutes Ichigo continued in a raspy voice, "I'm sick... I think I got something from Taka. D-do you need me to come in?" All my anger disappeared with that one question, even when she was horribly sick, Ichigo was still willing to drag herself to the office to make my life easier. I sighed, "No. Stay home and try to rest. Go see the doctor." My assistant gave a breathless chuckle, "Says the man that... hates doctors." She said tiredly. "Get some sleep, Ichigo." I said softly then gave the phone back to Suki, who was staring at me like I had grown two heads. I really couldn't blame her either, it must be strange to see someone change moods so quickly. Much less someone who rarely showed any emotions.

I went to Sasuke's office and opened the door without knocking. Sasuke and Sakura looked at me with equal expression of surprise. I ignored my brother in favor for his assistant, "You're working for both of us. Ichigo is out." I said blandly before turning to leave. Two chairs clattered back and I glanced over my shoulder to see Sasuke and Sakura on their feet, "What happened? She's not fired, is she?!" Sakura said in a panicked voice. I raised an eyebrow at her and the pink haired woman looked down with a blush. "I need the Waraji Company files on my desk by noon." I said instead of answering Sakura's question. I left the girl sputtering at her desk and made my way back to my silent office.


I didn't glance up from my computer when the door burst open; I knew it was someone I probably didn't want to talk to. Sakura was too timid to do such a thing, and if Ichigo had even set foot in the building I would have her tied up and stuffed back into bed. "Oi, oi, oi! What's this? Sasu-kun says that Ichigo is gone, don't tell me you fired her!" I glanced at Shisui briefly, my expression blank. "Don't you have criminals to catch?" I asked drily. Shisui gave me an annoyed look, "You know, blatantly trying to avoid the subject is Sasuke's thing, not yours..." He commented before turning back into his irritating flamboyant nature, "Well, all I've gotta say to you, mister, is that if you did fire Ichigo, you just let a golden opportunity go to waste!"

Slowly I looked up at my cousin. I knew what he was referring to, "You're input isn't needed Shisui." I said dully and reached for a folder Sakura had put on my desk earlier. Shisui cackled like a villainous character from an overly dramatized soap opera, "Oh, so you admit that you let the opportunity go? Tell me why did you fire Ichigo?" Shisui jumped when I slapped the folder down hard. Shisui raised his hands in a surrendering motion and gave me a placid smile, "Alright, alright... you're business is your business. But still, it's kind of strange that you fire her out of the blue, especially after all those years of total loyalty." Shisui's grin turned into a smirk, "Makes the gossip mongers think that the rumors are true about a certain third rule..."

My eyes narrowed slightly, "And just what are they saying?" I asked, my tone sharp. Shisui leaned a hip against my desk and pretended to inspect his nails. "Eh, this and that. What I've been hearing mostly was something about you firing her because an affair went wrong... or something like that." The curly haired chief of police suddenly brightened as if an idea occurred to him and he pulled a magazine out from inside his uniform, "Oh! I forgot about this! Here." Shisui tossed the magazine down on my desk. I groaned as I read the headline of Uwasabanashi Daily; it had only been a few hours since Ichigo called in sick and already the gossip magazines were stirring up rumors of affairs. It was almost like they watched Ichigo and I for any scrap of romance, something I did not understand why. Rubbing one temple I reached over to dial Sasuke's office line.

"What?" My younger brother growled when he picked up the phone, loud enough that my cousin was able to hear him. I raised an eyebrow at his tone while Shisui snorted softly. Sasuke was never short with anyone unless they deserved it, especially not his elder brother and boss. Mentally shaking off my thoughts I said in a flat professional tone, "Contact our news agent. We need damage control, Shisui will tell you. And you're in charge for the rest of the day, I'm leaving." I hung up without waiting for a response and began the process of getting ready to go. Shisui stood in front of my desk, a confused look on his face, "Eh? Where are you going?" I didn't answer him. I tossed my coat over my arm and snatched up my briefcase before walking out of my office. After throwing a quick explanation to Suki, I hurried to the elevator.

vvv Sasuke's POV vvv

"What the heck did you do to Nii-san?" I demanded the second Shisui came into my office. My cousin blinked at me and shrugged, "I don't know. I showed him that stupid gossip magazine and he jumped ship. Here." Shisui gave me the magazine he was talking about. I blinked at the cover that displayed Ichigo and Itachi in various pictures that made them appear to be very close. Though I knew how both my brother and his assistant felt towards each other, I knew they weren't stupid enough to be caught even if they were dating. Those photos were obviously fakes, but I couldn't see a single mistake and that was the strange thing. Normally I was very good at spotting doctored pictures. But... that couldn't possibly mean that they were actually dating and I hadn't picked up on it, right?

I looked at Sakura, who was busy banging away at her keyboard to pay any attention, "Sakura, did Ichigo say anything last night to hint at-" A pair of beautiful green eyes snapped up to glare at me, "I don't know." She snarled, cutting me off. I rolled my eyes. When Nii-san had called, Sakura and I had been arguing about something trivial. Apparently she was still angry over it. Shisui, being Shisui, whistled, "Sasu-kun, you've got a handful. Where'd you find her?" Sakura turned her glare on Shisui, but he wasn't bothered by it having already survived worse. I leveled a flat look at him, "In high school." I said dismissively. I didn't miss Sakura's slightly surprised look, I simply chose to ignore it. I didn't understand why she looked surprised, it was the truth.

Shisui sucked on his teeth, "Alright... so what'chya think about it all?" He asked. I couldn't tell if Shisui was asking because he liked solving mysteries or if he was genuinely curious about Itachi's love life. Knowing how much money Shisui had bet on the two getting together, I was confident it was the latter. I stalled, "Think about what?" Shisui rolled his eyes, "About the magazine. I checked the sources, they seem legit." Sakura snatched the magazine from my hands and her mouth fell open, "No way!" Both Shisui and I turned to the pink haired woman, our eyebrows raised questioningly. She waved the magazine around, "Ichigo said something about a hotel room when she and Itachi-sama went to the Akatsuki Conference. I didn't realize that it was this bad though..." Shisui and I both stiffened, "What exactly did Ichigo say?" Shisui asked in a serious tone.

The things my pink haired assistant told Shisui and I were very shocking, but very pleasant to hear. Just a few more steps before my stubborn Aniki and his equally stubborn assistant realized how much in love they were with each other.

I could almost hear the wedding bells.


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