Rule 3

Chapter 4

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"Sakura are you listening to me?" I asked, sending my friend a stern look. She shook herself out of that dazed look. "Wha... Sorry. It's just a lot to take in." My friend had a look of panic on her face that I couldn't help but laugh, "Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Now you have a fifteen minute lunch break, you earn five minutes for every year you work here. Most of the time Sasuke makes you pick him something up, it's usually a cold turkey sub and strong tea, except on Tuesdays, then its a thinnly sliced roast beef sandwich. No matter what you get him, it has to have tomatos otherwise he won't eat it.

"Always dress appeallingly, especially when clients stop by to talk with your boss. Take notes, Sasuke prefers them on five by eight index cards, lined both sides and written in black ink." Sakura gaped at me, "He really demands what to use when taking notes?!" She asked dazed. I glared at her, "Hey, Itachi does too, so don't whine. Anyway, Sasuke leaves precisely at six o'clock. Call the front desk five minutes ahead so the valet will have his car ready when he leaves. You must have his coat and hat ready by that time. All the calls must be in and given to him as he heads out the door. Walk him to the car, he might give you notes and reminders for tomorrow. You will come back up to the office and finish whatever work he gave you before he left. Then you will straighten up the room so that it looks exactly the same as when he came in this morning. You have to keep your phone on at all times, in case he calls you asking about something. Got it?"

Sakura looked a little green, "Just let me leave, please, just let me go! I'll never snap at you about this job again!" I grinned, "It gets easier as you get used to it." Sakura gulped, "And how did you do when you first started?" I rolled my eyes, "Horribly. I was surprised I wasn't fired the first minute. But then I was sixteen, not twenty-one like you." Sakura sighed and pressed her fingers to her temples, "And to think I used to be one of those kids who teased you about working here, I never realized how crazy you had it." I shrugged indifferently, "You were one of the popular kids, I wasn't. Isn't it an unspoken rule for the popular people to tease unpopular ones?" Before she could answer I waved my question away, "Whatever, it doesn't matter now. What does matter is, did you get all that?"

My friend twitched, "I kinda zoned out after the notecard thing..." I groaned and threw my head back, fustrated, "Alright I send you notes tonight, just come to me if you have any questions." I said as I turned away and walked back into Itachi's office. My dark haired boss looked up, "How was the debriefing?" He asked coolly, but I could tell he was amused. I glared at him, "With as many assistants as Sasuke had, I don't know why he doesn't just give them papers instead of sending them to me." I growled. Itachi actually smiled, "He says notes don't have your touch." "Oh, so you actually mentioned the idea to him? I had no clue you were so concerned for me." I snapped sarcastically, my hands on my hips. It wasn't often that Itachi and I teased each other, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Itachi just smirked, "No, but it does take away from the time I can order you around. Speaking of which, you still haven't gotten me lunch."

I growled and snatched my jacket off the back of my chair, "Yes, your majesty. I'll get right on that." I left the office just as Sakura slammed out of Sasuke's, grumbling under her breath. A few of the workers cast her amused glances. I don't think they've ever seen anyone who loathed Sasuke, most of his assistances were on Cloud Nine. Sakura caught sight of me and snapped, "You know what that jerk said to me?" Before she could go off on a rant Itachi opened his office, his expression blank again, "Please refrain from shouting." He said flatly and Sakura, to my surprise, blushed, "S-sorry, Itachi-san..." I pressed my lips together to keep from laughing. Was it so bad of me to think that it was hilarious that one of the most hot headed people I knew was cowed by Uchiha Itachi? Someone she hated for simply bearing that name?


"Why do you drag me to these things again?" I groaned. Itachi rolled his eyes, his chin in his hand looking like an actual bored human, "Trust me, I have no idea." He hissed back with a dark glare. I scowled back, "I'm sneezing on you if this meeting doesn't hurry up." Itachi sent me a look that could kill, "Do it and I'll blacklist you." I turned my nose up, "Shut up, you're disrupting the meeting and I'm trying to take notes." It was a complete lie. Itachi and I were masters at having a hissed conversation without looking like we were talking, we should after seven years of practice.

Sakura was nodding off again across the table, her eyelids drooping farther every second, with Sasuke elbowing her harshly in the ribs when her head almost touched the table. Sometimes I kicked her when Sasuke wasn't paing attention, but it was really only a tap of the foot. The charity fool continued to blather about whatever money he needed it for, I think he was the large printed books guy, completely oblivious that no one was paying attention to him.

"...and that way we could provide reading material for the hard of seeing. Thank you." Itachi and Sasuke put on fake smiles that would look real to anyone who didn't know them, and an employee escorted the man out with a promise that Uchiha Corporation would get back to him. I pillowed my head on my arms and said, "Please say that's the last one." I could hear Sasuke's smirk as he said, "Ichigo, you're usually more enthusiastic about the charity meetings. What's gotten into you?" I glared at him, "Zip the lip before I zip it for you permanently." Sakura snickered and Itachi rolled his eyes, "Yes that was the last one." He answered my original question. I leapt up, grabbing my purse from the back of my chair "In my opinion I like the Sign Language lady and the free lawyer guy." I said as I headed out the door.

I practically ran down the steps and crashed through the doors with a quick good-bye to the front desk receptionist. I hailed a cab and told him, "354 Shuto Drive." The cab driver, though rude, got me there quickly enough so I paid him a good tip and wished him a good night before heading into the shabby little house where he had dropped me off.

A scrawny kid no more than three answered the door, peering out with too large eyes. He must be new since he didn't recognize me. I squatted down to his level, "Hey sweetheart, if your father home?" The poor little boy pulled his thumb out of his mouth as asked in a tiny voice, "Are you wif Social Sewvice? Cuz I can't tell you if you awe." I couldn't help but smile, "No, I'm just here to talk to your father."

A man's voice boomed from the back of the house, "Taka, who's at the door?" I stood as a man lumbered into view, one squalling eight year old under his arm and another hanging onto his leg, "Hey Hayaku." The man's grim mouth split into a grin, "Ichigo! Come in, come in." The girl hanging onto Hayaku's leg detached herself from him and came screaming at me, "Aunt Ichigo! Aunt Ichigo!" She latched her small arms around my own leg and snuggled close, "I missed you!" I patted her ratty hair, "I missed you too, Misa. Have you been a good girl?" Misa nodded happily, but I knew from the look of Hayaku that she had been exactly the opposite.

"So what brings my high and mighty sister down to the slums?" Hayaku asked as he poured weak tea into cracked off white mugs. I rolled my eyes, "I'm just an assistant, Haya." My brother gave me a look and tugged on my strawberry blonde hair, "To the senior partner of the most successful company in Japan, if not the world. I sighed, and answered his question, "You know I come here every Friday, dummy, so why don't you stop asking that question?" My brother smirked, "I will when you admit you love your boss." "I DO NOT!" I snapped back.

Misa and Umi, the twins and troublemakers, looked up confused. Taka looked like he was about to cry, sitting in the middle of the two girls being tortured to play their girly games. Hayaku followed my gaze, "Ah, I remember when our older sisters made us play dress up with them. I was always the baby and you were the snotty neighbor." I laughed, "And then Ryuu would come in and demand that they stop torturing us! Yes I remember too." We both laughed at the memories. Taka toddled over and tugged on my slacks, "Umi says you have candy." I leaned down and tapped him on his turned up nose, "After dinner, sweetie, you'll get your candy." Taka grinned, his little teeth pearly white against his grimy face before joining his sisters again.

I turned back to Hayaku, "So... where did he come from?" My brother ran an unauthorized orphanage, unauthorized because he refused to pay the money the city required to authorize it. He said it was just some more fat old men trying to get richer by any means necessary, even if it meant taxing orphanages. Hayaku shrugged, "Came up to my door, looking for food. Apparently he had been wondering the neighborhood because his parents thought he was a pain in their..." He cast a quick glance at his kids, "...uh neck." I smiled; my brother was one of those people who absolutely loathed it when children were badly treated. It was one of the reasons why he took in any stray and raised him or her as his own. I thought it was sweet when he got worked up over a kid.

I laid a folded envelope on the counter, "My tribute to your cause." I said teasingly, Hayaku rolled his eyes and pulled the envelope towards him. His blue eyes widened when he saw the contents, "This is more than usual. I can't take it." It was my turn to roll my eyes and I took a sip of the watery tea, "Itachi-san gave me a raise, the percentage of my donation to you stays the same, so the money raised."

Just then my cell phone buzzed and I growled. Itachi knew he wasn't supposed to call me when I was with Hayaku! I pulled the phone out and answered it with, "What?" Sakura snapped back, "Do you know what Sasuke said after you left? 'I don't think we should do the free lawyer charity because that's what Uchiha Corporation gets profit from!' I mean, really, it's charity you bozo, just fork over a couple of hundred dollars and go about your life. I'm so glad Itachi actually told him-" "Sakura? I'm with family now, can this wait until later?" I asked patiently, but there was an edge to my voice. Sakura eeped and said, "Sorry, I forgot it was Friday. See ya tomorrow or sooner!" She hung up quickly.

Hayaku had a hard glint in his eye, "That... Sasuke really said that?" I sighed, this was the reason why I never told him about the Uchiha brothers, he would go off on one of his rants and wouldn't return for hours, "Yes, but from the sounds of it, Itachi-san had something to say about it. Now can we drop the subject?" Hayaku glowered a few more minutes in silence before asking, "How can you even tolerate the guy?" I shook my head, "Sasuke? I can't tolerate him, period. Itachi? Only when he's not annoying and demanding. I thought I told you to drop the subject."

Instead of giving him a chance to say something, I turned to Umi and asked, "So how are you doing in school?" Umi bragged, "I got a 98 on my test and Misa got an 82." Misa put in, "But I beat Umi in gym. I won the spelling bee too!" Soon they were arguing again. Hayaku sent me a dirty look and separated the two before they could come to blows, "Behave or you'll both be in your rooms without candy or supper." He said gruffly and both cowered. I just laughed, dispite his soft heart, Hayaku was a grump of the first degree.


Sorry, I had to give Ichigo a little break from the office, plus you get to see her awesome brother! :D

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